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Overworld Part 3 (Shrine of Osiris & Temple of Osiris)

Note: Please note that if an item is not collected during this part of the walkthrough, I've either already collected it during an earlier visit, or plan to do so later. In that case, please check all other Overworld related sections of the walkthrough. Task: Return to Osiris's Shrine and banish the Night Challenges:
  • Solve all 5 Challenge Tombs (0)
  • Shrine of Osiris - Collect 10 Red Skulls ()
  • Khepri Amphitheater - Collect 5 Red Skulls
  • Waterfall of Sobek - Collect 5 Red Skulls
  • Cliffside - Collect 5 Red Skulls
  • Sunken Chapel of Sobek - Collect 5 Red Skulls
Khepri Amphitheater

Exiting the Amphitheater

Back in the Amphitheater turn back to the bottom right corner of the screen to get back to the gigantic bridge leading back to the shrine.
Shrine of Osiris

Returning to the Shrine

Hop across the gap and then follow the damaged bridge back past the first challenge tomb, across the walkway through the spike pit and towards the shrine's yard. By returning another part of Osiris, you will open up the entrance to the underground shrine. Step inside.
Osiris Shrine Interior

Restoring Daylight

Here you will find a mechanism that will help you control day and night, and much more. Step towards the handle bar in the central circle of the mechanism. Turn it until the ground reveals the representation of daylight and you are rewarded by a shower of gems. If you like, you can obtain more gems from destructible vases. Exit the shrine's interior again to find the sun has risen and the path to the east, back to the Pyramid of Osiris has opened up again. We have to return there to defeat Khepri now. Let's not waist time with other areas right now. Just grab some ammunition from the Ammo Cache by the right side of the gate if needed and then step through to get back to the pyramid.
Temple of Osiris

The Chambers of the Gods

While crossing the bridge, you will be bombarded by what Set calls hellfire, roll to avoid it and fight off the green scarabs and the large skeleton guarding the top of the stairs. If successful, the door to the chambers of the gods opens. To obtain more gems, you can shoot vases and bomb sarcophagi. Make your way up the left set of stairs, where you will find the Tomb of Khepri, identifiable by the beetle displayed atop the arch.
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