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Legend Story

Lara Croft's search for a South American relic changes course dramatically when she meets a dangerous figure from her past, and she finds herself in a race to recover one of history's most famous artefacts.

Lara's adapted Legend bio

At the age of nine, Lara survived a plane crash in the Himalayan mountains that resulted in the death of her mother. After miraculously surviving a ten-day solo trek from the crash site to Katmandu, she spent the rest of her childhood under the close tutage of her Archeologist father - the late Earl of Abbingdon, Richard Croft.

At the age of eighteen, after the death of her father, Lara inherited the Croft estates and became Countess of Abbingdon. Since then she has been credited with the discovery of some sixteen archeoligical sites of international significance.

She has been hailed both as an Archeological Wunderkind and a glorified Treasure Hunter, depending on whom you listen to. There are thousands of rumors surrounding Lady Croft's exploits, invariably involving the unexplained or outright unbelievable. Lady Croft herself is, unfortunately, never available for comment, which further adds to the veil of mystery that surrounds her life and work.

Consequently, Lady Croft continues to be the focus of wild speculations and intense debate. Idealized and villified in equal measure, she is perhaps one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of our times.

The full story

Bolivia "Anaya telephoned today. She heard a rumour about an ancient temple in Bolivia that contains an ornate stone dais. It could be the one I'm looking for. I'm setting out first thing in the morning."

Flashback, Nepal A small private yet is flying through a thunderstorm. Inside the plane, Lady Amelia Croft is sitting with her 9-year-old daughter Lara on her lap. Lara holds a notebook with an image of Yetis in her hands.
Lara: Just because no one's ever caught one doesn't mean they're not real.
Lady Croft: That is very true, but perhaps they don't wish to be found. I've heard the're rather fierce.
Lara: Yeti only look fierce. They probably don't like being so cold all the time. I shouldn't like it either.
Lady Croft: You never have to be cold, my Lara, if you don't want to be.
Lara looks out the window and sees trouble coming. The plane is struck by lightning.
Lara: Look!
Mother and daughter are thrown off their seats.
Lady Croft: Henry! What's happened?
Henry: Lady Croft! Please stay seated!
Co-Pilot: Mayday, mayday... this is Bravo Tango Two Two niner... we've lost out port-side engine... trying to get crossfeeds open...
Lady Croft put's young Lara in her seat and fastens her seatbelt.
Lara: Are we going to crash?
Lady Croft gets into her own seat.
Co-Pilot: ...starboard engine non-responsive...
Lady Croft: Not unless it's absolutely necessary.
Co-Pilot: ...stabilisers jammed...
... kicking rudder, losing altitude...
... we're going full nose down ...
Lady Croft: Close your eyes, darling.
Lara: I don't want to close my eyes.
Bolivia, Present Day Lara is climbing a cliff wall in the Andes.
Zip: You know, I think you forgot your climbing gear on purpose.
Lara traverses around a corner.
Lara: What would give you that idea?
She jumps up and grabs the higher ledge. Then she jumps to a ledge behind her. This will break off, but Lara manages to grab a ledge below.
Lara: [quote]Really, Zip, it's like going up a set of stairs, only far less boring.
Lara looks down.
Zip: Yeah, well, I wanna throw up every time you look down... Hey, Alister's back. Grab a headset.
Lara: Back so soon...
Lara jumps up a ledge.
Lara: from Florence, wasn't it?
Alister: Decided on Genoa at the last minute. My dissertation will never see daylight at this rate,
Lara looks down.
Alister: but nevermind that. What are you doing in Bolivia?
Lara jumps down, and grabs the ledge.
Lara: Ascending.
She pulls up into a handstand.
Lara: Alister, meet Tiwanaku. She's a lovely pre-Incan civilisation, currently in ruins.
Alister: Delighted.
Bolivia Level
Lara: I've been looking for certain artifacts... well, for some time now; and an old friend working in La Paz has tipped me off about a rather promising rumor.
Alister: What sort of artifacts?
Lara: An ornate stone dais, among other things.
Zip: A big rock. And she won't say why.
Lara: Oh well, where would the suspense be otherwise?
After exploring the ledges Lara goes for a quick swim. She climbs out of the water.
Lara: Ah... That was lovely.
Zip: Hey, do me a favour and check your PDA?
Lara: It still works, if that's what your're wondering.
Zip: Cool - they said it was waterproof. You should be able to swim with it no problem. Unless you eat it. Then you'll have to wait an hour.
After some climbing Lara grabs a vine to use it as a rope.
Alister: The video is going to make me sick, if you keep on swinging, Lara.
Lara: Look away from the screen, then.
She jumps off the rope onto a higher ledge. Lara then continues climbing and starts traversing along a narrow ledge towards the top of a waterfall.
Zip: Careful...
Lara: Deep breaths, Zip. This will be a long trip, otherwise.
Zip: I forgot you were such an optimist.


Ghana Lara approaches the edge of the cliff and looks down to a stunning waterfall.
Lara: If all else fails, I can get into the postcard business.
She then looks up to the top, where she spots movement. A Jeep Commandeur is parked up there and mercenaries are running around.
Lara: Oh, now look at the little termites mucking it all up. That won't do at all.
They lower a crate from above through the curtain of the waterfall.
Zip: Looks like they didn't get in from this side. Any ideas?
Lara: We'll see. I do my best thinking plunging off cliffs.


England, Cornwall
In the pouring rain, Lara arrives with her Ducati motorbike. The boys in their van are already there. She approaches them and Zip leans out of the window, to talk to Lara.

Lara: There seems to be a fine line between coincidence and irony.

She looks up to a sign above a building. Zip follows her gaze. "Professor Worth's King Arthur Museum" Zip leans back inside the van looking sceptically.

Zip: You sure about that map?

He turns to the back and Alister appears from there.

Alister: Unfortunately. There was some nonsense about the discovery of the real King Arthur's tomb here years ago, soon discredited. And yet another roadside attraction was born.

They all look at Lara. She looks back to the Museum.

Lara: Well, let's see what we can see, shall we? At least, it should be educational.

Lara marches up to the building. She climbs a drainpipe left of the entrance. She climbs over the wall and drops onto a ticket booth on the other side. From there she jumps down to the ground. Catching her fall with her hands. She gets up.

Lara: Either housekeeping should be fired, or no one's been inside for months.

Lara finds a sword-in-a-stone which serves as door handle right of the ticket booth. Lara: Now this is familiar enough. Zip: Go for it, Lara - test your royalty. When she tries to pull out the sword, nothing happens. Lara: No "King of England" jokes, Alister. I probably have to turn on the power first. So she sets out to find the power switch. When she tries to open a nearby door, in the Gift Shop, she finds it locked. Lara: They must be electic - I'll have to find the power main. Zip: The place is locked up pretty tight on the ground floor - probably have to try up higher. She pulls out a venting-grate from above the gift shop and climbs inside. Lara: This place has seen better days. Alister: Mmm. It's been condemned since the death of the owner, one Professor Worth. I shudder to think that at one time he had students. Lara flips the switch with the sign "high voltage". Lara: An we have power. Sparks are flying on the other side of the fence, where a cable is dangling in the water. Zip: Hey, now that the power's on, maybe you can go back and pull out Excalibur. Alister: It's not Excailbur! The Sword in the Stone and Excalibur were two different bloody swords. Arthur got Excalibur after the Sword in his battle with Pellinore. Oh, good grief, nobody gets it straight. Zip: That's because nobody cares. Lara: Boys... Zip: Sorry. Back in the museum an automatic narrator has started talking. Come ye hither and hearken to ye tale of KING ARTHUR! How he was reared by Sir Ector, but born - yea verily - of ye loins of King Uther Pendragon, unbeknownst to all save MERLIN. How ye wondrous wizard MERLIN didst bringeth boy Arthur to ye Sword in ye Stone, which no man hadst been able to lifteth. How Arthur didst then taketh ye sword, thusly becoming KING OF ENGLAND! Thou too may attempteth to pull yon sword from yon stone, but wilt Merlin find thee kingly enough to enter... THE TRUE KING ARTHUR MUSEUM?! Lara is now able to pull out the sword. Enter, Once and Future King! Merlin deems you worthy! Alister: Pfft. The real Merlin would roll around in the mud and bark at you. And I'm being generous by calling it "mud". Lara: There's no difference between stupid and charming with you, is there? Alister: Hmph. Lara enters and approaches three knights on the right. When she pushes the button, the narrator will start talking again. Thus didst King Arthur gather 'round his person ye greatest knights of ye realm that they mightst be paragons of chivalry and virtue. Gaily they cam'st, yea and 'twas an assembly as hadst nought before been seeneth, and verily, there wast much rejoicing. Zip: Hey, push the button again. It's like electroshock therapy for Alister here. Lara: I like to think it keeps him sharp. On the left side are two figures, Arthur and Merlin, standing by a drawing of a round table. When Lara pushes the button, the story is continued. So that there wouldst be no squabbling betwixt ye knights, Merlin bequeathed upon Arthur yon ROUND TABLE, which wast a table neither square nor buttressed, but circular in form. 'Twas a symbol of unity and equality and 'twas from wither Arthur's knights took'st their name: The KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Lara: I'm assuming you're taking notes. Zip: Yea, verily. Lara pushes the third button in the room. BEHOLD ye HOLY GRAIL! Such a vision of yon CUP OF CHRIST didst verily appeareth to Arthur and his knights, whereupon several amongst them didst quest for to find it anon. And they 'twere four: Lancelot, Galahad, Percival, and Bors, and yonder they journeyed, none ere returning, though Galahad didst see the Grail and yea, his heart 'twas gladdened muchly. Zip: How do they know he found it if he didn't return? Alister: Exactly. After a bit of climbing and jumping Lara comes to another attraction. And what of EXCALIBUR, ye mighty sword of legend? 'Twas MERLIN who didst bringeth Arthur to yon magical lake wherein didst dwell ye LADY OF THE LAKE, and from her hand didst Arthur take Excalibur, and yea, ye sword couldst ne'er be broken for 'twas its magic. Zip: I'm confused. Weren't Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone the same thing? Alister: THEY WERE TWO BLOODY DIFFERENT SWORDS. Lara: Now, Zip... that was too easy.
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