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4. Burial Chambers

Hand of Orion

Secret 14: While sliding down you can see a gap in the ceiling. Jump up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and collect the large medipack. Slide further down.
Use the lever. Turn around and run down the passage. Collect the Hand of Orion and quickly jump to the left to get out of the way of a trap. (Alternatively, you can also jump to the right but then you'll miss a secret.)
Secret 15: Pick up the Shotgun Shells.
Follow the passage. Quickly run or jump through the spike-trap as soon as the spikes are retreating. Turn left and shoot the jar on the left. Collect the small medipack. (The jar on the right is empty.) Get past the next spike trap. Here you'll find another small medipack.

Trap with Circulating Blades

Climb back into the alcove you came from. Use the "Hand of Orion" there. Take a running jump over to the pillar on the left to collect a Shotgun. Again, return into the alcove. Now jump towards the shotgun ammo on the platform in the middle. Jump up to get over the next blade if necessary. Pick up the shotgun ammo as soon as it's safe. (You might want to jump down and start again after the pick-ups.) Now jump forward then to the left and into the passage. Run up to the right. Leave the sarcophagus alone for now. Instead, collect the small medipack in the left passage and the shotgun ammo in the right corner.
Secret 16: Enter the passage at the back. In the chamber you'll find a small medipack on the left side lying on the floor. Jump into the pool on the left. Enter the passage. Collect the small medipack and some shotgun ammo. Get back to the main chamber with the sarcophagus.
Now run towards the sarcophagus to collect the Amulet of Horus.


After the video run into the chamber on the back. There you'll meet two mummies. Get them to follow you back into the passage to the big chamber and quickly escape. (Unless you've used the weapons cheat, in which case I am very disappointed. You don't need it if you follow my guidance. If you've done so, you can use any explosive ammo to get them out of the way.) Now Lara has to move the statue from the square in the middle onto the one on the left wall. (Keep in mind: You can push and pull it.) The door on the right wall will open. (Video) Enter quickly.


Run down to the left and enter the cave. At the end turn left. Shoot the two dogs. Run up the stairs in the left corner.
Secret 17: Jump into the gap on the right and collect the large medipack.
Run over the bridge on the left and up the stairs. Shoot two more dogs. Run up to the top. Drop into the hole on the left. At the end of the passage turn around and climb down into the chamber.

Rotating Chamber

Secret 18: Climb onto the block on the right and up onto the walkway. Turn around and make a running jump over to the platform on the left wall. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Make a running jump to get into the alcove on the right. Collect the shotgun shells. Climb back down into the chamber.
Climb onto the boxes in the middle. Use the lever in the passage on top. Get back down. A gate under the entrance has opened. Run into the passage behind. Climb up. Use the lever. (This will rotate the chamber outside.) The lever now in front of you is another one, so use this one as well. Climb back out.

Hand of Sirius

Climb down into the hole in the ground and drop down. Collect the star "Hand of Sirius". Follow the passage. Climb out to the right. Outside jump onto the highest block, with the spikes hanging from the ceiling, and pull yourself up. Carefully walk to the far left corner. (Don't run or jump!!!) Turn left. From the edge, take two steps back and make a standing jump. Climb down into the hole. Pull the rope in the middle of the room. (The chamber outside rotates again.) Run ahead and jump over the awakened mummy. Climb up the ladder. Turn around to the left and jump onto the block there.


Climb up and use the "Hand of Sirius". On the left, you can now see a rope. Make a running jump and grab it. Turn a little bit to the left. Start swinging the rope and jump into the little passage. Take the Scarab Talisman from the pedestal. Draw your weapons. Follow the passage down to the left and shoot the two dogs. At the bottom, you'll meet another dog. Shoot it as well. Drop back down into the cave. (If you didn't collect Secret 17 in the gap next to the stairs earlier on, you can do so now.)

Golden Serpent

Run up the stairs to the right. This time run straight ahead. Climb up the ladder. Shoot the two jars. In the left jar you'll find shotgun ammo and in the right is a small medipack. Enter the next room. Take the "golden Serpent" from the pedestal. Now two mummies will awaken. Escape into the open passage on the right. Slide down. Quickly sprint to the left. (Simple running is not enough!!). Run into the far left corner. (There is an opening in the ceiling where Lara will not be hit by the spikes.) Climb out.


Follow the passage. Collect the medipack. Now drop onto the pillar opposite where the medipack was. And drop further down. (Lara is now back in the cave on the big stairs.) Run down the stairs and enter the golden temple. Climb over the block. Use the "golden serpent" on the right and the "Scarab" on the left. The room will be filled with sand and a mummy comes alive. Run in circles to avoid the mummy. After a short while Lara can climb out in a corner of the room. (The one where you used the scarab.) Follow the passage out.
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