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13. Fugitives

Version: 2nd draft Story Objectives:
  • Escape the Helicopter
  • Survive the Freezing Waters

Escape the Helicopter

Run and jump along the path without getting hit by the helicopter.
The next cut scene has Lara jumping into the water.

Survive the Freezing Waters

Quickly dive ahead and through all the rubble and through a gap in the fence. On the other side you can see an opening in the ice. Surface there. The helicopter pilot hasn't given up though and will chase you relentlessly. Running and jumping you follow the icy passage. Then you have to scramble up the wall at the metal board marked white. From the damaged stairs you jump towards an old flap pole and swing towards the next board where you have to perform a wall scramble. Continue running and jumping till you reach the zip line. At the bottom you continue running and jumping. From the end of the path jump towards the next zip line. Lara will drop into the water after the mast has been hit by a rocket.
Cut Scene.
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