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27. Dark Waters

Find a Way Out of the Archives With the Atlas

You will obtain +150 XP. Follow the water passage, till you have to slip through under a root.
The opponent with the flame-thrower will spot you and set the area on fire.
Dive down and once you can see no fire above you, resurface to catch some air. This section is relatively safe. Swim ahead and dive through under the burning branches and to the left. Don't forget to repeatedly press the crouch button (Xbox: B, PC: C) to dive faster. Dive to the right and then left, past the severed arm. Don't get lost between the pillars when a barrel to your left explodes. At the end Lara will resurface.
In another short cut scene the guy will the flame-thrower will be pierced by a sword from behind. He falls into the water and pulls Lara under, but she can free herself.
Lara takes the dead man's Rebreather and can now stay under water without having to resurface for air. Dive along the passage and to the right. Here you have to go straight for a while, till Lara can dive up to the surface. Now she can swim to the left. At the end lies a dead soldier she can loot, before a wall scramble gets her up the wall on the left.
Another short cut scene ensues.
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