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11. The Way Out

Version: 3rd revision Story Objective:
  • Search the Command Center for a way to open the gate
  • Find Jacob
  • Hide from the Trinity Soldiers

Search the Command Center for a Way to Open the Gate

Combat Details
At the beginning of the level you are sitting by a bundle of cut Hardwood. If you hop down, you will find Hardwood supply, this time from a plant. You will also find bottles here that could be used for distraction, however, if you follow my instructions you won't need them. Instead climb up the ladder to reach the roof of the hut. Here you can often find a nest with Feathers. Ahead you can spot a Trinity Soldier in a watchtower. You can eliminate him quietly with an arrow to the head. (Reminder: If you don't have any arrows - after all they've been taken from you - you can create more by holding down RT, when NOT aiming. There is wood below and feathers up here, so you should have the needed materials.) Then cross over to the watchtower and don't forget to search the corpse. Remain in cover. On the right you can spot a second watchtower with another Trinity Soldier that can be killed quietly. The third target will be the Trinity Soldiers on the building in the middle. You can choose between another headshot or a stealthy melee attack. Now that you have dealt with the first three, move over to the building in the middle by use of the rope. From here you can finish the last Trinity Soldier up here, who is patrolling on the roof ahead. Now it's time to deal with the baddies below. Drop down behind the portacabin and sneak into it to finish the Trinity Soldier at the computer terminal from behind. Then return outside and sneak to the left where two Trinity Soldiers are busy with something. Finish them both one after another, starting with the one at the back, obviously. Now sneak around to the other side of the cabin, where you can eliminate another Trinity Soldier unnoticed. Two more Trinity Soldiers remain. These are near the gate. If you like to get closer, sneak around the container on the right. You can finish them easily by shooting a poison arrow between them.

After finishing all opponents, you can explore the area. In the hut where you climbed up the ladder at the beginning of the scene, you can find a crate with Cloth and some Pistol Ammunition.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (1/10): Next to the portacabin, where you killed two baddies, you can find a red laptop. You can destroy it. To conserve ammo, hit it with the axe, pressing Y. You'll obtain +35 XP.
Behind the portacabin you can collect some Magnesite Ore. Enter the cabin again. On the left you can find more Pistol Ammunition. At the front, by the window, you can find a control panel with a red button. Push it, to open the inner gate. You're rewarded with +50 XP.

Find Jacob

But we haven't collected all items yet.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (2/10): Immediately right of the button, on a table, is the second red laptop you can destroy. You will get +25 XP.
Document (11/26): And further right on the same table is the next voice recorder titled Reunited from the set "Operational Report". You will get +15 XP.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (3/10): Turn around and find the third red laptop on the other side of the cabin, left of a yellow generator. It is worth +25 XP.
Resources: If you run around inside this area, you can find a dead deer, that will give you Hide and a couple of plants that will yield Hardwood and Herbs. Further there are Feathers to be found.
Gift of Alms: In front of the right building you can also find a container with random Resources and +25 XP.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (4/10): In front of the opened gate, on a crate, where the baddies were, you can find the fourth red laptop, which will also give you +25 XP.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (5/10): the fifth red laptop isn't far. It is on a single crate a little to the left when facing the gate. Again +25 XP await you.
Now step through the gate.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (6/10): Immediately on the right is the sixth red laptop, with a reward of +25 XP.
Resources: On the left you can find some Herbs. Then climb onto the higher part and run to the back to where you can find a locker. Open it with the lock pick and get a random Resources or some Ammunition as well as +10 XP.
Once you have everything, find the pillar with the rope at the front of the elevated section. Standing next to it, shoot a rope arrow up to the rope coil atop the stairs up on the right. Climb up the rope. Or if you've followed my advice not that long ago - two levels earlier - to buy the rope ascender, simply press X to be pulled up automatically. Walk down the broken set of stairs and jump towards the window sill. Jump to the right towards the next window sill. Here you jump up once and traverse around the corner to the right. When you reach the open window, let go to reach the lower hand hold and climb inside. Jacob is waiting here.
A Cut Scene with Konstantin and Ana follows.
Stuck During the Replay?
If you visit this area during the replay, you may get stuck here. Of course this cutscene won't happen and you won't even be able to get into the building. But don't panic. There is a crawlspace in the area just behind the inner gate. It is marked by a red flare. Just wade through the snow, past the pillar with the rope and find the crawlspace below and a little to the left of the spot where the locker is. Since so many people get stuck here, we've recorded a video of the exit: Youtube Video.

Hide from the Trinity Soldiers

You are now in a water passage underneath the building. Wade along the passage till you can climb out at the end. You will get +150 XP.
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