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Tomb of the Timekeeper

  • Bronze Point Challenge (30,000)
  • Silver Point Challenge (45,000)
  • Gold Point Challenge (75,000) - Reward: Hand Cannons
  • Complete Tomb of the Timekeeper in under 7:00 - Reward: Iron Fire Crook
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls - Reward: Weakened Iron Ring of Reach
  • Kill 4 scarabs with a single bomb - Reward: Vulnerable Iron Ring of Reach
  • Destroy vases in the tomb (50) - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs - Reward: Vulnerable Iron Ring of Haste


The timebomb is inactive while on the round platform with the Osiris glyph.
Once it leaves this platform, it will start counting down. This countdown can be slowed by using the Staff of Osiris.
While the bomb is ticking down its blast radius is indicated by the pulsing light, which turns from green to red, depending on how close the bomb is to detonating.

To read more on the timebomb, please visit WikiRaider.

First Timebomb

Head down the stairs.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (1-3/50): There are three vases on this first landing that you may want to destroy for the "Destroy vases in the tomb" challenge.
Head further down the stairs and follow them to the left side of the screen.
Red Skull (1/5): In the alcove with the gems, at the top of the screen you will spot a Red Skull #1. Use the grapple on the ring on the wall to climb up and jump towards it to reach it.
Continue down the stairs.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (4-5/50): Two more vases sit on the landing where the stairs lead down.
At the bottom, you come upon a bricked-up doorway with a yellow gleam that looks like it could be a way though. Using a bomb here will not help.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (6-10/50): There are five vases around the room.
After grabbing all the gems, go over to the right and up the stairs. At the top you will find a sphere with a glyph of Osiris on it, this is a timebomb.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (11-14/50): There are four vases near the timebomb.
While the timebomb resides on the pedestal with the glyph, it is inactive. Once it becomes active, it will start ticking down until it explodes. Using the staff of Osiris on the bomb, like you would on any glyph (PS4: L2, Xbox: LT), will slow the countdown.
Challenge "Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs" (1/4): If you are going for the challenge, place one of your bombs just below the timebomb on the screen, so it forms a direct line towards the bricked-up entrance. [Screenshot] Now use the staff to slow the countdown - although when done correctly, you won't need it to slow down here and then detonate your bomb to catapult the timebomb towards the bricked-up entrance. It should land directly in front. Otherwise, continue using bombs to fix the problem. Once it is there, just release the staff and let the timer count down and the timebomb explode to open up the path.
(If you don't care about the challenge, just grab the timebomb like you would any other movable object and roll it down to the entrance, but don't forget to use the staff to slow the countdown.)

Second Timebomb

Step through the opened door.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (15-16/50): Two vases sit on left side in front of the spike pit.
On the other side a spike pit awaits you. Use the grapple with the ring on the wall on the left to wall-run over to the other side. Follow the path, collecting gems on the way.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (17-23/50): You can find seven vases here.
(Down to the left you can see an area with a health shrine, a red skull and numerous green scarabs that are on the move.) Head down the stairs to come upon the second timebomb barrier.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (24-25/50): Destroy the two vases.
Head further down the stairs to reach a closed spike gate with a golden handle nearby.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (26-27/50): There are two vases around.
Pull the pull switch all the way out to retract the spike gate then quickly get past it. Here you will find two immobile skeletons , that you can finish off before they awaken; a third skeleton may appear. Afterwards grab all gems, including the ones up the stairs.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (28-29/50): Two more vases can be found here.
Then hop down in the middle between the two spike gates.
Max Health Upgrade: Get into the alcove with the gems at the top of the screen to find that there is a health upgrade up in the air. Get over to the timebomb, and - to not mess up the challenge - use one of your remote bombs to catapult the timebomb over to the health upgrade, without grabbing it, all the time using the Staff of Osiris to slow the timer of the bomb. [Screenshot] When it's in the alcove, hop atop and up to grab the Max Health Upgrade. Let the timebomb detonate, you will get a new one.
Collect all gems around.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (30-32/50): Two more vases can be found here.
Challenge "Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs" (2/4): The next part is going to be a little difficult. The first step is getting past the double retractable spike gates. You can use the pull switch, but I found it easier just to use bombs (usually two, unless you are in replay and have upgraded your blast radius and power) to catapult the timebomb on top of the platform above the pull switch, thus bypassing the gates. Do not forget to use the Staff of Osiris to slow the countdown all the while. Use another bomb to get the timebomb closer to the first spike gate and place the next bomb just behind it in preparation. Now head up the stairs to get past the gate yourself and use the pull switch once more. This is the only time you may release the staff, but quickly use it again afterwards. Detonate the remote bomb to get the timebomb past the temporarily opened gate. Now use two or three remote bombs to finally catapult the timebomb in front of the bricked-up timebomb barrier.
Once you've achieved that, you are attacked by a few green scarabs that come down the stairs. After the struggle step through the opened door.

Abyss with Folding Ledges

You will come upon a turnstile winch. Turning it clockwise 360 degrees will raise three folding ledges for a short period of time. Hurry across them jumping from ledge to ledge.
Red Skull (2/5): From the second ledge, you can attach the grapple to a scarab ring and reach the Red Skull #2 through abseiling. Afterwards swing to the safe platform.
Grab the gems. Hop down onto the stairs and quickly run to the other side to avoid the two Spike Balls, which will then disappear into a deep pit further down. Climb up onto the ledge opposite to grab the gems.
Red Skull (3/5): Head up the stairs to reach the area you were able to spot earlier on, with the Health Shrine, numerous gems, a couple of skeletons and the third Red Skull #3.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (34-38/50): There are also five vases in this area.
Once you're done, head down the stairs. Grab the gems hidden beneath the damaged floor and the Ammunition before you step through the columns.


The spike gate closes behind you and Set will appear leaving you with large number of green scarabs and some fire scarabs. Keep the scarabs at a distance and use bombs to kill several at once.
Challenge "Kill 4 scarabs with a single bomb": It should be easy to kill 4 scarabs with one bomb here and obtaining the Vulnerable Iron Ring of Reach in the process.
After the fight, collect any medkits, single gems and even bags of gems and light all unlit braziers for more.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (39-48/50): Shoot ten vases around the area to bring your total up to 48.
Now get to the Pull Switch on the lower level and pull it all the way out. This will open the left spike gate on the upper level. After letting go of the handle, quickly get onto the raising block and use the Osiris glyph to move upwards. Run past the opened gate, grabbing the Shotgun on the way, and step onto the pressure plate to open the next spike gate. Not step through the opened gate on the right. Light the brazier to get more gems.
Challenge: "Destroy vases in the tomb" (49-50/50): On the left side, just in front of the spike pit you will find the last two vases needed for the challenge. You are awarded a Max Ammo Upgrade. Don't worry if you are missing some, there are still more to come.

Third Timebomb

Attach the grapple to the scarab ring on a column on the other side of the spike pit and jump over.
Red Skull (4/5): Swing left, towards the Red Skull #4 to grab it. Occasionally Lara will be a little stubborn here, in which case you climb up to the top, attach your grapple to the ring and hop down on the left side of the wall, right above the skull.
Then climb up the rope to reach the top. There are braziers and vases with more gems here. Head into the large area, where you will be attacked by more sword-wielding skeletons. Collect all the gems, including the ones from vases, braziers and hidden under the floor.
Max Ammo Upgrade: In the middle of the room is a pit with a pillar inside. Jump onto the pillar to grab the Max Ammo Upgrade.
Head up the stairs on the left or climb up the low wall on the back to find the next timebomb barrier. Follow the path to the right, down the stairs and into the next chamber with a timebomb. Climb up onto the low wall on the left to step onto the pressure plate and open the retractable spike gate permanently. (If you want to safe time, you can let the timebomb do that while you move it around.)
Challenge "Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs" (3/4): Get back to the timebomb and use one of the remote bombs to catapult it towards the recently opened gate. (It won't fit through the narrow passage you came through.) Again, don't forget to use the Staff of Osiris the whole time to slow down the large bomb's timer. Use a second - and if necessary third - bomb to get the timebomb up to where the pressure plate opened the gate. (Now be a little careful, you don't want the timebomb ending up in the pit, or you have to start again. Even though you may not grab it, you can still stop it, so stand in its way, whenever necessary to keep it from rolling into the pit.) Use a couple of remote bombs to get the timebomb towards the pit and then up onto the elevation to the right, at the top of the screen and land it in front of the bricked-up wall. Once it's there you can release the staff and let it detonate to open up the path.
After you've cleared to room of gems, step through.

Fourth Timebomb

On the other side you will find four medkits, before a lowered set of spike gates. Once you grab the teasing bag of gems the gates close behind Lara and a race against time begins. Shoot the Eye of Horus trigger to flip up a set of folding ledges. Then wait for the right moment, when one of the timebombs hits the ledge, and use the Staff of Osiris on the Extending Block to push the timebomb down towards you. If it lands too far from the bricked-up wall, just slow down the timer until the ledge has retracted far enough.
Challenge "Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs" (3/4): Obviously, don't grab the timebomb.

Hasty Escape

The next part explains all the medkits you were given. Run up the stairs while avoiding all the Spike Balls and Timebombs coming down towards you, by staying mostly in the middle. There is a pit on the right side of the stairs so go around it to the left.
Red Skull (5/5): At the corner of the pit is a tall column with the final Red Skull #5 on top. There are two ways to get up there. The easier one is to simply run and jump towards the column from tiny landing above the column and the second is to wait for a timebomb to roll past and use it for a leg-up.
Run further up the stairs and the next pit is on the left. Behind it you can find three gems. Further up a whole trench appears on the stairs. Jump across. There are once again gems on the left and then three more on the right, were another pit appears. Carefully circle around the columns in the middle, collecting gems on your way up. Three more gems indicate the final pit on the left. Run up the last bit. There is a final vase, in case you're one short. Enter the passage and you will get the trophy for this level, Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking.

Treasure Chamber

Lara enters the treasure chamber of the tomb, where she finds the next Fragment of Osiris, his right hand. On the statistics screen you should now have every challenge checked, except maybe the point challenges and "Completed Tomb of the Timekeeper in under 7:00". Notice the circular portal here, this will return you to the overworld. Avoid it for now, to explore the rest of the chamber for more gems. By now you probably have plenty gems, and by plenty I mean over 1,000. You may have noticed the chests around, there were also some in the overworld. These can be opened for a certain number of gems, for 100, 250, 500 or even 1,000. Be careful when choosing, the more costly the chest, the more valuable the loot inside. At the top of the stairs you will find a half-circle of chests. And further up, past medkits and ammo, you will find the biggest one. I suggest you use 1,000 gems to buy this one (PS4: ◯, Xbox: B); I found a legendary weapon inside. Once you are done, get back down again, stand on the circular portal and exit.
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