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25. Glimpses

Find a Way Down Into the Archives

Through a grate in the wall you can catch a glimpse at your target, the atlas. It is still out of range at the moment. Sit down a the Base Camp Chamber of Records to obtain the Camp Journal The Darkness. From the base camp run to the left.
Mural: At the wall right of the opening you can find another mural, The Defenders from the "Byzantine Inscriptions". It will improve your Greek (+25 XP).
Now get through the opening and follow the passage to the left. Go through the smelly haze. On the way you will meet a dying Soldier with severe burns. It's up to you if you are merciful and kill him. Follow the passage further down. At the end turn to the right. The path is blocked by wooden boards. Shoot the red amphorae with Greek Fire to open up a path. You'll obtain +50 XP. Step outside and you will be rewarded with another +150 XP.
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