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South Pacific - 2. Crash Site

Gaming Time: 1 Hour Secrets: 3


Drop down from the tree house. Go towards the swamp. Now have a look at the map the soldier has given you. Go towards the left corner. Make a standing jump onto the next green platform on the left. (As the red crosses on the card indicate the next spot is further on the left.) So make a running jump over to the green platform closest to the left wall. Turn to the right. You have to jump onto the second platform on the left. Make a running jump. Make another running jump over to the platform on the right closest to the tree. Make another running jump over to the next platform on the right. Make a standing jump onto the next platform on the left. Make another running jump to the platform on the left.
Secret (1): Jump to the platform in the left corner. Climb up into the passage and collect the MP5 Ammo. Return to the platform. Return to the previous platform.
Now jump over to the other shore.

Crash Site

Before you slide down go forward to the left. There you can see some ammo lying around on a rock. Make a running jump to get there. Pick up the grenades. Now slide down into the valley. Draw your weapons. Kill the Velociraptor. (You might want to take a better weapon than the normal guns.) Follow the path to the right. Climb onto the pillar in the left corner. Follow passage. Drop down on the other side. You'll now come to the crash site. Step out of the corner and shoot the raptor coming from the left. Now run around to the right.

Commander Bishop's Key

In the right corner you will find a hole. Drop down. Follow the passage and climb out on the other side. Collect the MP5 ammo you'll find there and then drop onto the lower level. In that area you can see a soldier. Don't shoot him. Step forward. Two raptors will appear. Help the soldier kill them. Now run into the corner right of the entrance. Climb up onto the higher level in front. Position yourself between the two trees, the one on the lower level in front. (Press the look button. You can see a large medipack on the branch in front.) From the ledge make a standing jump to the branch of the tree in front. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Collect the large medipack.
Secret (2): Jump over to the branch of the next tree on the right and collect the flares.
Return to ground level. (The tunnel on the left is blocked by a door, you can collect a small medipack and some flares there, but we'll come to that later.) Advance to the slope instead. (Note the dead Raptor.) Slide down the slope. As soon as you are down there four Compsognathuses will appear. Shoot them all. (In the left corner is a lever hidden behind a door. You might want to collect the flares you'll find there now. I'll leave them for later.) Advance to the lake on the right. Ignore the area on the left for now. Instead advance to the hill on the right. Run up. You'll find out it's a nest. Inside you see the dead body of one of the pilots. He has lost a key. Collect Commander Bishop's Key. Now a T-Rex will appear from the left. Get out your best weapon and shoot at him. (I would prefer the Uzis here but if you played South Pacific straight after Nevada you don't have them. After killing him return to the part on the left.) Or instead, run quickly back to the left and into the alcove ahead. You are safe there and can kill the dinosaur with your pistols. The soldier up on the higher level, if still alive, will help you. Now use the lever in the alcove and collect the flares. Run back to the pool and turn left where the torch is burning. Collect the flares and use the lever. Return to the beginning of the cave. There you will encounter another raptor. Kill him. Now the passage where the first lever was is open. Enter it and collect the small medipack and the flares. If the raptor has killed the soldier collect his MP5 Ammo. Get back into the passage in the right corner and return to the crash site.


Run along the right side of the plane. There you'll find another passage behind the tree on the right. It's very dark. Drop into the hole and light a flare. Follow the passage. Collect the MP5 Ammo. The door on the left will open if approached. Step through. In the yard you'll see a dead raptor and a dead soldier. Pick up the MP5 Ammo. (Or the rifle if you haven't got it already.) Five Compsognathus will attack you. Kill them. Now pick up the large medipack. In the second alcove on the right - coming from the entrance - is a lever. And in the first one on the left as well. (This will open the door.) Get back outside.

Lt. Tuckerman's Key

Now climb onto the slope on the right. In the next area you can see two soldiers fighting with a raptor. You can decide it you want to help them or leave them to it. One of them leaves you some MP5 Ammo if he dies. The alcove on the left as well as the one on the other side of the stream is empty. (There is also one on the right just behind the slope which is empty.) Enter the one on the right. Follow the passage. You will encounter another soldier fighting a raptor. Help him. Don't step onto the red bridge. It will collapse and you will drop into the water, where some piranhas will attack you. Climb onto the block behind you instead. Climb onto the higher block. On the left you will see a ladder. Climb up. At the top make a backsault. You'll land on a slope. Jump again to land on a branch. Quickly kill the raptor. Jump back to the slope and grab the ledge. Shimmy right. Pull yourself up onto the platform. Jump to the other block and from there up onto the next platform. Pull yourself up. Shoot the next raptor. Jump onto the stone platform and collect the crystal. Now jump over to the tree.
Secret (3): Turn left and walk up to the end. In front is a higher branch, you can reach it if you jump up to the left and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and collect the MP5 Ammo on the branch on the right. Slide back down.
Follow the lower branch to its end. Shoot at the dead dinosaur. (It will drop into the stream and distract the piranhas.) Now make a running jump to the platform left of the rope. Collect the small medipack. Now jump into the stream and use the lever under water. Swim back to the familiar shore. You can climb out on the right. From there shoot at the raptor on the other side. Swim over to the other side and climb out. (It might be necessary to do that before killing the raptor, if he won't show up again.) Now enter the chamber. Shoot the next raptor you will meet inside. Use the lever on the left. Turn around quickly and shoot another raptor. Then use the lever on the same wall on the right. Turn around. Take a look at your energy bar and fill it up if necessary. Now use the last lever on the left wall. Kill the two raptors. Now climb onto the pedestal. Turn to face into the room. Jump up and pull yourself into the room above. Collect the crystal. In the right corner is a dead body collect Lt. Tuckerman's Key. Shoot another raptor attacking you. Now return to the room underneath. Get back outside and jump into the stream. Swim to the other shore and climb out. Return through the passage towards the plane wreck. Climb back over the slope.

a. Getting into the Plane (short way)

(If you take this shortcut, you will miss some goodies. If you don't want to miss them, skip this section and continue with the next.) Run to the left side of the plane. Left of the hatch you can step onto an elevated heap and step close to the plane. Jump up and pull yourself onto the plane. Shimmy left and pull up onto the plane. Head towards the roof hatch and drop inside. (Skip the next paragraph.)

b. Getting into the Plane (long way)

Follow the path on the left side of the plane. Jump from the little hill onto the block on the left. Turn right and jump over to the platform. Pull yourself up. Turn right and walk towards the ledge. Jump forward and press action to grab the ceiling. Monkey climb over. On the right side you can let go to land on a branch. Follow it to the left. Turn right. There you can see another ladder. Make a running jump to get there. Press action to grab it. Climb up. Up on the next branch jump up and press action to grab the next ceiling. Monkey climb along. Shimmy right and let go. You'll end up on some leaves. Jump onto the platform above the gap. Turn around and hang backwards from the ledge. Climb down the ladder. At the bottom shimmy as far to the left as you can. Then climb up onto the platform. Crawl into the gap and follow it. Lower yourself backwards into the next chamber. In the left corner you'll find a block underneath a climbable ceiling. Get onto it. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb along. Make a turn at the end and follow the other ladder up into the alcove. Drop down before you've climbed to far.

Lower yourself backwards unto the lower platform in front of the window. Go around the corner and use the lever (1) there. (This will bring up one red grate and lower another.) Climb back into the window. Turn around. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb over to the other side of the room. Get as close to the wall as you can. Let go and grab the wall. Climb down till your hands are on the same height as the floor of the alcove on the left. Then climb to the left. Climb up into the alcove. Use the lever (2) there. Lower yourself backwards out of the alcove. Let go and slide down the ramp. Grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and make a backsault onto the pillar with the crystal. Turn around. And make a standing jump to the walkway on the left. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. (This is the platform where you found the first lever.) Get into the left corner and use the lever (3) again. Again climb into the window and monkey climb into the room. The red grating on the left is now lowered, follow it. Now follow the brown ceiling till you can see the next red grating. (Actually two of them, one still lowered and one in position.)

Instead of turning left to get to the first red grating turn right and face the wall. As you can see it looks climbable. So get as close as you can and let go. Grab the wall. Climb down as far as you can. (Your feet have to be on the lowest step.) Now make a backsault to land in another alcove. Use the lever there. (This will lower the last grate.) Now turn right and walk towards the edge. Jump over to the ladder again and climb up. Climb into the alcove on the right. Turn around and make a running jump over to the big ramp on the right. While sliding down grab the ledge. Shimmy to the left so that you are once again under the opening in the wall. (The second block from the left.) Again pull up and make a backsault to land on the pillar where the crystal was. Again turn around an jump over to the walkway. Climb back into the window. Now again monkey climb along till you reach the opening in the wall at the other end. Collect the Uzi Ammo in the left corner. Climb onto the block. Climb out. From the edge of the cave make a running jump forward to the tree branch. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Follow the branch onto the plane. Drop through the hatch.

Inside the Plane

Shoot the raptor. Then collect the MP5 Ammo. Enter the cockpit. Use Commander Bishop's Key on the left and Lt. Tuckerman's Key on the right. Now get to the back of the plane and drop down. There you'll find a machine gun. Enter the chamber at the back. Use the lever you'll find there. (This will open the big hatch and get the big gun outside.) Get there quickly and step onto the platform. Now start shooting all the raptors. They will come out of the passages on the left, the right and in front. Killing them all may take a while. You might want to save and fill up your energy in-between. After you have finished them aim for the left corner of wall in front of you. Now leave the pad and run towards that corner. From the wing make a running jump onto the platform on the right. Run to the left. Turn right and climb onto the pillar. Jump into the gap in the wall on the right. Collect the crystal and the large medipack. Now jump over to the other opening and run down the stairs.
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