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13. Tomb Of Semerkhet


Shoot the jars on both sides. Collect the large medipack from the right and the uzi ammo from the left. Slide down the two ramps. (Movie: Lots of scarabs will come running towards you.) The ceiling in the middle is climbable. Run over and jump up. Now monkey climb into the opening on the opposite side. Let go and slide down. There you'll find a chamber with a pole. Jump onto it and slide down to the lowest level. There are little beetles waiting for you. Leave the pole with a backflip. Quickly run towards each of the three holes at the walls and grab into them. In the one left of the torch, you'll find a small medipack. The other two are empty but will open a door in the chamber above. Jump back to the pole and climb back up. Leave it with a backsault on the next level. Collect the torch and light it. Now run towards the entrance. Shoot the jars in front. The left one contains a small medipack. Step inside the chamber. With the torch, you can see that the left wall is different from the others. Put the torch away and press action to open the wall.

Game Board

Climb over the block. Drop down on the other side. You'll come to a big hall with a game board in the middle.
Secret 31: Jump two platforms to the left and climb up the ladder. Leave the ladder in the chamber above. Collect the blue shotgun shells and the small medipack. Return to the previous platform.
Enter the passage in the back. Run down to the left. At the bottom, you'll find a ladder on the right wall. Climb up. Climb further up into the passage.

Fire Emitters

You'll come to a room with some fire emitters and two pools. Drop down and shoot the two temple dogs. Run towards the three fire emitters. Wait for the fire to go out then grab into the left hole to collect a small medipack. Then grab into the right hole. The fire in the middle will go out. Grab into the middle hole. This will lower a block on your right. Enter that chamber. Cross the pool and turn left. There you'll see a pit with 6 fire emitters, 3 on each side. Drop down. Grab into the third hole on the left to find some red shotgun shells, the fire there is off. The third one on the right goes on and off. Wait for it to go off than grab into it and collect a small medipack. Now wait for the first one on the left to go out than grab into it to shut off the right middle one. Grab into the right middle one to turn off the first one on the right. Grab into that to elevate some cages in the bigger chamber and to turn off the left middle one. Now wait for the left middle one to go off, than grab into it to open the door. Now climb out of the pit to the other side. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb along till you have safe ground under your feet. Let go and leave the chamber.

Raised Blocks and Rules

Run ahead and climb onto the block behind the raised blocks. From there climb onto the higher block. Turn to the right and make a running jump to the walkway there. There you'll find a short passage with another flame emitter. Wait for the fire to go out than grab inside. This will turn off the flames in the passage below.
Secret 32: Follow the walkway to the other side. Hang from the ledge and shimmy around to the right. After you've turned around two corners, you'll find an opening. Climb in from underneath. Collect some blue shotgun ammo and a large medipack.
Drop back to the ground and run down the passage. Take the Senet Rules from the pedestal. This will also open a trapdoor back in the great hall.

The Game

Run back up and climb back into the opening in the wall. Climb down on the other side to return to the great hall. Run over to the ladder on the opposite side. Just climb over the board on your way. Climb up the ladder to come to a chamber from where you can play the game. The golden figures are your opponents and the red, green and blue are yours. Take a look at the rules.
Senet Rules:
"To win the game, get all your pieces off the board by landing them on the final ankh square. On your turn spin the sticks. Your throw is the number of white sides showing. If no white sides show, your throw is a six. If you throw a six or land on an ankh square you get an extra turn. If you land on an opponent's piece, it is returned to the start."

The Numbers 1 to 4 indicate the trapdoors. They will only be of interest if you've lost the game and want to collect all the secrets.

The rows with three pads are the starting pads. The first field that counts is the left one of the row with 4 next to the players starting pads. Then, at the end of the board, these change direction and move down the middle lane.

You choose which of your pieces is moved by stepping on the corresponding pad. Keep in mind: If you win the game, you'll have an easy road ahead of you but you won't be able to collect all the goodies and secrets in this level. (Save your game before playing so you can start again, if you win/lose.)

a. Won The Game

A couple of cage blocks will rise up on the game board after you have finished the game winning. Climb down the ladder, then head up the ramp. Step outside and make a standing jump onto the first block. Make a running jump to the second one and a running jump with grabbing the ledge to the third. Pull yourself up and make another running jump with grabbing the ledge to the last one. Pull up again and make a standing jump onto the balcony on the other side.

a. Stairs

Enter the passage. Head down on either side of the stairs. Drop down to the lower stairs and follow the passage to a big gate. It will open and two dogs will come running out. Shoot them. Head down the stairs. Shoot the two jars on the platform. In the right one, you'll find some uzi ammo. Head further down the stairs and shoot the next jar to reveal some red shotgun ammo. Continue on your way down and shoot another dog. Turn left and shoot another dog. Drop into the hole. Climb further down. Run ahead. Don't stop some scarabs will drop down into the passage and attack you. Head up the slope and jump onto the pole. Climb up. When you've reached the next chamber, leave the pole with a backsault. Again, shoot two jars. The right one contains a large medipack. Run down into the next chamber.

a. Room with Mirrors

There you'll find two dogs sitting on a pedestal and three mirrors reflecting the sunlight onto the object on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Cross the chamber and enter the passage to the left. Drop into the pit. Shoot two bats. Then climb up the pole. Higher up you'll find two passages. Jump into the left one with a backsault. Collect the normal crossbow ammo behind the chest on the left and the poison ammo on the right. Now jump over to the next passage. The gate will open. Drop down into the room. The gate will close behind you.

a. Game Pieces Riddle

You are now in a room with three game pieces. And three rays of light. Push the red piece on the red field to block the ray. (If it worked, you can see the ray go out in the mirror room.) Now move the green piece on the green field and the blue one on the blue field. (After you have placed the third piece where it belongs, the crypt will open, the two dogs will come to life and the gate to your room will open again.) Climb back outside. Jump onto the pole and slide down. Climb back out of the pit.

a. Exit

Run down the slope and shoot the two dogs. Now drop into the opened hole and crawl into the passage. Climb backwards down into the next passage. (On the left wall you can see a closed door on the wall, this is where you'll come from if you have lost the game.) Step into the room on your right.

b. Lost The Game

If you've lost the game, four trapdoors will open in the room below. Climb down the ladder. Now run to the next hole left of you (1) or the other one on the left behind the board (2). (Don't choose one of the right ones, (3 or 4) or you'll have a hard time getting the secret. In that case, you have to make sure you'll slide down the second ramp backwards. You can achieve that by jumping a bit to the right(4)/left(3) while still on the first ramp. Grab the ledge of the second ramp and let go. While sliding down jump into the opening ahead. Go to SECRET 33!) Slide down onto the next ramp. (This is the same for path 1 and 2.)

The red path is the one you should choose when you want to collect the secret. The blue one is the path on the opposite site, which won't lead you to the secret.
The darker the colour the deeper the level. The row with the dark and light grey indicates that there is one level on top of the other. You will slide down either of the sides and then drop down onto a slope underneath the upper slope opposite.

Drop down and slide down the next ramp.
Secret 33: Jump at the end to land in the little opening in the wall. Drop down onto the ground then jump onto the pole and slide down. Collect the uzi ammo on the floor. Now shoot the two vases and collect the blue shotgun ammo on the right and the small medipack on the left. Climb the pole to return to the upper level and drop back onto the slope.
Slide further down, jump over to the pole and grab it. (If you are sliding in the exact middle of the ramp, you just have to press action to grab the pole.) Slide down the pole. Halfway down, backflip onto one of the platforms with goodies on it. Collect the small medipack and the uzi ammo. Then jump back onto the pole and slide further down. You'll land on a platform high above the chamber.

b. Two Cartouche Pieces

Shoot a couple of bats. Jump over to the passage on the left. Enter. Run up the stairs. Shoot two dogs. Then pull out the piece so it's positioned between the two hammers. Now use the lever to bring down the hammers. Pick up the released Cartouche Piece. Step back outside. Jump onto the rope. Turn till the second rope is hidden behind the first. Now start swinging towards it. Jump and grab the second rope. Swing over to the platform and jump. Climb into the gap. Crawl along. Stand up and climb into the next room. Jump over to the ramp. Run to its end and pull out the senet piece. Move it to the space between the hammers. Step back. The hammers will come down automatically. Pick up the Cartouche Piece. Climb down into the chamber and shoot two dogs. Enter the passage. Shoot the two vases and collect the red shotgun ammo and the small medipack. Now crawl back outside. Climb up the ladder. Shoot a couple more bats. Now climb up the pole. Make a backsault onto one of the goody platforms. Collect the poison crossbow ammo and the red shotgun ammo. Climb back down.
Secret 34: Jump over to the rope. Swing over to the platform above the big gate on the left. Jump to get there. Push the panel on the left to open it. Step inside and collect the explosive crossbow ammo and the small medipack.

b. The Green Gate

Now drop down into the chamber. Combine the two cartouche pieces. Use the piece on the green door. Shoot the two dogs. Enter the chamber and turn right. From the end of the walkway, make a running jump over to the switch at the wall. Press action to use it. After dropping to the ground turn quickly, run across the room and climb one of the poles. At the top pull out the piece and push it along the walkway till it's between the two hammers. Make a sidesault immediately before the fire goes on again. Now jump onto the platform between the two hammers and collect the cartouche piece. Return outside.

b. The Brown Gate

Now run over to the other side and open the gate by using the cartouche piece. Run up the stairs. You'll come to a room with three ropes. You'll attract a fire ghost. Now there are two possibilities: a) Turn around and run down the stairs. Return to the other chamber and drop to the ground. Quickly run to one of the little pools. Jump inside. The fire ghost will be extinguished if he follows you into the water. Return to the chamber and climb up to the right.
b) Drop into the chamber and climb up the ramps on the right. Run down into the chamber and pull the lever to release an ice ghost. They will destroy each other.

Collect the two small medipacks in the ice ghost chamber. Climb back onto the entrance platform. Make a running jump over to the first rope. Swing it and jump over to the second rope. Slide to the bottom and then swing the rope and jump onto the third.
Secret 35: Jump onto the platform ahead. Step into the passage and collect the grenades, some revolver ammo and some uzi ammo. Jump back to the last rope.
Turn to face the entrance on the left. (Right when coming from the secret.) Jump over. Run along the walkway. Shoot some bats. Make a running jump to the platform with the pole. Grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Climb up the pole. Turn around and make a backsault onto the platform behind you.
Secret 36: Turn to face the right wall. Jump over to the switch and press action. You will land on another platform. Shoot the bat. Now jump back to the pole, climb back up and leave it with a backsault. Run around the walkway to the left. Step onto the platform and grab into the hole to find a torch. Drop it to the ground and climb down carefully. Collect the torch and take it to the burning torch in the middle of the hall with the three ropes. You have to jump onto the ramp as well as the pedestal with the torch. Now take your burning torch back into the passage. Light the torches on the left and right wall. A trapdoor will open. Climb down the ladder. Follow the path and climb further down. Climb into the next passage. (Here you'll trigger the secret, so if you don't want to collect the goodies head back now.) In the passage, you'll find a stargate. (A circle of rotating snapping blades.) To get through it get as close as you can and when it opens again make a roll. Turn around and head further down the passage. Collect the blue shotgun ammo on a pedestal on the left. Then the flares and the grenade ammo on the right. Make sure the large medipack in front is the last thing you collect, as some scarabs will attack you when you do so. Run back into the passage and drop through the hole. Follow the passage and climb out on the other side. Climb back up and return to the chamber with the three ropes. Use them to get back to the passage on the left. Jump onto the block with the pole again and climb back up. Again leave it, making a backsault. Turn around.
Follow the passage around to the right. Shoot a bat. Jump over to the next platform and enter the passage. Jump up, grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Turn around and jump towards the switch. Press Action. Climb up again and onto the box.
Secret 37: Climb into the higher chamber. Collect the Uzis, a large medipack and some explosive crossbow ammo. Climb back down.
Follow the lower passage to get out. Run into the next room.
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