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14. Guardian Of Semerkhet

The First Artifact

Drop into the hole and slide down the passage. Run towards the stargate. Get as close as you can, stand in the middle and then get past by making a roll as soon as the gate opens. Continue along the passage and repeat the procedure at the next stargate. Slide down at the end of the passage. You are now in a room with a model. Run towards the left wall and climb up into the passage. Crawl into the gap on the right. In the next room, you have to spin the wheel a couple of times to pull up the door on the other side. (The blue X marks the spot.) Spin the wheel at least four times, then sprint along the walkway ahead and turn right. Jump over the first gap and turn right again. Jump over the second gap and quickly crawl into the passage on the left. (I found a good way to get away from the wheel is making a swan dive over it. On your way, you'll find some snapping blades, but you have to be quick.) On the other side run quickly towards the end of the walkway. Don't stop, because there are some more snapping blades. Jump over to the platform on the left and take the Vraeus from the pedestal. Now quickly jump back to avoid the trap. Drop onto the ground. Run towards the other side but don't step into any of the holes, because they are filled with traps. On the other side climb into the opening in the wall. Climb up the ladder. Jump up to the gap and crawl in. Drop backwards in the room. You're back up at the wheel. Crawl back out to return to the chamber with the model.

Guardian Key

Use the vraeus on the wall to your right. This will activate a laser pointer, which will move over the model and open up a pyramid to release the Guardian Key. Pick it up. Use it on the wall next to the trapdoor. The trapdoor will open. Drop down. Slide down the passage. You'll end up in a wide passage. On the left is a barred door. Overhead you can see a climbable ceiling and a crawlspace high above on the left side in the passage on the left. Turn right. Pick up the small medipack.
Secret 38: Jump up to the ceiling and hold on to it. Monkey climb to the left. Two bats will attack you. Climb towards the crawlspace on the left. Let go, grab the ledge and climb in. Get the guns out and shoot the two bats. Now follow the passage. Climb down into the room. Collect the red shotgun ammo and the explosive crossbow ammo from the chests. One of the flame emitters will go out from time to time. Grab inside and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Climb up the ladder and crawl back out. Drop back into the passage.
Again, run into the other direction.

The Guardian

Approach the barred door at the other end. The door will burst and the guardian of semerkhet, a giant bull will come rushing out. Get out of his way. He will follow you and try to run you over.
Secret 39: Enter the chamber he came out of. Turn left and left again. Then turn right. Shoot a bat on your way. Turn right again, quickly pick up the small medipack, then jump onto the ramp. The bull won't get you there. Grab into the hole to find a torch. Run back into the passage. Turn left, left again and right. Jump onto the pedestal with the burning candle and light your torch. Run back towards the chamber where you found the torch. Light the candle on the left and the one on the right. The door will open. Step inside. Follow the passage to a chamber with holes on the ground. Beware they are traps. Take the red shotgun ammo from the pedestal on the left. The large medipack from the one in the middle and the normal shotgun ammo from the one on the right. Get back into the passage and return outside.
Get the bull to follow you to the barred door on the other side. Position in front of it and jump out of the bulls way when he comes running towards you. If he crashes into the door, it will open.

The Hall with the Chandelier

Step inside. Run into the chamber with the chandelier. There are three pillars with an eye symbol on them. Provoke the bull to crash into them. The one left while looking towards the entrance will open the right door opposite. Step inside and climb up the ladder to get up onto the balcony. Turn left and run up the stairs into the chamber there. Collect the uzi ammo, the red shotgun ammo and the small medipack. Beware of the trap-ball in the middle.
Secret 40: Run over to the opposite side and climb into the opening there. Important: Whatever you pick you won't be able to get the other items, as they will start to burn. Pick the large medipack or the red shotgun ammo. Leave the room again.
Return to the ground and get the bull to crush into the other pillars. (Instead, you might want to try jumping onto the pillars with the symbols and provoke the bull this way to crash into them.) When the bull crashes into the single column next to the doors the left one will open. Run inside and climb up the ladder at the end.
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