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5. Valley Of The Kings

The Valley

Draw weapons and step outside. Draw your guns. Approach the block on the right and shoot the baddy climbing onto that block. Now one after another you will encounter 6 more guys. Kill them all. (Now you can see the guy from the earlier movie walking towards the cars.) Collect all the goodies the guys have left you. Two small medipacks, one large medipack, three clips of Uzi Ammo and the Ignition Key.
Secret 19: Now run to the corner left when coming out of the entrance. Climb into the alcove. And higher up into the dark. Collect the two red shotgun ammo packs and the shotgun itself. Get back outside.
Secret 20: Now get to the other side of the entrance. There you can climb onto a block. Turn towards the wall and jump up to the right. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Climb further up. Collect two red shotgun ammo packs, a small medipack and uzi ammo. Return to ground level.
Run towards the cars.

The Jeep

Step towards the jeep and use the car keys to get in. The other car will start driving and the guy will throw an explosive. Follow him slowly. Drive down the hill to the right. Then up to the left. The other jeep might be waiting for you throwing another bomb! On the next hilltop you'll meet two pedestrians. Run them over. Drive down the hill to the left and back up on the other side.

Stop and Ramps

On the hilltop, park the car and get out. (Hit the brakes and press to the left.) Run up the bridge. Shoot the guy there. Run back down.
Secret 21: Advance to the pit. Turn around jump down and grab the ledge. Climb down the ladder and to the opening on the left. Hang from the ledge under the opening. (If Lara's legs are on the ladder, it won't work. Let go and grab again.) Press crawl and climb in. Turn around and lower yourself into the room. Collect the yellow grenade gun ammo and the small medipack. Return to the gap and crawl back out. Climb the ladder up again.
Return to the jeep and get in again. Take it over the pit by using the ramp on the left. Drive up the hill and run another guy over. Now drive very carefully along the ramp. At the end, run over another guy. Drive down and up again.
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