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6. Brave Adventurer

Note: Detailed text walkthrough coming soon! Click on region for a list of the challenge and collectible items. Region: Croft Manor

Find the White Queen

From the Enigmatic Clue you gain the numbers 30 N 90 E set the globe to this setting. "With light unlock her last release" (We turn off the light and the ladder comes down, well well.)

Get up to the mezzanine and operate the crank on the other side to spread the wings of the bat.

Arrange the two knights with shields on the lit up spots.

Free the White Queen

Release the queen from her cage (change the settings on the globe) and push her to her designated place. [...] At the end of the level, after waking up in the Peruvian Jungle, Lara will be rewarded with +250 XP.
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