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Trial of the Eagle


Until I have found the time to create a composite map, please refer to these two single maps for all collectible locations.


There is one level associated with this region.

Base Camps

There is one base camp in the region.
  • Trial of the Eagle, located just in front of the tower where the actual Trial of the Eagle is.
The regionless basecamp Quipu Overlook is located between the Trial of the Eagle and the Hidden City.


Since this is a very small region, there are only 4 Collectibles to be found in the Trial of the Eagle region: 1 Document, 2 Murals, 1 Survival Cache.



  • Crumbling
  • Golden DaysTo get to this mural, [...] Run along the right side of the pool to reach the ledges. Jump and climb up the ledges. At the top traverse to the left. Follow the tunnel, jump up the ledge and follow it to the end, into the chamber with the mural.

Survival Caches

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