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South Pacific - 3. Madubu Gorge

Gaming Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Weapons: Rocket Launcher Secrets: 3

The Gorge

Run ahead. A flock of bats will come from the left, they won't harm you. Run to the rocks ahead and shoot the green lizard. Avoid its poisonous breath. Another lizard will come climbing up from the right if you get to close to the edge. Drop onto the pillar where the second creature came from. (Don't drop into the water, that'd kill you.) Climb onto the lower pillar. Stand with your back against the wall and make a standing jump forward to land on a platform in the stream. From there make a running jump forward and grab the ledge.
There are two boats in this level.
  1. Boat 1: The first boat promises the shorted route, but you will miss out on two secrets and more.
  2. Boat 2: The route is a bit longer, but includes quite a few goodies and all secrets.
Whichever way you choose the go, the walkthrough continues at: Downstream

Boat 1: Getting in the Boat

Shimmy to the right. At the end climb up onto the platform. Turn right and climb onto the block. From the ledge make a standing jump forward to land on a safe spot. Follow the platforms around and with another jump get onto the last platform in the corner. Use the button you will find there. Get back around the pillar. Get close to the left edge and step forward as far as you can. Then make a standing jump up to the next pillar and climb onto it. Get onto the lower platform and hang from the ledge. Shimmy left again. Where the textures get lighter and the platform is steeper pull up again and make a backsault to return to the platform in the stream. Turn around and from the ledge make a standing jump over to the block on the right. Climb up and climb back onto the higher level. Now step under the roof and climb up into the opening. Collect the small medipack, the Uzi ammo and the grenades. Drop down into the other hole. You'll end up in a pool with a boat. Take it out onto the stream. Turn left. You will drive past the block in the stream. Turn right. (There you'll see a crystal, you will miss that as you have chosen path 1.) Follow the path. Collect the crystal in the middle of the waterfall. (There is a wooden bridge overhead which you will also not explore.) Paddle backwards to get slowly down the waterfall. The walkthrough continues with Downstream.

Boat 2: Opening the Gate

Shimmy left till you've reached the end, then let go and grab the lower ledge. Crawl into the gap. Jump to the next platform. Collect the crystal and push the button. This will open the trapdoor to the upper level. Climb back up. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb over the stream to get to the other side. Hang from the ledge and shimmy to the right. Climb onto the walkway. Turn around and make a running jump over to the right ledge. You have to slide down backwards. Grab the ledge and shimmy to the right. Pull yourself up. Jump into the passage. Now climb down the passage on the right. After the second step you'll slide down into some spikes. Walk out of them on the other side. Drop further down. Follow the path to the right and climb up. Shoot the green reptile. Go around the corner to the left and drop down. Use the button on the left side. (A gate back up will open.) Run back down and return to the other stairs. Before going back up crawl into the passage on the left. On the other side you'll meet another green reptile. (If it poisons you don't forget to take a medipack.) Climb up the two steps. Cross the bridge. (Have a look around to see what awaits you later.) In the next chamber follow the passage. Jump over to the platform with the crystal. Turn around and shoot the green reptile coming out of the passage. Return to the passage and crawl back. Climb back up to the left. Walk into the spikes. Go towards the left wall and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up and to the right to get to the higher level. Up there let go and turn to the right. Use the climbable wall there to get back into the chamber where the gate has opened.

Boat 2: Jumping at Waterfalls

Exit through the gate. Lower yourself onto the platform in front.
Secret 1: From the edge make a running jump behind the waterfall on the left. Drop down into the chamber. Shoot the green reptile and collect the MP5 Ammo.
Climb back into the waterfall alcove. Turn around and make a running jump to the climbable ceiling. Grab it and monkey climb along. When you are above the pillar let go. Slide down the slope. Jump early and grab the ledge of the next pillar. Pull up and make a running jump forward. Press action. Lara will collect the crystal and grab the ledge of the third pillar. Pull up. Make a running jump into the passage. Turn around and shoot the green monster on the ground of the chamber. Climb further up. Collect the medipack on the left. Then slide down on the right. Careful there are dart emitters in front of the chute. Below you will find another climbable ceiling jump up, press action and monkey climb to the left. Drop onto the wooden bridge. Collect the crystal. Return to the climbable ceiling jump up and climb back. Now follow it in the other direction. Again it turns left. Drop onto the platform in front of the passageway. Enter the passage. Crawl through the gap and stand up on the other side.

Boat 2: Getting in the Boat

Turn left. There you will see a ladder and a red brown wooden platform behind the rocks. Take a running jump onto the ladder and climb up.
Secret 2: Backflip over the ramp to your right and grab the ledge. Shimmy right. Drop onto the wooden platform. Jump over to the stone platform at the wall. Turn towards the hut and jump onto the platform in front. Walk to the right end. Make a standing jump onto the stairs in front of the hut. Enter the hut. Collect the large medipack and the rocket. Step back outside. And from the side of the hut jump back onto the rocks and then and back onto the wooden platform. Look down towards the pillar behind the waterfall on your right. Take a running jump to get there. Jump a bit more to the left and steer to the right while in the air. Otherwise you might bump your head. Do not try to grab the ledge. Climb up onto the pillar on your right. Turn right and jump onto the ladder again. Climb back up.
Follow the path to a pool with a boat. Kill the two crocodiles in that pool. Then jump into the water and pull the lever you'll find underneath the corner platform to open the gate. Swim over to the boat and climb in. Take the boat out through the gate. Press backwards while going down the waterfall so you won't get hurt much. If you would have chosen the other boat you would come from the right.


Take the right path down. On the left is a red line which will trigger a trap. Take the boat to the left and over the green line to deactivate the blades-trap on the right. Now take the boat through the passage and down the waterfall. Again paddle backwards to slow the fall. (At the bottom you can either turn right or left. The current will take you to the left so if you want to go right fight it.)

a. Left Passage

You will hit a red line, which will activate a set of blades. Try to get through them quickly. In front are also some spikes. Take the boat carefully down the waterfall. A flock of bats will fly past.
Secret 3: Turn left. (See the large medipack on a rock to the right and some MP5 Ammo on the left? We will come to that later.) Take the boat to the left into the area behind the waterfall. Collect the crystal. Then take the boat out again.
Turn right. (The current will take you there.) You will come past a couple of platforms. You will come to a room with a big chain in the middle. There are four passages leading in/out. The one you came from. A waterfall leading down to your left. A waterfall leading up ahead and a waterfall coming down on your right. Aim for the waterfall going up in front in the right corner.

This is where all the paths should meet again. Little Water Chamber

b. Right Passage

If you fight the current and follow the passage on the right you'll soon find another crossing. The passage on the left is blocked by a red line. So take the one on the right. Some more bats will greet you. Take the boat down the waterfall. On the right you'll find another red line. So take the boat over to the left, where there is a green line. Shortly behind the green line you will encounter a red one. You might want to get the boat back to the right side. But after getting around the first pillar you have to get back to the left, because on the right is also another red line. There's now a building in the middle. You can choose to go left or right again.

b1 Right Again

While going down the waterfall on the right, you have to manoeuvre around a bit. First stay on the left side then quickly get over to the right and then to the left again after the corner to the right. You will now come to a big cave with a chain. Besides the waterfall you came down there is another one ending here on your right. There is also one going further down in front of you. And there is a passage on your left. The waterfall on your right will be your next destination. (If you follow the passage on your left first you can collect the Secret.)

b2 Left

Follow the passage. It will take you down a huge waterfall. Collect the crystal on your way down. In this cave you come to is another big waterfall coming down on your left and one leading down in front. Take the one on the left up to come to a big cave with a chain. This will be a bit of hard work. Up there aim for the far left corner. (If you follow the passage on the right you can collect the Secret.)

Little Water Chamber

Take the boat towards the waterfall. (In case you went down the waterfall on your left and are now in the chamber at the bottom, you have to get up again, this is hard work but it's possible.) With a bit of effort you can take your boat up the waterfall. If you turn left twice you'll come to a cave with a crocodile. Park your boat there and jump into the water, where a crocodile is waiting. Press Roll and then right or left to do so. Climb out of the water quickly. Kill the green creature and then the crocodile.

Fire Emitters

Climb up the stairs. Step out into the opening. Jump up to the ceiling and hold on to it. Monkey climb along. It is a bit curvy and then it goes a bit to the right. Then you have to turn left. There is a fire emitter. Wait for it to extinguish then climb past. Repeat this at the second emitter. Follow it into the left corner and drop down onto the platform. Turn around and take a running jump over to the next platform. Collect the rocket launcher in the passage. Climb up. At the end climb down the ladder below the exit. Jump onto the next part of the platform. Jump along till you reach the large medipack. Collect it and then running jump over to the left where some MP5 Ammo is waiting. (By jumping over to the other side you will also collect the 3rd Secret again.) Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the Ammo and jump back to the other side. Return to the bigger platform. There is a ladder at the wall. Climb up and onto the platform on the right. Jump up to the ceiling and grab hold. Monkey climb over the river. Take care, there is another flame emitter. A flock of bats will fly past.

Lever for the "Sink"

Turn left and climb further till you are above a platform. Let go. Enter the passage and collect the flares and the shotgun shells. Jump up to the ceiling and climb in a straight line to the other side. There you will come to a platform above the one where you found the MP5 Ammo. Run towards the left end. On your left you can see a blade attached to a platform. Take a running jump onto that platform. Turn around and take a running jump towards the ladder a bit to the left. Hold on to it and climb up and left. The second platform is safe to stand on. Jump over to the next platform and enter the passage. Climb down. Follow the passage and run towards the step. Crouch quickly to avoid a boulder. Repeat the same procedure at the second step. Look up, there is another boulder just behind the doorway. Run ahead and at the end jump into the passage on the left. Careful the second square contains a fire trap. Jump over it and quickly run towards the step and crouch again. Climb up to the top. Take a running jump towards the platform on the right. Use the ladder to reach the next platform. Crawl into the passage. Step out on the other side. Make a standing jump onto the next platform. Jump over to the platform. Make a standing jump onto the pillar underneath the slide. Use the slide. You'll end up in a chamber with the upper part of the chain. Climb up on the wall with the skull textures. Pull up. Kill the green creature on the right. Run along to the left. Use the lever you will find at the wall there. This will pull up the chain and open up a sink in the pool below. Follow the passage. Kill another creature coming up from the right. Slide down. You will come back to the chamber with your boat.

The Drain

Climb into the boat. Take it down the waterfall again. Let the current take you down. You will fall deep down. Make sure you've got enough energy. Paddle over to the platform. Jump into the water and climb out. Shoot the crocodile. Dive underneath the platform and pull the lever there. This will open the door above. Climb out quickly, two crocodiles are following you. Step through the door to finish the level.
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