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Note: The region "Cozumel Caves" does not have any collectibles or side missions, thus "Cozumel" is the first region you can revisit.


Base Camps

Please note that both base camps are not within the regular game, they will only appear once fast travel becomes available.
Shortcut Past the Water Passage After obtaining the Reinforced Knife from a merchant in Paititi, fast travel to the Base Camp Cozumel Cliffs. Step through the opening and head down the passage, past the trap. Get through the dark tunnel to reach the water cavern again. Jump across the gap on the right side and enter the niche further along on the right. Scale the wall on the left with a double jump to reach the upper level. Here head down the stairs and then turn right to find a barricade you can cut with the reinforced knife. Loot the jade ore in the cave and cut the barricade at the other end to get into a chamber where the water passage ended.


Whistle in the Dark

For the "Whistle in the Dark" challenge you need to find and shoot 5 "Death Whistle Carvings".
All these are also listed in the proper walkthrough for the level Hunter's Moon.
  1. The first one is located just beyond the first crumbling wall you pull down using rope arrows. Before disarming the first spear trap. (Base Camp: Cozumel Cliffs)
  2. The second one is found in the cavern where Lara first has to go diving. It is located up on the right side when viewed from the entrance. (Base Camp: Cozumel Cliffs)
  3. The third one is after diving through the water tunnel and emerging on the other side. Turn around and look left over the water hole.
  4. The fourth one is in the large cave with the pyramid. While climbing the counterweights, after using the cart to weight one down, from the last counterweight look over to the balcony where you have to go next. It is right next to the column at this balcony.
  5. The final one is found on the large plateau with the larger cart puzzle, just after sending the cart down, while still by the winch, look up to the ceiling of the cave in the direction the cart took downhill.


There are 9 Collectibles to be found in the Cozumel region: 1 Treasure Chest, 2 Relics, 1 Document, 2 Murals and 3 Survival Caches. Maps are technically not collectibles, as in you do not have to collect them for 100% completion, but I will still list them here.

Note that by clicking the title of a collectible you will be directed to the spot where it is collected within the walkthrough.

It is possible that I haven't found all the maps, as they aren't necessary for finding all collectibles. If I am missing one, or if you find any other mistakes or something remains unclear, send me an email by just adding the ".com" to the address printed in the footer menu.


Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest (Base Camp: Tidal Caverns, Needed Gear: Lockpick, Re-visit necessary)
After obtaining the lockpick from the travelling merchant in Paititi (or at a later location), fast travel to the Base Camp Tidal Caverns.
From there take the path like in "Get to the Top of the Pyramid" but without having to move the cart:
Make your way across the three counterweights, the last of them holding the cart, to the platform where the cart was. Glitch warning: It can sometimes happen, that the cart weighing down one the one counterweight might be missing. (This happened to me when I travelled to the Cozumel Cliffs camp and made my way to the Tidal Caverns on foot.) If that happens, use fast travel to leave and return later, choosing the Tidal Caverns camp. From here use the stairs to reach the higher counterweights to make your way to the balcony with the pole wrapped in rope. Attach a rope to the coil higher up on the next ledge and climb over. Turn around and while standing underneath the coil create a rope line from here, to the rope coil in an alcove above the ledge you just came from. Climb over. On the right side you can grab some Gold Ore. Heading over to the left end you will come upon a Treasure Chest which can be opened using the lockpick. Stand in front and hold the interact button till the chest has been opened.


Both relics can be collected during the first visit of the region. These can be found within the regular walkthrough, during the level Hunter's Moon. Both are located in the cave where Lara has to dive down into a tunnel for the first time.
Ceramic Jar (Exodus) (Base Camp: )


The document can be collected during the first visit of the region, within the regular walkthrough, during the level Hunter's Moon.


The murals can be collected during the first visit of the region, within the regular walkthrough, during the level Hunter's Moon.

Survival Caches

The survival caches can be collected during the first visit of the region, within the regular walkthrough, during the level Hunter's Moon.
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