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South Pacific - 4. Temple of Puna

Finds: 1 Secret
Gaming Time: 15 Minutes


Turn right and shoot the two natives. (Take a look at the passage ahead. There is a very huge boulder.) Run up the stairs. Shoot another native. Climb further up. After the bend you will meet another native. Kill him. Crawl through the passage on the right. Stand up and climb onto the step. At the end pick up the small medipack. Turn left.


There is a set of very dangerous looking blades going left, than right and back again. On both sides are two switches at the wall. You have to use all four switches to open the door opposite. Run down when the blades roll past and run into the other direction. Ignore the rumbling. Turn to face into the room so you are able to see the blades. Press the look button if necessary. Position so you will stand between two blades. You are safe at the edge of the squares with the switch. Use the first switch when the path is clear. Get back into the safe position and wait for the blades to leave you again. Run over to the second switch and repeat the procedure. Afterwards follow the blades. Wait on the slope for them to come closer and jump over them. Make sure you are higher up than the blades. Try to collect the crystal on your way. Again position at one of the edges of a square with switch. Repeat the procedure from before at both switches. Then follow the blades down and exit through the door.

Spikes & Boulders

Climb over the block. Now you have to hurry. A spike wall is coming down from above. You have to pull out the crate in the left corner quickly to stop the descent. Afterwards pull the three levers to open the door. Step through. Climb down. Take a look at the left. There is a giant boulder. It will be triggered by the lever underneath, as will the door on the right. Collect the small medipack. Take a look through the door. Behind it is the passage from earlier. The one with the other giant boulder. Go towards the lever. Use the lever than sprint along the passage and through the open gate. Turn right and don't stop till you are through the next archway. Careful the floor on the side will give way and drop you into lava. Try to collect the crystal. You can also crawl to get it when the boulder has reached its destination.

The Boss

Run down again and kill the two natives on the left and one on the right.
Secret 1: Run up the stairs to the top. Turn left to face the wall. The upper part is textured with skulls. Jump over there and grab hold. Unbelievable but true, there is a hidden gap. Shimmy left. Pull up into the chamber at the end. Collect the flares, a large medipack and three packs of Desert Eagle Ammo. Return to the foot of the stairs.
Step through the now open door on the right. It's time for the Puna Boss. He is sitting on the throne. Advance towards it till he becomes aware of your presence. Then backflip to get a bit of distance between you. Sideflip to one side then twice to the other while shooting at him to avoid his energy bolts, they are deadly. After a couple of hits he will release a green lizard. Take care of it. Remember to take a medipack if the creature poisoned you. The boss is inactive during this time. After you got rid of the creature start shooting the boss again. Repeat this till he dies. Try not to drop down into the shafts. A good weapon would be the Uzi. However if you don't have them I found the MP5 to be a quiet useful weapon. When he is gone, collect the small medipacks on both sides. Then step forward and collect the Ora Dagger.
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