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9. Sacred Lake

The Lake

Climb up the step ahead. Run through the doorway on the left. Quickly climb onto one of the rocks and shoot the crocodile from there. Run over to the area right of the entrance. Shoot a couple of bats. Now collect the small medipack from the rock. Now continue to the area where the crocodile came from. Climb onto the first rock at the lake. From there you can kill another crocodile. Continue along the lake. Where the path turns right, you'll find an opening overhead in the wall. (If you want to explore some more, crawl in, turn around and get out on the other side. There you can collect some flares. You can now return or drop down into the gap. But we will come to that on the second time through. Crawl into the next passage. Stand up on the other side and crawl out. Turn right and shoot a scorpion. Jump into the water and collect the red shotgun ammo. Now dive into the gap and collect the small medipack and then return.) Instead, turn right and jump into the water. Swim over to the next shore. Get out quickly and shoot two crocodiles. Run along the shore and follow the way to the right. You'll come to the entrance of a building on your left. Step inside and kill a couple of bats.

Slopes and Chains

Drop down into the hole at the end. Turn around. Step forward. Slide down the ramp in the middle. While sliding jump and grab the pole. Climb up a bit and turn right to turn your back to the platform with the next pole. Make a backsault. Turn around and press action to grab the pole. Climb up. Again, turn around and make a backflip onto the platform behind you. Turn around and climb up into the gap. Crawl along the passage. Climb backwards out to the left. Run along the passage till you come to a chamber with a chain. Step onto the pedestal and pull the chain. (This will open a big gate in the lake. It will also show you another crocodile.) Return to the passage and crawl in again. Get back out on the other side. Jump back onto the pole and slide it down. From the platform drop onto the slope and slide down into the water.

The Big Gate

Collect the flares in the pool. Then dive into the passage behind you in the middle. Collect the small medipack. Take a deep breath and then dive through the other passage. After two right turns dive straight up. Now quickly dive to the left and climb out onto the shore. Shoot the two crocodiles. Now jump back into the water and swim into the opened chamber. Swim to the platforms on the right and climb out. Climb onto the walkway. Collect the small medipack there. Jump over to the platform on the right and collect the red shotgun ammo. Now swim to the platform in the left corner and climb out. Run along the walkway on the side to get to the small platform where you can collect some more red shotgun ammo. Now jump back into the water. Under the columns in the middle at the back wall you'll find a lever. Use it. Now dive into the hole in the middle. There you'll find another door. Open it. (I would recommend taking another deep breath before you continue.) Dive into the passage. Where you have to dive up and then have the choice to turn left or right turn left. In the next corner you can dive up, but instead turn right first. Dive ahead to find a chamber with air. Collect the large medipack. Take another deep breath. Now return to the passage and dive up into the hole. This will lead you to a room with a mirror. In the mirror you can see that the room has an opening. It's on the left side approximately in the middle. Dive up and climb out. Follow the passage. You'll find another jar sitting on a pedestal. Collect it. (This will also open an underwater gate as you can see in the movie it's the other passage in the big chamber.) Now collect the two uzi clips. Return to the water and jump back in again. Dive back to the big chamber. Take a deep breath, then dive into the other passage.
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