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Tomb Raider (2018) Second Trailer

Today the second trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider movie ó in cinemas on 16 March 2018 ó has been released.

This trailer reveals a lot more about the movie than the first one did, revealing the connection between Laraís father and the shady Mathias.

We see a shot of the London skyline and the camera jumps to Lara speaking.
Lara: 'I thought, I saw dad again.'
An old folded photo shows a young Lara with her dad. Her thoughts flash back to a time when she and her dad were in the garden of Croft Manor together.
Back in London, Lara continues speaking with Ana Miller.
Lara: 'I think Iím going mad.'
Ana: 'Lara, your father's gone.'

While we see Lara boxing and driving her bike as a courier, we hear a voice-over.
Lara: 'At some point we have to face up to who we are. Who we're meant to be.'

Lara dumps her father's diary on the table. Having found an important clue, she reveals a location to her friend and ship's captain Lu Ren on a map she spreads out on the table.
Lara: 'I think I know where my dad went.'
Lu Ren glances at the location she pointed at.
Lu Ren: 'That's right in the middle of the Devil sea.'
Lara: 'It will be an adventure.'
Lu Ren: 'Death is not an adventure.'

We catch a glimpse of what is going to happen on their journey: They are shipwrecked on an island.

Mathias: 'What are you doing here, Lara?'

Mathias: 'Seven years Iíve been on this island. Your father... he put me here.'

Mathias: 'Now I see the likeness... intelligence... the recklessness.'
While we hear Mathias speaking these words, we see Lara solving a cryptex and dangling from a ledge.
Lara: 'What do you know about my father?'

A cover version of 'Survivor' starts playing.
Thought I couldn't breath without you, I'm inhalin'.
We see Lara watching a video recording of her father.
Lord Croft: 'Lara, there was more to my life than boardrooms and business deals.'

She finds a Russian passport on the name "Alexander Ivanov'.
Thought that I would die without you, but I'm livin'.

While we see Lara captured and being lead into a working camp another voice-over can be heard.
Lord Croft: 'There's an organisation called Trinity. It's going to start a global genocide.'

Lu Ren: 'Your dad sure knew how to pick a holiday.'
Lara Croft: 'He had a knack for the unexpected.'
Thought that I would self destruct, but I'm still here.

Lord Croft: 'You must stop them, Lara. Promise me.'
Even in my years to come, I'm still gon' be here

Lu Ren (to Lara): 'Go!'
Lara flees through the jungle, hands tied, dodging gun fire. She falls into a torrential river and is taken down stream. At the last moment she is able to grab hold on the remains of a crashed plane.
Lara: 'Really?'

I'm a survivor.
Mathias: 'Ladies first.'
He urges Lara into a cave mouth.
I'm not gon' give up.
Mathias: 'Open the tomb!'
Lara moves a mechanism with all her strength.
I'm not gon' stop
Lara attacks a rifle wielding goon with her axe.
I'm gon' work harder

While we see Lara shooting her bow, fighting back enemies in hand-to-hand and grabbing a parachute before falling from the remains of a wrecked plane, the song continues playing.
I'm a survivor.
I'm not gon' give up.
I'm not gon' stop.
I'm gon' work harder.
I'm a survivor.
I'm gonna make it.
I will survive.
Keep on survivin'.

Lara threatens Mathias with the bow.
Lara: 'Put it down.'
Mathias: ''Tis your finger thatís pulling this trigger.'
Lara: 'You messed with the wrong family!'
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