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London - 1. Thames Wharf

Finds:: 5 secrets Gaming Time:


At the start of this level you are high above, on the roofs.
Goodies: Turn around and run to the end of the platform. Make a running jump onto the pillar. Face out into the yard on your right. Look up, there is a grate above you. Position in the middle of the square. Make a backflip and jump again to land on the grating. Turn around. Make a running jump onto the roof. Make sure you steer to the right while in the air so Lara slides down backwards. Grab the ledge at the end. Drop down. Follow the passage. Collect the shotgun shells and the crystal.
Secret 1: Then run back towards the little block. Climb up and onto the wall on the right. Step forward and make a standing jump onto the crane. Run to the right. There is a gap in the railing. Drop onto the counterweight. Jump over to the platform on the side. There is a ladder. Jump onto it and climb down. Look down. There is a platform underneath the roof below. Jump onto it. Jump onto the roof above the alcove and slide into the alcove. Walk through the barbwire into the passage. Kill the rats. Collect the small medipack and the rocket. Get back out and walk into the left corner. Climb up and further up towards the ladder. Use it to get back up. From the next platform, jump back onto the counterweight. And climb back onto the crane. Turn around to face the wall with the platforms and take a running jump over to the platform on the right. Do not grab the ledge. Jump onto the next platform and climb over the wall on the left. Climb onto the block and the wall right of it again. Turn left and jump over the wall there to return to the start. Make sure you jump far enough to the left.


Run ahead. Drop onto the lower platform. Drop down onto the roof below. Slide and grab the ledge at the end. Pull up and make a backflip to land on another block. Kill the crow. Now get towards the switch and use it. (A floor panel will come up.) Take a running jump over to the block with the slide. Use the slide. Press action to grab the ledge opposite. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy right and pull up. Shoot the guard. Pick up the small medipack he loses.

Flue Room Key

Enter the next room. Run to the left. Turn right. Make a standing jump onto the platform there. The second platform will crumble. Run over it and jump slightly to the right to land on the big platform. Kill the two rats. Follow the passage on the right. And run around to the other side. Kill the guard there. Collect the Flue Room Key he loses. Step back outside. Position at the left end of the platform. Hang from the ledge and let go. Grab the lower ledge and pull up. Use the switch to bring down another platform, which will make it possible to get back up. Drop onto the next platform below. Crawl into the gap and collect the harpoon ammo. Now drop down to the ground. Climb over the blocks in one corner and collect the crystal behind. In the right corner, you can find some flares. Run over to the other side and use the switch to open another trapdoor. This one is just above the grate left of it. The grate can be used as a ladder. So get up there and leave it with a backflip at the top. Again, drop onto the lower platform on the left. From there take a running jump along the wall onto another platform. At the end, walk up to the edge on the right and pull up.

Opening the Cover of a Switch

Use the switch outside to lower the floor panel again. Hang from the ledge and drop down. Kill another crow. In the wall, you will find a couple of openings.
Secret 2 (1st Opportunity): Go over into the right corner jump straight up and grab the ledge. Shimmy right. There you will find a gap with some shotgun ammo. Climb in and collect it. Get back out and shimmy further right to find a second alcove with shotgun shells. Collect them, then return to the previous platform.
Find the opening on the left. Pull up and crawl along the passage. Turn left and then crawl up to the right. Stand up on the other side. Jump over to the neighbouring platform. Use the switch there to open the cover of another switch. Next to this platform is a lift with paint on it. Climb back into the passage. And climb out on the other side again. At the end of the passage, you can see another roof below. Use it to slide down into the yard.

The "Balcony"

Run over to the opposite side. Kill the guard. Collect the crystal and the small medipack behind the stack in the right corner. Then run back to the other side and collect the Uzi ammo by the stack on the left. Climb the stack. Turn left and make a standing jump towards the platform there. (This is what you can see in the picture on the right.) Use the ladder on the right to get up onto the balcony.
Secret 2 (2nd Opportunity): Run over to the far end and turn left at the open railing. In the wall opposite, you can see an opening with goodies. Take a running jump to get there. Grab the ledge and climb into the gap. Pick up the shotgun shells. Then hang from the ledge and shimmy left. Pull up into the second gap and collect some more shotgun shells. Again, hang from the ledge and shimmy further left. You will end up on the platform below the room where you found the key. Slide back into the yard and climb the ladder again. (The spot where this secret is placed can be seen on the picture. It's at the left wall. The two blue/grey spots above the white roof.)
Climb up the ladder on the right. Step into the alcove and climb up the next ladder.

Switch with Cover

Jump over to the lower platform. Turn to look over to the opposite side of the roof. Take a running jump to get there. On the lower roof, you can find a small medipack. Pick it up. Than hang from the gap in the wall and shimmy right. Pull up at the end. Climb up and to the left. Then instead of climbing further up turn right. Follow the pathway. If at the end you look down to the left, you can see the lift with the paint. Jump down onto the platform in front. Turn left and climb onto the wall at the end. Kill a crow. Collect a large medipack. Then use the switch there, this is the one where you opened the cover just a moment ago. Run back along the path. Take a standing jump over the gap.

Flue Room

Look over to the lift. As you can see, it has changed position. Take a running jump to land on the lift. Kill another crow. Then turn left and jump into the opening there. Pick up the flares. Then use the key to enter the room. Jump down into the room. Run towards the crystal and collect it. Use the switch on the left to deactivate a fire emitter, but this activates also some emitters in this room. Run through when the path is clear. Climb back out. Jump back onto the lift. Drop onto the lower roof. Jump over to the next platform and lower yourself onto the next platform. Crawl into the gap again and out on the other side. Slide into the yard again and climb the ladders once more up towards the pillar. Now you've got another chance to collect Secret 1.

Entering the Water Rooms

Again, jump over to the lower block and from there running jump onto the roof. Shimmy along the gap to the right. Pull up again. Enter the passage on the right once more to kill a guard. Now follow the other passage. Jump towards the wall behind the gap and grab the ledge. Pull up and collect the ammo.
Secret 3: Slide down the roof on the side backwards. Drop down and collect the rocket. Climb back up.
Jump back towards the walkway in front of the pit. Drop carefully into the passage. This is where the fire was burning. If the fire is still burning, you can also make it down there, if you hang from the ledge and shimmy over to the right. Let go and enter the passage quickly. Slide down. Jump over the gap into the next tunnel. Slide further down and collect the next crystal. Slide further down. Kill the rats. Drop down into the room and kill the guard.
Main switch down: Water in the first pool, water in the second pool, no water in the pool behind the red passage. You cannot get past the ventilators in the first pool.
Main switch up: First pool half filled with water. Second pool empty.

Opening the Trapdoor

Use the lever on the wall opposite the passage. Now follow the passage. Ignore the first passage on the right. It leads to a chamber with a pool. Run to the end and enter the passage on the right. Jump into the pool. Pull the lever on the white wall opposite the entrance. This opens a trapdoor. Collect the small medipack and the Uzi ammo from the ground. Climb back into the yellow-lit passage. The red-lit leads to an empty pool.

Chambers Behind Trapdoor

Run back into the main chamber and use the switch again. Now run back into the passage and step into the first chamber on the right. The pool there is only half full. Jump into the water. Dive down through the trapdoor. Dive to the ground and along the passage under the ventilators. Dive up and climb out of the water. Turn right and shoot the guard. Run to the end of the passage and pick up the shotgun shells. Kill the two rats. Then crawl into the passage on the right. Stand up and collect the small medipack.

Yellow Machine

Climb down and follow the passage. A switch is shown to you. The chamber there is very dark and you can hear some noise caused by a machine. Look down. There you can see a yellow machine driving around. You should not get in its way, or you will be killed. As you can see there is a lower section where the machine is driving around. As long as you stay on the side, nothing can happen to you. Run to the right. Then turn left and run towards the crystal. Use the switch to turn on the light. Get back out and follow the right wall to the other side. Look around. On the left, you can see a switch at the middle column. It cannot be operated by hand, so you have to use the machine. Run to the end. Look over to the left. In the middle, you can see a metal block. Pull it out when the machine just went past you. Then climb over and push it. As it is a metal cube, you should avoid touching it when the yellow machine is near. You could be killed by the electricity. Push it out so it blocks the machines way. When the machine is gone, push it over to the left twice and along the passage to the right. Push it into the gap between the first and the second column. The machine will then drive into the alcove with the switch and activate it. It will be stuck. Back in the room with the switches one lid open and the trapdoor opens as well. Climb back into the passage. Climb up the ladder to the top.

Second Pool at the Back

You will come back into the chamber with the switches through the opened trapdoor. Use the lever in front of you. Now use the switch without lid again. Again, run into the long passage. Kill another guard there. Step into the last passage on the right. Swim over to the red passage on the left. Climb in and follow the path to another pool. Jump into the water and swim over to the passage on the left. Climb out and kill the guard. Follow the passage in and run around to the back of the chamber. Use the switch there. This opens the second cover. Get back out.

Returning to the Switches

The pool here is now empty. Run along to the left. In the middle, you can see some grates up at the ceiling. Jump up and hold on to it. Monkey climb along to the left. You will reach a passage. Let go and turn right. Kill the rats. Turn left and crawl into the gap to collect the small medipack. Then run to the right. Collect the crystal and turn right. Pick up the large medipack. Jump into the water. Swim back towards the yellow passage. Climb out and follow the path back towards the switches. Kill a guard on your way.

Exiting the Water Chambers

Use the switch on the left, the one underneath the red flashing light. Then run back into the passage and enter the last chamber on the right. Jump into the water and swim over to the red passage. Jump into the second pool and dive down into the opening. Follow the tunnel to the left. Dive straight up to catch some breath. Dive behind the pillars and collect the shotgun ammo on the right and the small medipack on the left. Now climb out into the passage on the left. Kill the guard. Pick up the small medipack and collect the crystal. Jump onto the ladder and climb up.

Roof of the Church

You will end up standing in barb wire. Walk forward to the edge and sidestep left so you are in front of the platform at the crane. Make a standing jump forward and grab the ledge. Pull up. Turn right and make a running jump towards the roof. Grab the ledge and pull up. Walk over to the right. Jump up onto the platform in the roof. Run along to the left and climb onto the wall. From there you can climb up to the cathedral. Turn left and kill the two guards.
Secret 4: Enter the building and push the crate twice into the passage. On one side, you can climb up. Walk over to the right and drop into the little alcove there. Collect the small medipack. Now make a running jump into the alcove on the left behind the roof opposite. Pick up the cathedral key. Climb back down.
Now step outside through the passage opposite the one with the block.
Secret 5: Before you jump down onto the next part of the roof, turn left. At the end, turn right. The railing has a gap there. Climb down the ladder underneath. Climb further down and crawl into the gap. Pick up the large medipack. Then climb back up.
Jump onto the adjacent roof to finish the level.
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