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15. Desert Railroad

Storage Rooms

Use the lever to open the door. Make a standing jump to the second wagon. Open the door. Open the first door on the left. Shoot the crate. Pick up the small medipack. Get back outside and step into the second room. Again, shoot a crate. Collect some red shotgun ammo. Step back outside and shoot the ninja. (I found that when you put away your weapons and get them out and start shooting again as soon as then ninja has put his away it's safe to kill him without getting hurt.) You can enter the last room as well and shoot the crate but it's empty. Open the door and step outside. Jump onto the next wagon.

In the Open

(Movie: A group of ninjas arrives with the car and some of them jump onto the train.) Kill the two ninjas. Jump over to the next wagon. From its end jump onto the ladder and climb up. As soon as you have run past the hatch, it will open and a ninja will come out. On the next wagon another ninja will appear. Kill them both. Drop through the first hatch. Crouch and shoot the crate. Pick up two packs of red shotgun ammo and the small medipack. Shoot the other ninja. Now jump out of the open door onto the ladder and climb onto the next wagon. Run to its end and jump onto the next wagon. Hang from its side and shimmy over to the other side of the green pile. Climb back up. (Movie: Watch the helicopter fly past.)

The Last Wagon

Jump to the ladder on the left and climb up. Shoot another ninja.
Secret 41: Hang from the back of the train. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Climb in. Collect the large medipack, the crossbow ammo and the revolver ammo. Climb back outside. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. Climb up the ladder.
Now hang from the ledge on the right, facing to the front of the train. Shimmy sideways to get over the gap. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Climb in. Collect two packs of red shotgun ammo. Then pick up the shotgun and the crowbar. Use it on the mechanism on the floor. This will open the door. Step towards it and shoot the appearing ninja.

Back to the Front

Jump outside. Shimmy past the green pile again. The door to the next wagon will open. Shoot the ninja inside. Then jump in.
Secret 42: Enter the passage on the right and break the crate on the left with the crowbar. Step inside and shoot the crates. Collect two packs of blue grenades and the grenade launcher. Step back outside.
Climb out of the hatch. Kill two more ninjas. Jump onto the next wagon. Two more ninjas will arrive by car. Kill them as well. Jump back into the second wagon and shoot another ninja. Return to the first wagon.
Secret 43: Break the crate and collect the small medipack.
Use the crowbar on the crowbar switch next to the lever. Turn around and run towards the front.
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