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Tomb of the Silversmith

  • Bronze Point Challenge (20,000)
  • Silver Point Challenge (30,000)
  • Gold Point Challenge (50,000) - Reward: Magnums
  • Complete Tomb of the Silversmith in under 6:00 - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls - Reward: Restricted Iron Ring of Protection
  • Skewer 10 scarabs on spike traps - Reward: Moonlit Iron Ring of Rage
  • Kill a large shield skeleton with Apep's spitfire - Reward: Max Health Upgrade
  • Defeat Apep in under 3:00 - Reward: Iron Jeweled Fetish
Story: Lara Croft, Carter Bell and two two Egyptian gods Isis and Horus enter the Tomb of the Silversmith to find a mural explaining the "myth" around Khepri. full story

Set's Marks and a Mirror

In the left corner besides the entrance, opposite the mural, hides a Max Health Upgrade. Collect the gems from the vases and the brazier in the bottom left corner, before you head up the stairs. On the way you come across a second brazier and some gems hidden in the floor that can be freed using a bomb. At the top you come upon three of Set's Marks and two mirrors. Stand behind either the left or the right mark and aim the staff's beam right through the mark towards the mirror. If done correctly the mirror directs the beam through the centre mark, into the second mirror, where it bounces off into the third mark. The spike gate opens.

Second Mirror

Enter the next chamber.
Red Skull (1/5): Before you do anything else, go into the left corner besides the exit gate, at the top of the screen and hop onto the vases to grab the Red Skull #1 floating above. After you've destroyed the vases you have no choice but to use the handle of the mirror to reach the skull.
Collect all the gems, including the ones in vases, braziers and under floor boards. Then align the mirror so it faces the column between the two Marks of Set; the handle would be pointed at the centre column in the top left corner of the screen. Now stand behind either of Set's Marks and aim Osiris' staff through it and into the mirror. Align your position if necessary until the beam bounces off the mirror, into the second Mark of Set. If done correctly, the next spike gate opens.

Mirror and Pressure Plate

Step through the next gate and run down the stairs where you find a single vase. Once you've fully entered the next chamber the spike gate behind you closes.
Challenge "Skewer 10 scarabs on spike traps": A large number of green scarabs appears. To fulfil one of the challenges, simply roll around the room, carefully circling around the retracting and protruding teeth spikes. It may take a few rounds around the room but you should be able to get ten of them to be skewered by the spikes, which will reward you with the Moonlit Iron Ring of Rage.
Kill remaining scarabs with your guns. When that is achieved, Set will talk to you and two of his marks appear. First collect the gems in this room. Then head over to the right side to find the sphere of sunlight.
Red Skull (2/5): Roll it over to the left side where you will find the next skull floating in the air between two sets of teeth spikes. Hop on top of the sphere and grab the Red Skull #2.
Now roll the sphere of sunlight over towards the entrance, to the left side of the screen, where you find a pressure plate. Placing the ball on the plate will rise up a mirror. Now go back to the left, to the bottom of the screen and stand behind the Mark of Set, between the two sets of extended teeth spikes. Aim the beam of Osiris' staff through the first Mark of Set and into the mirror that reflects it towards the second Mark of Set. The spike gate opens.

Assault Rifle

Step through and grab the Assault Rifle. Run up the stairs and don't forget to grab the gems from the vases on the way. Jump towards the raising block and use Osiris' staff to raise it up.
Max Ammo Upgrade: Jump into the alcove to Lara's left to grab the Max Ammo Upgrade. Then return to the pillar.
Jump over to the other side. Here you will come across gems in vases, a brazier and under the floor. There are also three packs of ammo and a medkit here. A clear sign of danger.

Two Mirrors

Head up the stairs and enter the large area. The spike gate behind Lara closes and a burning shield skeleton awakens. Use bombs to rob the skeleton of its shield and ultimately its health. The second wave produces more fire skeletons with shields, regular skeletons wielding swords and green scarabs. After they've been dealt with, search the room for gems from braziers, vases and from under the floor. (You may be able to spot a red skull in the left corner on the other side of the room, but don't worry about that now, we will come to that later.) There are two Marks of Set and two mirrors here, and you will need both. Turn the right mirror so its handle is pointed towards the bottom of the screen. Turn the left mirror so its handle is pointing towards the left side of the screen. Now shoot the beam from Osiris' staff through the first Mark of Set, let it bounce off the two mirrors and into the second Mark of Set. Again the spike gate barring the exit opens.

Climb the wooden scaffolding to reach a Health Shrine.
Red Skull (3/5): Run up the stairs on the left. Head towards the edge on the left and step out onto the wooden platform to collect the Red Skull #3.
Then collect the gems all around on both sides of the health shrine, before you make your way up the stairs. Above and behind the health shrine, you will find yourself on a stone bridge.
Red Skull (4/5): A few steps along you will find a golden ring on the left side. Attach your grapple here and rappel down on the right side to grab the Red Skull #4.
Besides the gold ring you can find some more ammo. Head down the stairs and past the open spike gate which closes behind you.

Apep Fight

Once you enter, Apep awakens. Isis will point out that Apep is controlled through the Marks of Set that appear to be part of the snakes body. So to beat Apep you once again have to close the marks. Note that there are four pressure plates and four retracted mirrors tied to these. The fight against Apep consists of several phases.
Phase 1
You are faced with green scarabs during the first phase of the fight. There will be two Marks of Set to overcome during this phase, one on the left side of the screen and one at the bottom. You have a single rolling ball at your disposal at this point. Find it near the pressure plate on the left side. Move the rolling ball onto the left pressure plate while avoiding Apep's spitfire, to extend the left mirror. Then stand either on the right or the top left retracted mirror and direct the beam of Osiris' staff at the nearby Mark of Set. The beam should bounce off the mirror and hit the second Mark of Set as well. Make sure you evade Apep' spitfire if necessary. If done correctly, Apep will drop some gems and he will be down for a moment. The next phase will begin.
Phase 2
Several regular skeletons with swords, shield skeletons and fire shield skeletons will attack you. Apep will soon awaken. Use your guns and bombs against the skeletons to rid yourself of them. Also keep the horde between you and Apep, to lure the snake god into killing the enemies with his spitfire. Once the skeletons are dealt with, four Marks of Set, as well as two more rolling balls appear. Make sure you deal with the green scarabs and fire scarabs before you continue. Then move the rolling ball on the right side of the screen onto the nearby pressure plate and watch the right mirror being extended. Make sure the left mirror is still extended, otherwise hunt down the renegade rolling ball and put it in its place. And thirdly grab the final rolling ball, which is usually found near the Mark of Set at the bottom of the screen, and roll it over to the pressure plate at the top left corner of the screen. Then head over to the right corner of the screen and stand where the fourth mirror, the one that is not extended is. Aim the beam of Osiris's staff at the next Mark of Set and the beam should bounce off the mirrors and hit all four of them. Again Apep will drop gems and be incapacitated for a moment.
Phase 3
Besides some shield skeletons a large shield skeleton on fire will appear.
Challenge "Kill a large shield skeleton with Apep's spitfire": Do not use any weapons, or you may void the next challenge. Roll around and keep the large shield skeleton between you and Apep so it gets hit by Apep's spitfire. If you are successful, you are rewarded with a Max Health Upgrade.
Once the horde of enemies has been dealt with, three Marks of Set appear. There is one on the left side, outside the circle, so remove the rolling ball from the left pressure pad to retract the mirror, otherwise the beam won't reach it. Instead move this ball all the way over to the pressure pad in the top right corner, to extend the mirror there. Make sure the rolling balls on the bottom right pressure pad and the top left pressure pad are still where they belong. Then move behind (stand to the left of it) Set's Mark on the left side of the screen and aim the beam through it and into the mirror on the bottom right corner from where it will bounce off all mirrors and hit the remaining three Marks of Set. This will finish off Apep. Collect the gems and if you've used any the ammo around the room.
Red Skull (5/5): You may have spottet the red skull on the left side of the room (at the top of the screen) during the fight. Grab the nearby rolling ball and move it under the Red Skull #5 to reach it.
Exit towards the brightly lit passage on the right.

Treasure Chamber

Lara enters the treasure chamber of the tomb, where she finds the third Fragment of Osiris, his left hand. You will earn the trophy Why's it have to be snakes?. On the statistics screen you should now have every challenge checked, except maybe the point challenges, "Complete Tomb of the Silversmith in under 6:00" and "Defeat Apep in under 3:00". Once again, explore the burial chamber before you head out through the portal. At the right end there is a cave area with medkits and ammo. Also grab all gems and maybe open one of the chests. Note that the pricey 1000-gem chest is found near the circular portal, not over on the left in this tomb. When you are done, go to the circular portal near the right end and return to the Overworld.
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