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10. Another Fine Mess

Find a Way Out

Swing back and forth till Lara can put her legs up against the ceiling. Press the Action Button (PC: E, PS: Square, Xbox: X) repeatedly, till Lara is free. Head into the narrow tunnel. An Oni walks past. Follow the tunnel and slide down at the end. Walk through the raging storm. At the bend to the right you can find ammunition for a shotgun. Follow the bend. Walk up and walk to the end. On the left Lara will find an unfortunate soldier still clutching his Trench Shotgun. Grab it and shoot the barricade. [Details]Remember that barricade in the previous level, now you could shoot it, and there are more of those around. Jump across and climb up. Head up the stairs and run to the end. There wall scramble up the wooden boards with the white stains on the left. Lara drops down into the tomb, which she will then explore thoroughly. Just when Lara understands the ascension ritual, she is surprised by a group of Solarii. As almost all of the enemies here are armed with melee weapons - there is only one exception - you should practise your melee skills, by evading and then using the melee counter, the result will be depending on which upgrade you have equipped. Lara will probably use an arrow to stab the opponents knee, leaving him open for an axe attack, or if you don't have the skill yet, a stone-to-the-face attack. Deal with all seven enemies, including the one with the rifle. Loot them for salvage and collect any ammo you can carry. There are three caches of Shotgun Ammo near the coffin. Stand opposite the gate and use the rope arrows to swing the bell towards it and knock it open. Step through and into the narrow passage. You may rest and upgrade at the "Sheltered Alcove" day camp. Next use the shotgun to destroy the barrier. On the right is a pack of Shotgun Ammo, to replace the bullet you've just spent. Step through and walk out into the wind. The wooden boards below your feet are less than stable. They collapse and Lara is forced to grab hold of the narrow ledge. Pull up onto it. Walk along it. Lara will climb around the corner. The next part will break away and fly towards Lara, forcing her to cover her face. Climb past the next pillar and continue to the end of the ledge. From there jump towards remains of the wooden walkway. Pull up and jump to the dangling boards. Use them as a ladder to reach the top. Here follow the walkway around the corner and climb up into the opening up on the left to enter the building. Fight off the two Melee Baddies, the one with the shield and a fourth Baddy with a rifle. After they are finished, head up at the back, on the left side.


Puzzle Help

At one point you will come to a chamber where you are attacked on the lower level upon entering. You seem to be stuck there, after the fight. Head up to the balcony. You will spot a giant bell, if this would fall down, it would open up a hole in the ground. Note the two windows which can be opened to let the wind in, also note the two damaged pillars and the dangling weight. Open one of the windows and use the rope to pull the weight while standing in front. It will ram into the pillar and break it. Close the window and repeat this on the other side. Then open both windows to ram the weight into the bell. It will then fall.

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