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Inside a Plane

Jonah: No.
Lara: Shit.
Lara and Jonah find themselves inside a plane which is threatening to crash.
Lara loosens her seat belt and struggles towards the front of the plane to inspect the cockpit.
Jonah: What are you doing?
Lara: I'm gonna level it.
Lara enters the cockpit and grabs the yoke to gain control over the nosediving plane. Meanwhile Jonah is in the back trying to find other options to escape their situation.
Jonah: There are no parachutes!
Lara: I know.
While Lara is still struggling with the controls, a large tear is ripped into the hull.
Lara: Get ready to jump.
Jonah: No fucking way.
Lara: Jonah, we have to.
Jonah: Are you out of your fucking mind, Lara?
Lara: We have no choice.
Jonah: I'm not jumping out of this plane.
While they are still arguing, the plane is torn apart and the cockpit with Lara is separated from the rest. She sees the tail falling away with Jonah inside it.
Lara: Jonah....
Seeing the ground coming closer, Lara straps into the pilot's seat.
Lara: Come on... come on...

Two days earlier....

Cozumel, Mexico

Ancient Ruins

Lara: Jonah, you there?
The only reply she gets is static over the two-way radio.
Lara: Oh, damn.
Lara is inside the dark cave, her foot stuck underneath a pile of rubble. She strains against it, trying to free her foot.
Lara: Ugh, shit!
Suddenly Jonah's reply cuts in.
Jonah: Lara, you okay?
Lara: Jonah, I'm here. Just a little stuck. Ugh. A rock pinned my leg.
Jonah: Don't move. I'll get help.
Lara: No! I'm right on Trinity's tail. I don't wanna attract attention.
Jonah: I'm on my way.
Lara: I won't be long.
Lara sets the radio aside and pulls out her knife to use as a lever on the rock pinning down her leg.

After using the knife to pry the rock pinning down her leg loose, Lara uses the axe to pull herself out from under the rubble. She looks around for a way out. Lara: Shit. Maybe through there.
Dragging herself upwards, Lara enters a narrow chute. She manages to reach the top, where she rests for a short moment to bandage her leg. Afterwards she finds a fallen soldier sporting a Trinity badge who has left her one of his climbing axes.
Lara: Jonah, I'm out. Be careful, the way into the site is full of traps.
Jonah: Trinity is not done with it yet.
Lara: They're protecting something.
Jonah: Six weeks and still no solid leads on who's leading the local Trinity cell. But I talked to some people in town and they are saying there's a VIP coming for the Day of the Dead. Name is Dominguez. We should look into it.
After some climbing in silence, Lara contacts Jonah again.
Lara: Jonah, I made it.
Jonah: I'm on my way in. Almost there.
Lara: Sorry, I didn't wait. Be careful.
Lara follows the ledge into a secret chamber with a pedestal. She scales the dais to examine her find.
Lara: Beautiful.
Lara snaps a couple of photos, when Jonah arrives.
Jonah: Lara. Whoa! Get a load of this place. Guess all that research paid off. Now we know what Trinity is after.
Lara: Yeah, they really didn't want us in here.
Jonah: Glad we followed your father's notes.
Lara moves around the pedestal taking more images while Jonah's eyes fall on her bandage.
Jonah: I saw where the passage collapsed on you back there. Want me to take a look at that wound?
Lara: No, I'm fine.
Jonah: What is all this?
Lara: Constellations. This inscription... it's some sort of riddle. Pink fish...
Jonah: Pink fish?
Lara: Silver crowned mountain.
She moves on to the third side.
Lara: There's a date here. But something's off. Looks like it was damaged. Perhaps intentionally.
Jonah: Why would Trinity sabotage this? They usually just destroy everything.
Lara: I know. I think the damage is older. But who would have tampered with it?
Lara takes a few steps back from the inscription to get a fresh perspective and thus steps onto a floor trigger inadvertently setting off a timed explosive left behind by Trinity forces. A beeping noise catches Jonah's attention.
Jonah: Lara!
The cave begins to shake and Lara quickly gets out her camera to snap a couple more pictures. Jonah: We gotta get out.
Jonah tries grabbing her arm but she pushes him aside. Jonah: Lara!
Lara: No! I have to get this.
Jonah tries again, this time really grabbing her and pulling her along.
Jonah: Come on!
They run down the stairs of the dais...
Jonah: Move! Move!
...through a tunnel.. Lara: Hurry!
Jonah: Come on!
... and barely escape the cave. Lara: If you hadn't dragged me out I would still be in there taking pictures.
Jonah: You'd still be in there... Don't know if you'd be doing much.
Lara: Jonah...
Jonah: Hey, you wanna freshen up? Regroup at the cafe? Doctor Dominguez is supposed to be there tonight.
Lara: Sounds good. I'll try to decipher the riddle, see if the date has anything to do with it.
Jonah: Right! Pink fish, silver-crowned mountains, I'll look into it. By the way, this cafe is supposed to have really good food.I know the chef.
Lara: Eh, I'm not very hungry.
Jonah: After all of that? I'm starving.

La Casa Mexicana

Jonah arrives on the balcony of the cafe finding Lara there studying her research. She pushes one of the two beer bottles over to her friend who takes a sip while watching out over the market below. Jonah: There he is!
Below a bearded man, Doctor Dominguez, is sitting down at a table.
Lara: Anything new on Doctor Dominguez?
Jonah: Not much. He's leading a few Trinity digs in the area.
Lara: My father mentioned him in his journal more than once. He's a expert on pre-colonial ruins.
Jonah: Everyone says he's a great guy. Big help to the town. ... so how is your leg?
Lara ignores the last question.
Lara: Jonah, look. The riddle... It's directions! "To find the hidden city, go south along the shore until you find the pink fish..."
Jonah: I found something for that. It's pink dolphins found only in the Amazon.
Lara: It goes on. "Then chase the heart of the serpent to the silver-crowned mountain." Look at this. It's the constellation Hydra, the serpent. This star is the heart, it's set in the south-west.
Jonah: So south-west from the Amazon river. Brazil.
Lara shakes her head.
Lara: Peru.
Jonah: Peru?
Lara: Okay, uhm. This date from the ruins, see - if you look closely - is damaged. This number looks like a Mayan thirteen but what if it's really an eight? With precession–
Jonah: What?
Lara: Uhm, precession... the earth tilts, so over time the stars appear in a different place on the horizon. Important if you're navigating by the night sky.
Jonah: Okay...
Lara: In the Mayan calendar that's a 2,000-year difference. Back then the heart of the serpent sat directly to the west.
Jonah: So that's why it's in Peru, not Brazil. Trinity has been looking in the wrong place.
Lara: Exactly. We need to look for the silver-crowned mountain in Peru. There's more. Something about a key. What is Trinity looking for in the hidden city?
Their conversation is interrupted by a voice below.
Trinity Soldier: Doctor? We found it.
Dominguez: Yes? show me.
He gets up to leave and drops some money on the table.
Jonah: You heard that too, right?
Lara gets up as well.
Lara: Let's see where he goes.
She shoulders her gear, hidden in an inconspicuous pack and sets out for the stairs. Jonah: Wait, hold on. Trinity is watching this place. Let's try to blend in.
Jonah hands Lara a Day of the Dead mask which she puts on her face before pulling up her hood..
Jonah: Trinity's people are armed. I heard they brought in reinforcements.
Lara: I'll stay out of their way. I want to avoid what happened with the last cell we took down.
Jonah: They must know we were at the other site. So much for a night off.
Lara: Where did Dominguez go?
Jonah: He can't be far. He must be in the courtyard somewhere.
Lara: Yeah.
Jonah: Let's look around.
Lara: Someone must know something.

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