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17. Coastal Ruins

Task: Find the Crossbow, obtain the Token to activate the snake charmer, then collect and combine the Broken Handle and the Wall Hook to retrieve the Gate Key. Finds & Enemies: 1 Supply (Small Medipack), 1 Weapon (Crossbow), 4 Keys/Artefacts (Token, Broken Handle, Wall Hook, Gate Key)

Egyptian Adventure

Run down the stairs. Pick up the Small Medipack in the dark. When you're down in the street turn right. Step into the yard. There is a sign saying "Egyptian Adventure". Shoot the barrier and step inside. You'll come to a cage with a key on a hook. Turn left and left again. (In the first chamber on the left, you'll find a basket and a snake charmer. You need a coin to operate him.)

Mirror, Traps and Crossbow

After shooting the barrier step into the second chamber on the left. Be careful the rooms not save. When you step in Lara will immediately look towards the mirror on the far wall. It indicates where it's safe to step and where not. (Also see the graphic: The blue cross marks the position of the crossbow, the red fields with black dots are traps.) Run down to the bottom of the stairs. Turn right and jump over the first trap. Now run towards the mirror. Turn left and jump over the next trap. Collect the Crossbow. You can only see it in the mirror. Return the same way you came.

Shooting Range

Step back outside and run down the stairs. (Don't be scared by the mummy, it's fake.) Run behind the pyramid. Combine the lasersight with the crossbow, then slide down the right passage. A platform will come up and stop you from dropping down. The shooting range opposite will open. After 20 seconds, the platform will drop you into the spikes below unless you've finished the range by then. Quickly take out the crossbow, and press the look button to aim at the targets. I recommend using the explosive crossbow ammo, as it will destroy all the targets at once if luckily aimed. I recommend you shoot the one in the middle. (You could also take the grenade launcher but it's much easier when you can aim manually. You can return to Alexandria the way you came if you've forgotten to collect the lasersight.) When all the targets are destroyed, the spikes will be retracted and deactivated and a Token will drop to the ground. Collect it. Now crawl into the gap and return to the room with the pyramid and the fake mummy.

Snake Charmer and Key

Run up the stairs and enter the second chamber. Use the coin with the snake charmer. The basket will open and a rope will come out. Climb up. Make a backsault to get into the upper room. Collect the Broken Handle of a broom. Now step towards the hooks and use the crowbar to pry out the left Wall Hook. Climb back down. Run outside and turn right. Run up the stairs and towards the grey box at the cage. Combine the hook with the broken handle and use it on the cage. (Movie: Lara will get the key out and drop it in a corner.) Collect the Gate Key.

Finding the Ruins

Now enter the passage right of the cage. Turn right again and exit the "Egyptian Adventure". Turn left and get back onto the street. (You can now return to Alexandria and speak to Jean-Yves again. On your way, you'll encounter two scorpions. Jean-Yves will tell you that he's found out that some parts of the armour are in the catacombs. He also tells you that Seth is on the move. Now return to the Coastal Ruins again.) This time follow the street towards the two gates at the end. Run through the archway on the right and down the stairs. Jump into the water and swim over to the other side. Jump over to the crawlspace and grab the ledge. Climb in. Lower yourself into the chamber on the other side. Climb up the ladder. Run down the stairs and step outside.

The Ruins

(The building on you left has a close gate at the back. This is an exit. A bridge is leading over the current. Here you can find some grenades under water. We'll come to that later. The building down to your right has a closed gate as well, another exit. You can only reach the platform swimming. There are also some stairs leading up.) Jump up to the right and follow the sandy path. You'll come to another ruin. As soon as you step into the yard, two skeletons overhead will awaken. They will come running towards you. You can kill them by shooting them with explosive ammo. Another way to be rid of them is shooting them with the shotgun while they are close to an edge or jumping. In most cases, they will not survive the fall. (If you climb down into the pit, you will find a passage and behind it, a chamber with a column you can't move because of a hole in the ground.) Climb up the stairs. From the block on the left, you can decide if you want to jump over to the platform on the left or continue up to the right and jump from the walkway onto that same platform. From that walkway jump over to the ledge on the right and climb up to collect some blue shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Climb back down and make a running jump to the other side. There you'll find a gate. Open it with the key you've collected in the "Egyptian Adventure". Follow the passage behind.
You will return to the Coastal Ruins during the next couple of Levels. You'll find the coastal ruin parts included there. So if you don't find any help here go there:
  • Catacombs: Back to the Coastal Ruins for a movable column.
  • Catacombs: You can return to the Coastal Ruins after you've collected the two tridents in the Three Levels Chamber but there is no need. You might want to open the doors just in case.
  • Poseidon: No need to go back; but open the door in case you have to return to the Poseidon Temple or the Coastal Ruins.
  • Demetrius: After you have completed the Halls of Demetrius, you'll return to the Coastal Ruins to get to the Isis Temple from there.
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