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10. Temple of Karnak (2)

Walking on Water

Dive ahead and up into the opening. Climb out to the left. Climb up ahead and then to the right. You are now back in the chamber where you used the first jar. Turn into the first passage on the left and use the second jar on the statue on the right. (Movie: The bowl will tip and pour something into the water.) Now you can walk over the water. Step onto it and run to the statue on the other side.

Sun Goddess

Run up the stairs. Collect the uzi ammo behind the statue. Now enter the passage. Climb out to the side. Step out into the open and drop onto the pillar. Shoot the crocodiles. Now jump into the water. You might have to shoot another crocodile. There are three altogether. Swim to the shore and collect the red shotgun ammo on the right. Collect another box of red shotgun shells from the bottom of the pond. Now dive into the passage under the pedestal with the artefact. Climb out and press the button at the wall. (Movie: This will release the artefact.) Swim back and collect the Sun Goddess as well as a key.

Return to the Hypostyle Hall

Now return into the passage on the other side of the pool. Make your way back over the water. Run to the back of the chamber and crawl into the gap on the right. Follow the passage and climb up a couple of times to come to another crawlspace. Crawl back out and run up the hill. Crawl into the next passage as well. On the other side run ahead and climb over the block and out to the left. Draw your guns and shoot the two baddies on your right. (If you have not collected Secret 29 you can do so now. Return to the chamber with the two pits.) Climb back over the rocks into the next yard. There you have to shoot one more baddie on your right. (If you have not collected Secret 26, 27 and 28 you can do so now. BUG: If you've already collected the secrets and go there once more your count may still go up, that happened to me with Secret 26.) Enter the chamber there and slide down the hill again to return to the Hypostyle Halls.
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