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3. The Tomb Of Seth


Pick up the flares on the right as well as the ones on the left. Follow the guide down into the cave. In the first pit, you will find a Shotgun. Pick it up. Get further down into the cave. Turn left. On the left wall you will find a ramp. Pull yourself up and run up the slope. Collect the red shotgun ammo and return to the ground. Shoot the scorpion in the next pit and collect the large medipack. Get further down.
Secret 9: Turn right. Shoot the scorpion in the big pit and climb out on the other side. Run to the right and climb onto the rock. Turn left and jump over to the next block. Get into the passage and collect the small medipack. Get back out.
Get further down into the cave. Shoot the dog you encounter. (If you've collected the secret, you might avoid the dog.) Run up the ramp to get the large medipack. Drop down to the right and collect the small medipack in the dark corner next to the entrance. Now enter the passage.

Sandpit/1st Half of Artefact

Secret 10: Run down into the passage on the right. Drop down into the sand pit. Get into the chamber on the right and collect the red shotgun ammo. Shoot the two scorpions. Now collect the small medipack on the left. Climb back out of the sandpit and return to the chamber where the guide is waiting.
Shoot the two scorpions. Then grab into the hole on the right wall to find a large medipack. Grab into the hole opposite on the left wall to fill the sandpit with more sand. Now run back down to that chamber and cross the sand. Collect the first half of the eye, this will also open the door upstairs. Then pick up the small medipack. Run back up.

2nd Half of Artefact

Run into the next chamber.
Secret 11: Climb onto the pedestal. Jump up to the rope. Turn to the left and swing over to the green alcove. Jump from the rope to land in the opening. Enter the passage. Overhead you can see a rotating spike roll. (The Secret has been counted, so if you don't want the goodies, which include the Uzi, you can leave again. Continue with the next paragraph.) Turn right. Wait for the spike roll to get past. Then pull yourself up and run to the right. There you are hidden from the spikes. Wait for them to get past once more. Climb up. Collect the small medipack. Then when the spike roll just got past once more, climb onto the block on your left. Turn around and take a running jump towards the structure in the middle. Grab the ledge and pull up. Climb onto the roof to find some flares. Now while on the left turn around and climb down backwards to land in another alcove. Now look towards the passage opposite. When the spikes came past, take a running jump to get there. Shoot a dog. Turn the corner to the left and shoot some more dogs. At the end slide down backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the right so you won't drop into the scorpion pit. Collect the Uzis. Then drop into the pit next to the Uzis to end up in the passage leading to the sandpit where the first eyepiece was. Run up the passage and return to the chamber with the pedestal and rope.
Run down the stairs behind the pedestal. You'll come to a room. Wait behind the guide till he has triggered the trap. Now run up the stairs. Pick up the artefact part from the pedestal.

Eye of Horus

Combine it with the other part to get the Eye of Horus. Run down the stairs and get back out. Run up the stairs on the left. Run to the big gate on the left and use the artefact to open it. Shoot the two dogs. (The guide will help you by burning them with his torch if he can.) Run up the ramp. Follow the passage to a huge chamber with a sphinx. Drop into the trench on the right to collect some Uzi Ammo. Now drop into the left trench to find a small medipack. (At this point, you can already collect Secret 12 and 13, but I'll explain that later. Scroll down if you want to read that now.)

Opening the door for the Guide

Follow the stairs to the left. Enter the passage. As soon as you enter, the guide will set the liquid in the trenches on fire. This will open the door. Follow him through. At the crossing, turn right. (If you follow the guide, you will come to a locked door.) Collect the small medipack in the pit. Climb out on the other side. You'll come to a room with a statue. This room is also filled with oil. (Behind the gate on the left, the guide is waiting.) Run into the passage on the right. Run up to the top and pull the rope. This will open the passage and the guide will set the room with the statue on fire.

Fire Riddle

Now you have to solve a little riddle. You have to jump exactly onto the lit spots. If you've done it correctly, the torches on the front wall will be lit. If you make a mistake, all of them will go out. Jump onto the square ahead, then the one on the right, the next one ahead, make a side sault to the left then jump onto the last square on the right. (As long as you hit all of them correctly and don't touch any other square, that includes the borders, you should be alright. If you've made a mistake, you have to go back into the passage. Slide down to the right. Follow the passage. In the chamber you'll also find a shotgun with some ammo. Pull the rope to reset the puzzle. Run up the other passage to get back to the puzzle.) If you've made it, the gate will open. Step through and collect the timeless sands. Leave the room on the other side.

Sphinx Chamber

You'll end up in the chamber with the sphinx again.
Secret 12 & 13: Run towards the sphinx and get into the left corner. (Don't enter any passages yet.) Climb up a bit. (You'll see a gate on your right.) Climb up the wall ahead. At the top, use the lever. (This will open the door at the bottom. However, we won't climb down yet as there is another secret to collect.) Jump onto the black golden part. From there make a standing jump around the corner to the left to get onto the sphinx' head. Run around to the left and jump around the corner again to get into another alcove. (This is one of the secrets.) Collect the red shotgun ammo and the large medipack. Slide down the black golden part. Return to the other side and collect the red and blue shotgun ammo in the chamber. (This is the other secret.)
Now run down into the passage you'll find on the left side of the sphinx. There you'll meet the guide again. He will open the door for you. (The guide will now look very terrified and run away.) Enter the passage and shoot the three scorpions. Drop down into the pit. Collect the red shotgun ammo in the middle of the room. Climb up on the other side. Use the timeless sand with the statue. The room will now be filled with sand. The chamber with the sphinx will be drained. Return to the other side. Shoot another scorpion. Return to the chamber with the sphinx. Crawl into the sphinx' head. (Keep in mind: You have to press the crouch button.) Slide down the passage.
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