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16. Alexandria

Meeting Jean-Yves

Run ahead and shoot two black scorpions. Then run up the stairs on the left to come to the city. You will meet another hooded guy. Follow him into a building and kill him as well as the other guys waiting there. Run back towards the fountain and before you enter the building on the right step into the next alley where you'll find a motorbike in a locked chamber and collect the red shotgun ammo. Now return to the entrance of the building. Run up the stairs. (Movie: Jean-Yves tells you that von Croy is looking for the armour.)

Some Goodies

Take a look around the library. Collect the LaserSight, some crossbow ammo and some red shotgun ammo from the cupboard near the entrance. Turn around and run between the two bookshelves on the right. Collect some more red shotgun ammo. Step onto the balcony and turn left. Shoot the baddies on the next roof. Then make a running jump to get over there as well. Collect the uzi ammo one of them dropped.
Secret 44: On the front wall of the building to your right, you can see a jump switch. Make a running jump to get to the roof of that building. Grab the ledge and shimmy around the corner to the right. Position yourself above the switch. Then let go and press action. Now enter the building through the door. Shoot the baddy. Step into the open chamber and collect the large medipack and two packs of crossbow ammo. Step outside again.

Way Out

If you now return to Jean-Yves, he will tell you something about a man who claimed to have one of the armour's pieces. Now run into the street where the baddy brought you earlier. But now follow it to the end. Turn left. In the next chamber, you'll meet another baddy. Shoot him and pick up the small medipack. Continue along the passage to come to the Coastal Ruins.
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