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7. Temple of Karnak

The Three Archways

Climb over the stones to come to the yard. There you'll find a pillar with a small medipack in front. Shoot the two scorpions, then collect the medipack. On your left are three archways. (If you don't want to collect all the secrets and goodies you can skip that part. Go to the second paragraph.) Enter through the middle one. Climb onto the block and turn right. Jump up and climb onto the roof. Jump to the next platform and collect the small medipack. Now jump back and then jump onto the next platform on the left. Collect the uzi ammo. Jump onto the next platform and collect the blue shotgun shells. Return to ground level.
Secret 26: Return to the chamber behind the middle archway. Run to the back and drop through the hole. Crawl into the passage. Shoot the scorpion in the next room. Run ahead. In the back on the left you'll find a jar. Shoot it. Collect the red shotgun ammo inside. Enter the right part of the chamber and shoot two more scorpions. Now shoot the jars on the pillars there as well. You can only shoot the right ones and the middle of the left ones. Collect the flares on the first pillar on the right, the uzi ammo on the second and the blue shotgun ammo on the third. On the left you'll find a large medipack. Shoot another scorpion. Return to the entrance of the chamber and crawl back out. Return to the yard.

Entrance with Columns

Now run towards the passage with the columns. Climb onto the little stone in front. From there make a standing jump onto the pillar on the left. (Lara can only stand on the right half of the pillar.) From there jump up to the roof of the archway. Pull yourself up and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Drop back onto the ground. Now run through the archway. Run into the chamber ahead. Lara will look up into another chamber. Climb onto the pillar on the right. Turn left and climb higher up. There you'll find two locked chambers. Step onto the walkway. Jump over to the next walkway. And once more to get to the other end. Collect the uzi ammo on the left and the red shotgun shells on the right. Jump back to the middle walkway and grab into the holes on both sides. They will each open the door on their side. Jump back and enter the passages. Collect the shotgun on the left as well as the medipack on the floor and the jar on the right. (The movie shows you a large hall you haven't been to yet.) Return to ground level. Jump into the pool at the back of the room. Dive to the bottom and collect the flares. Note the opening in the wall. Take another deep breath and dive down again and into the passage. Approach the right end of the golden door and press action. Lara will open the door. Continue along the passage. Turn left and dive up into the hole on the left side.
Secret 27: Climb out and collect the Uzi- and Crossbow-Ammo. Jump back into the water.
Secret 28: Now follow the passage further down. Turn left and dive into the passage there. Collect the poison crossbow ammo, the large medipack, the uzi ammo and the blue shotgun ammo. Dive back and up into the airhole now on your right.
(If you want to have a look at the future dive back into that passage and turn right. There you can have a look through the gate.) Return to the pool and climb out again. Now return to the yard.

The Next Yard

Climb onto the rocks opposite the three archways. You'll come to another yard. Here you'll find some more rocks on the right. Climb onto the one closest to the entrance. Turn right and make a running jump up onto another block. (See the picture.) There carefully make your way around to the left. Collect the small medipack on the stone on the right. Now follow the path to the left. Collect the red shotgun ammo on the next walkway. Run further along the platform and collect the uzi ammo as well. Return to the ground. Enter on the left side. Shoot the scorpion. Collect the flares on the pillar. Now drop into the pit and follow the passage. Climb out on the other side. (Alternatively you can climb onto the block in the right chamber. On the other side follow the passage to the left.) You'll end up in the room you know from the movie.

Big Chamber with 2 Pits

Secret 29: Between the first two pillars on the left side you can see an opening in the wall. Climb in. Collect two uzi clips and some flares. Climb back out.
Shoot the scorpion in the left pit. Now shoot the one in the right pit as well. Drop down and collect the small medipack. Now use any of the two ladders on the ceiling to get to the other side. Shoot another scorpion there. Now use the button in the middle. This will open a door on the other end of the room. Return there. Instead of monkey climbing back, you might as well drop onto the bottom of the stairs. Run up to the open door and shoot another scorpion. Enter the chamber. Grab into the hole there. (You'll see another movie. The column with the bowl on it, at the bottom of the stairs, will be retracted.) Run down the stairs and drop carefully through the opening.

Using the Jar

Turn around and jump over the bowl. Collect the large medipack on the stone. (In the back of the chamber you'll find an opening high above on the right side. If you jump into the water, you will be washed back to the bowl.) Now enter the passage on the left. And use the jar on the left statue to your right. Turn back and climb into the gap at the wall. Turn around and crawl out backwards. Climb further up and collect the flares on the right. Now climb into the gap. Run up the hill and crawl into the next gap. Crawl out backwards. Run ahead and climb onto the block. Climb out to the left. Climb back over the rocks ahead to get back to the other yard. Run back into the passage with the columns. In the next room, the door on the right is now open. Slide down.
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