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18. Catacombs

Version: Task: Collect the four tridents to take them to the Temple of Poseidon. Finds & Enemies: 4 Secrets, Weapons (Shotgun)Keys/Artefacts (4 Tridents, Torch), Enemies (Skeletons, 1 Air Wraith) Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Follow the passage to a room with lots of debris. You can shoot the little vases on the left but that will gain you nothing. On the right is a chamber with a floor that will lower if you step onto it. You won't be able to pull out the block. In the left corner, you'll find a large button. Press it. A hole in another room will close. (If you've read my walkthrough carefully, you know where that is. It's the room underneath.) Step back outside and run back into the passage.

Coastal Ruins

Exit through the gate and drop back down to ground level. Climb down the ladder into the pit. Don't step onto the square under the rock. Now collect the torch on the stairs. Light it at the burning basket. Step towards the rope, which is holding the rock. Jump straight up with the torch in your hand to set the rope on fire. The rock will come down. Drop the torch. Now step onto the square and climb into the crawlspace. Climb backwards into the chamber. Open the gate with the crowbar. Crawl into the next gap and down into the passage on the other side. Run forward. (You'll come to another catacombs part.) Pull out the column. (This will keep the ceiling in the room above from lowering when you step onto it.) Return to the passage. (And to the coastal ruins.) Crawl through the passage and climb up the ladder. Run up the stairs again jump over the gaps and enter through the gate again to get back to the Catacombs.

Movable Block

Again, enter the chamber on the right. Now you can pull out the block. Push it along the passage. If it is placed on the last square, the door will open and a white Air Wraith will appear. Quickly enter through the passage. Drop down but beware of the pit. Run up the stairs to the right. Run towards the cross in the right corner. The ghost will be killed. Return to the pit. Jump to the pole. Hold on to it and slide down. Run towards the end of the passage. A door will open and reveal an old lift. As soon as you step inside it will move forward. Inside you'll find a lever. Pull the lever. The walls around you will open.


Step towards the rope. Make a running jump and hold on to it. Slide to the bottom. Turn left till the second rope is hidden behind the first. Start swinging towards it. Jump over and hold on to it. Slide to the bottom.
Secret 45: Turn left till you see the gap in the wall in front of you. Start swinging towards it and jump there. Grab the ledge and climb in. Climb backwards into the passage. Collect the shotgun, the flares and the large medipack. Drop down into the passage. And then down into the hall. (Unless you choose path a first, then you can take the stairs to the right. You have to do a and b.)
(If you don't want to collect the secret, you can jump towards the platform ahead instead. Run down the stairs to get into the hall.)

Choose your Path

In the big hall are three exits. A passage left of the puddle (a), a passage right of the puddle (b) and stairs leading to the "Temple of Poseidon".

a. Water Chamber

Climb into the passage (Unless you are still in there after collecting the secret.) Run up the stairs. Jump over the pit. Shoot the vases and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Slide into the water. Climb out at the stairs. Run up the stairs and jump onto the platform there. Go to the right end before the V-shaped archway. Turn left and make a running jump to get to the next platform. Make another running jump to get to the platform with the lever. (If you drop into the water, you always have to return to the stairs.) Use the lever. This will bring up two platforms in front of you. Make a standing jump onto the first one. And another standing jump with grabbing the ledge to the second one. Pull up. Make another standing jump onto the higher block. Shoot the vase and collect the blue shotgun ammo. (You can shoot the two skeletons now or just ignore them for a while longer.)

a. Lever and Ghost

Jump up to the ceiling and hold on. Monkey climb over to the other side. When you've reached the other side a ghost will be activated. If you think you can spare some medipacks, pull the lever right away. Two blocks will come out of the wall on the right. (Otherwise, you have to come back here by jumping and monkey climbing again.) Jump into the water. Dive into the underwater passage on the opposite side. There you'll find a cross. The ghost will circle it and then disappear.

a. The Raised Blocks

Dive back to the stairs. Run back up. Jump over the platforms to return to the one where the vase was. Now shoot the skeleton(s). Make a running jump to the platform in the middle. Don't grab the ledge!! Turn right and jump over to the single pillar. Grab the ledge and pull up. Make a running jump with grabbing the ledge to the left block at the wall. Turn right and make a running jump to the next. Again, grab the ledge and climb up. Now make a running jump to reach the ledge of the platform under the archway. Jump into the alcove on the left. Hang from the ledge and shimmy around the corner to the right. Let go at the end. Follow the passage to a large room with a rope.

a. Chamber with rope and skeletons - 1st Trident

Drop onto the platform in front of the door. Shoot the vase and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Shoot the first two skeletons. (Save your game!) Now make a running jump towards the rope and hold on to it. Turn right and swing over to the platform with the skeleton. (You can try to go straight away for the pedestal with the trident but it is a difficult jump.) You might want to destroy the skeleton before it can make any trouble. The four vases are empty. Make a running jump to the pillar with the trident. Collect it. Now jump to the walkway with the vases on the left. Jump up towards the higher platform under the archway and collect the large medipack. A couple of skeletons will appear downstairs. Shoot them. One will lose a small medipack. Collect it.

a. Goodies

Now jump onto the huge platform opposite the entrance. Turn around and hang from the ledge. Climb down the ladder you'll find there. Collect the crossbow ammo and the blue shotgun shells. Now step out into the pillar hall. Run ahead and turn into the passage on the left. Shoot the vase and collect the red shotgun ammo. Return to the chamber with the ladder and climb back up.

a. 2nd Trident

Return to the place where you found the large medipack and walk through the archway on the right. Jump over the pit and climb up the ladder in the left corner. At the top, you'll encounter a skeleton. Shoot it. Now pick the trident off of the pedestal. Next climb up the pole. (On the next level, you'll find a couple of vases but they are all empty.) Climb up till you can see the passage. Now make a backsault into it. (Don't climb to high up or Lara will bump her head.) Follow the passage. The door will open and you end up back in the room with the pole. Shoot the skeleton.

a. Back to Main Chamber

Jump back onto the pole and slide down. Step towards the opening and shoot another skeleton. Now turn right and make a running jump towards the ladder. Hold on to it and climb down. Two skeletons will attack you. Shoot them. Run into the direction they came from. Now enter the passage on the right to come to part b. Or the stairs ahead to come to the Poseidon Temple.

b. Three Level Chamber

Climb up the ladder and run down the stairs. Turn left. If you run ahead, you will come to a lift, but it is deactivated. If you turn right, you'll encounter another skeleton and find some Uzi ammo. I'll come to that later.) Turn left again. Shoot a skeleton. Run along the passage ahead and at the end turn right. Enter the passage on the right. Shoot another skeleton. Climb up the ladder.

b. Middle Level

Pick up the red shotgun ammo. Go to the right. Make a running jump over the trench. Turn left and shoot the skeleton. Go to the right and make a running jump into the alcove. Collect the large medipack and return to the other side. Now make a running jump onto the platform on the side with the alcove. Shoot the two skeletons on the next platform. (One on the right and one behind the pillar on the left.) Jump over the next trench. In an alcove on the right, you can see some shotgun ammo. Make a running jump to get there. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the red and blue shotgun ammo and return to the other side. Now running jump over the trench on the left. (On the right is a pit leading down. Avoid it for now.) Climb up the ladder on the left. At the top leave it with a backsault or climb off to the left.

b. Upper Level - 3rd Trident

Collect the red shotgun ammo in the alcove behind you. Follow the passage and take the trident from the pedestal. Step back outside.
Secret 46: (Now the lift downstairs is active.) Climb the ladder back down and drop carefully into the pit. Shoot the skeleton and collect the uzi ammo. Now run up the stairs. Turn right then left. Turn right and enter the lift. It will take you up. Climb into the passage. Enter the chamber and shoot the vase. Collect a large medipack, blue shotgun shells and some crossbow ammo. Climb into the passage and drop backwards into the room. Now you are back on the second level. Make the whole way back to the ladder and climb back up.
Jump to the next platform. Make a running jump over to the large platform in the middle. Turn left and make a running jump to the platform there. Enter the passage and collect the blue shotgun ammo and the small medipack. Return outside and jump back onto the large platform. Now make a running jump onto the platform on the right. Run to its end. Jump over to the platform there. On your left a skeleton will appear. Shoot it. Make a running jump onto the rope. Turn left, swing the rope and jump into the alcove on the left. Climb up the pole. Leave it with a backsault.

b. 4th Trident

Climb up the ladder.
Secret 47: Aim at all the white bones lying around with the crossbow. A trapdoor in the left corner will open. Jump down. Collect the crossbow ammo. If you step onto that platform, the door on the upper level of the big room will open as well. Climb back out.
Pick the trident from the pedestal. (If you climb up the ladder, you'll return to the Coastal Ruins, but you have to go to the Temple of Poseidon first, so we won't climb up. You might want to go there and open the doors in case you have to come back.) Run down the passage again and climb down the ladder. Slide down the pole. Make a running jump to the large platform on the left. Run towards the wall and turn left. Shoot the skeleton.
Secret 48: Jump over the two trenches. Enter the chamber on the right. Pick up the crossbow ammo, the blue shotgun shells, the red shotgun shells and the large medipack.
Drop down till your back on ground level. Search for the gate in the outer wall. Step outside turn right and right again to return to the room with the puddle. (If you choose path b first go now to path a.)


After you have completed part a and b run up the stairs in the middle.
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