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Temple of Osiris Story

The Temple of Osiris

In Egyptian mythology, the god-king Osiris unified the kingdoms and ruled with wisdom and justice over the whole of Egypt... until he was killed by his brother, the usurper Set.

Osiris' wife, the Goddess Isis, recovered her husband's lifeless body. Using the power within the staff of Osiris, she returned him to the world, but only long enough to conceive a son, Horus.

When Set learned of her actions, he stole the staff and used its power to imprison Isis and Horus. Then he seized the reanimated form of Osiris, tore his body into pieces and scattered them across the land until he ruled Egypt unopposed.

As his kingdom declined, he descended to the underworld, Duat, insearch of greater power. But Osiris alone possessed the power to return from Duat, and without the staff, Set found himself trapped for eternity. The temple of Osiris remained sealed for thousands of years, until I discovered a way inside.

But I was not alone, Carter Bell, a rising star in archaeology, was also in search of the staff. The lost staff of Osiris was in sight. With our price so close, the race was on.

LARA: "Carter, wait!"
BELL: "Not this time, Croft."

It was too late, the staff was a trap and the temple a prison. Carter and I were cursed.

ISIS: "We owe you our thanks, travellers. You have freed us from our prison. But you are now marked for judgement. You do not have much time. Duat, the realm of the dead, awaits. I'm Isis and this is my son Horus. We are the last of the old gods who stood against Set. If you wish to live, we must escape this temple and find the pieces of Osiris."

Pyramid of Osiris

SET: "My little gods... have you come at last to bow before me? I owe you a great thanks... For thousands of years I was lost in the dark of Duat, but when you touched the Staff, it sang to me. It guided me back here... so that I may reclaim what is mine."
ISIS: "You are a murderer and a tyrant, Set. We will grant justice for Osiris, and seal you in Duat forever."
SET: "So be it. But while you withered in captivity, I mastered the secrets of Duat. I will find my way back to this world, and you have shown me the path. I will take back my throne."
LARA: "Look! Set is raising his army..."
ISIS: "He has corrupted the cycles of life and death, and made these spirits into his slaves...

Tomb of the Silversmith

The team enters the Tomb of the Silversmith and Lara studies a mural.
LARA: "Look here. This mural describes the myth of Khepri."
HORUS: "Myth?"
LARA: "Sorry, old habit."
CARTER: "Yeah, look. Khepri was a servant to Ra, the sun god. He was responsible for the sunrise. He rolled the sun across the sky, just like a scarab beetle rolls a ball of dung. Hence, the beetle-head."
LARA: "You missed a passage there... he was also connected with the mythical creation of the world."
ISIS: "We have no time for the past, mortals. Every moment we wait, Set draws closer, and there is much to do."

Inside the Tomb of the Silversmith

A few steps inside the tomb the team comes across a set of Set's Marks.

ISIS: "Set's influence is tearing holes in the world. He is close to crossing the boundary of Duat... We must destroy them wherever we can."

They close the marks using Osiris' staff.

LARA: "Ah! The mirrors are the key...
ISIS: "With his marks destroyed, we have banished the darkness. Come, let us bring light back to this world."
LARA: "More mirrors..."

LARA: "There, now we can bring light deeper into the tomb."

(After having dealt with all the scarabs in the room with the pressure plate:)
SET: "There is no shame in surrendering to fate... to me. It is time you admit your defeat."
LARA: "Not today, I'm afraid."

(Upon entering the chamber where Apep awaits the team:)
LARA: "Well, what have we here?"
ISIS: "Look at the marks! Set's influence has ensnared him..." LARA: "The marks must be how Set controls his minions."

Tomb of Khepri

(Upon entering Khepri's tomb:)
ISIS: "It's been thousands of years since we last saw Khepri. There is no telling what Set has done to him..."

Inside the Tomb of Khepri

(When Khepri's ball starts moving and the god shows his face:)
LARA: "Oh my!"
ISIS: "Khepri... More monster than god now..."
SET: "It amuses me to watch you struggle. If it did not, you would already be dead..."
LARA: "Somehow I doubt that very much."
(Once the ball sets into motion again:)
SET: "Let us take a little ride together..."
LARA: "Step lively!"
SET: "See what has become of the noble Khepri. He resisted, but I broke him. He is mine to command."
ISIS: "Set! You heartless bastard, you will pay for your crimes!"
SET: "I look forward to seeing you try."
(When the ball sets into motion again:)
LARA: "Here we go!"
SET: "Even if you defeat Khepri, I will raise him again. What is mine shall be mine until the sun goes dark..."
ISIS: "Osiris will return, and he will see you punished for your blasphemy!"
(Upon defeating Khepri:)
SET: "No! What have you done?"
LARA: "Exactly what I said I would."
ISIS: "This is only the beginning, Set! Osiris is coming, and he will judge you."
Lara and her colleagues leave the fighting ground and step into the treasure chamber of Khepri's tomb, where they find a jar.
LARA: "That's a canopic jar!"
ISIS: "One set of the organs of Osiris! They hold great power... We must return the jar to the shrine..."

(Upon exiting the Tomb of Khepri:)
SET: "So you thing you have struck a great victory, and now you expect me to cry in anguish."
ISIS: "Set has unleashed Sobek, the crocodile god. We will have to contend with rains, and far worse..."
CARTER: "River's rising... That can't be good."
HORUS: "We must hurry, before there is nothing left of my father's kingdom!"

Shrine of Osiris

(Upon returning to the Shrine of Osiris:)
LARA: "Look, the water..."
ISIS: "Set would drown the whole world just to spite us."
CARTER: "Yeah, but he's given us the way forward as well. Does that seem right?"
LARA: "Then there isn't a moment to spare.. Quickly, the canopic jar."
HORUS: "Soon, Father, we will make it right..."
(When reaching the top of the aqueduct:) SET: "Sobek... Lord of the dark waters... wash away the last traces of Osiris."
(Upon reaching the exterior of the Tomb of the Ferryman:)
ISIS: "No... These were once Sobek's priests... Set's corruption has twisted everything."
(Upon discovering the puzzle in front of the Tomb of the Ferryman:)
LARA: "What do we have here?"
(When spinning the wheel and uncovering a crocodile symbol:)
LARA: 'A crocodile...? Ah, yes. I see.'
(When spinning the wheel and uncovering a gem symbol:)
LARA: 'Ah! That was unexpected, but I'll take it...'
(When hitting the sun symbol on the spinning wheel:)
ISIS: 'That did it, it's open!'
(When hitting another crocodile:)
LARA: 'Well, at least we know what to expect...'
LARA: 'Now, we have a tomb to explore...'

Tomb of the Ferryman

Lara and her companions enter the Tomb of the Ferryman. Their eyes fall onto a mural painted on the wall.
LARA: 'This mural tells the story of Sobek.'
Meanwhile Carter is inspecting a bust of Sobek located below the mural.
CARTER: 'Sobek was the god of many things, depending on who was writing it down. The Greek historians could never really agree...'
HORUS: 'The Greeks? Is that upstart society still around, or did they talk themselves to death?'
CARTER: 'Uh... I'll give you that history lesson later, Horus. Look here, these are some of his names: "Pointed of Teeth" and "He who eats while he..." uh.... This mural portrays him as the god of the Nile and water.'
ISIS: 'And those are the powers that Set now wields. Come, we must find a way to stop the floodwaters.'

Inside the Tomb of the Ferryman

(When approaching a trench with spears:)
LARA: 'Careful now... It's always best to avoid being skewered.'

(When approaching the collapsible bridge:)
LARA: 'By the look of that bridge, we'll need to move quickly.'

(After raising the blocks in the water:)
LARA: 'That should provide us with a path...'

(When activating an Eye of Horus trigger and being greeted by crocodiles:)
ISIS: 'Sobek's children have the advantage here... we must get back onto the land.'
(When encountering the set of columns with Osiris glyphs and spears:)
LARA: 'This is going to require timing...'
ISIS: 'We must keep going, no matter the risk.'
(After overcoming the spear pillars:)
ISIS: 'We are close now... But the waters are rising.'
ISIS: 'The fragment of Osiris... I can feel it.'
LARA: 'Careful... let's not be too hasty.'
(When reaching the spike ball river:)
LARA: 'Hmmm... the high road or the low road.'
ISIS: 'Until we reclaim Sobek's power, we'll have to get used to the water...'

(When finding the timebomb puzzle:)
LARA: 'Hmmm... We can figure this out...'

(When failing the timebomb puzzle:)
LARA: 'Let's try that again...'

(After solving the timebomb puzzle, when reaching a Health Shrine and hearing a rumbling noise:)
LARA: 'Wait... Do you hear that?'

(When the Ammit chase begins:)
ISIS: 'Ammit has found you, run!'

(When entering the Treasure Chamber:)
ISIS: 'We have done it!'
Lara approaches the next fragment of Osiris, one of his feet.
LARA: 'All right, let's make our way back to the Shrine before we drown.'

(After leaving the Tomb of the Ferryman:)
SET: 'You can gather your dead god's fingers and toes till the end of time, but only I hold domain over the powers of Duat!'
LARA: 'Not for long...'

Tomb of the Lamplighter

LARA: 'Oh dear... what is that smell?'

(When Lara steps on a pressure plate:)
ISIS: 'Those vents bring the gas up from beneath the earth... You will need your torch here...'
Lara uses her torch on a brazier emitting gas.
LARA: 'Oh my goodness! It still works. Look... the water is heating up...'
LARA: 'Let's keep an eye out for more of those gas vents...'

LARA: 'Mind the gap...'
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