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Tomb of the Lamplighter

  • Bronze Point Challenge (34,000)
  • Silver Point Challenge (51,000)
  • Gold Point Challenge (85,000) - Reward: Fast Action Rifle
  • Complete Tomb of the Lamplighter in under 10:00 - Reward: Bronze Osiris's Poison Flail
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls - Reward: Weakened Copper Ring of Reach
  • Complete tomb without being damaged by hot water - Reward: Max Health Upgrade
  • Use a spike wall to kill a Sobek Warrior - Reward: Summer Copper Ring of Protection
  • Step on all Ammit crumbling floor tiles in exit - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
Story: For the dialogue inside this tomb, please check out the full story.

Lighting up Gas Vents

After getting possible gems from the vases and braziers by the entrance, head down the stairs. At the end of the stairs you will find a pressure plate. This will release gas from beneath the earth. Ignore the two crocodiles in the pool. Instead run to Lara's left and light the gas vent there using your torch. This will extend a raising block inside the pool and deal with the crocodiles. Then jump over to the raised block and climb up on it. From there jump over to the higher ledge. Again ignore the two crocodiles and instead grapple up with the help of golden ring up on the left. After grabbing the gems from the vases, use the torch to light the next gas vent. This will lower two spike gates, extend a raising block and alert one of the flaming bomb-throwing Sobek's warriors. Don't forget to finish him off with a remote bomb. After he's been dealt with, jump onto the raising block and from there use the gold ring to grapple up the wall.
Red Skull (1/5): Note the red skull in the alcove above. To its right, high up on the wall is another gold ring which can be used with the grapple. Get up there, to grab the Red Skull #1. Then hop back down.
Use the torch on the gas vent to lower another spike gate, and alert two more flaming bomb-throwing Sobek's warriors. Jump down onto the platform below, but beware of the wall spikes.
Weapon: Grenade Launcher Before you continue on your path, note the Eye of Horus trigger in the top right corner of the screen. Shoot it once, turning it from red to green, to lower a spike gate left of the raising block. Jump onto the raising block and into the alcove to grab the Grenade Launcher.
Jump onto the raising block and then onto the walkway with the lowered spike gate, where Sobek's warriors came from.

Timed Folding Ledges and Double Door System

Follow the path up and to the right and hop over the gap, all the while collecting gems from vases and braziers. At the end you will find a pull switch. Pull it out to raise three sets of double folding ledges. Hurry across to reach the other side. Shoot the Eye of Horus trigger to make it turn from red to green. This will lower a spike gate on the ledge above. Then place a remote bomb by the trigger.
Red Skull (2/5): While hurrying across the folding ledges, you may have caught a glimpse of the next red skull floating above the ravine. Up on a ledge to the left is a golden ring. Attach your grapple to it, to rappel down to the Red Skull #2.
Use the gold ring that allowed you to grab the skull, to climb up to the higher ledge. Get past the first raised spike gate and when in the corner detonate the remote bomb I advised you place below to activate the Eye of Horus trigger again, turning it back to red, thus raising the first and lowering the second spike gate, allowing you through the double-door-system. Use the torch on the gas vent which will open both spike gates and raise a folding ledge below on the right side of the screen. Get back past the opened gates and hop down, where there is no brick wall. Use the extended folding ledge to reach the stairs further to the right.
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