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The Mirror of Spirits

The Croft Trophy Room

This is just an anteroom where Lara can look at artefacts from previous adventures and hang up a mirror to then step through it. There are no relics in this chapter.
(The goal is to hang the mirror on the wall and step through the portal.) straight, straight, straight (hang up mirror - the room changes) straight (through the veil), straight, straight (onto exit square)

The Cellar

The Cellar is the first section offering some brain teasers and introducing the light beams that trigger events when Lara stands in them.
(First Screen: The goal on the first screen is to get past the snake.)

straight (into the brown beam, platform moves to Lara’s right), straight, straight, left, right, drag pillar to left, left, left, straight, left, push pillar to left, right (kill snake), left, right, straight (through veil)

(Second Screen: The goal here is to use one pillar with the pitfall and the other on the raisable purple platform to reach the upper level.)

straight up, up, straight (onto the collapsible tiles), right (into the beam; the green platform with the pillar moves away), left, straight, right (out of the beam), drag the pillar on Lara’s left out of the corner, right (off the green platform into the green beam), right (closer to the beam), drag the pillar on Lara’s right to the left (into the green beam), left (along the purple beam’s path), left, straight, pull pillar on Lara’s right to the left (along the green platform), push the platform on Lara's left out of the green beam and into the purple one, go back to the previous platform and pull the pillar off the green platform, go around to its other side and push it into the green beam, go around and pull it along the path of the green beam once, get to the other side of it and push it further along the green beam, get back towards the green beam emitter, turn right, out of the beam, step right (onto the green platform), straight (along the green platform), push the pillar on Lara's right (it falls through the crack in the floor and fills the hole, straight (onto the sunken pillar), right (towards the second pillar), pull the other pillar backwards (along the path of the purple beam), circle around it and push it on top of the sunken pillar, again circle around and push it onto the purple platform (and step into the purple light in the process), step on top of the column (and out of the laser beam), exit through the veil on the right

(Third Screen: The goal here is to use the pesky lizard with the green light beam to reach the spear to kill the snake and get to the exit.) left (towards the snake), right (into the line of sight of the lizard, but too far away), straight (into the green beam), straight (down the wall), straight (off the wall), right (in the direction of the pillar), straight, towards the pillar, pull the pillar (along the path you have come), circle around the pillar and push it (along the same path still), push it again (into the corner in front of the green platform), left (up the other wall), straight (to climb up), straight (into the line of sight of the lizard), right (towards the abyss, along the line of sight for the lizard), right (into the green beam), straight (on top of the column), left (onto the green platform, the lizard steps into the green beam and sends you over to the spear), right (to grab the spear), right (onto the purple pressure plate which sends you down), straight (off the platform), right, straight, straight (up the wall), straight (to the top), straight, straight, throw the spear at the snake, straight, straight, straight, straight (onto the exit square)
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