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4. The Prophet's Tomb

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Find the final resting place of the Prophet
  • Explore the tomb's passages
  • Navigate to the top of the main tomb chamber
  • Escape the tomb alive
Region: Northwest Border of Syria Finds & Enemies: 1/1 Challenge (Hang 'em High), 1/2 Relic(s), 4/4 Documents, 1/5 Murals, 2/3 Coin Caches, 2+ Enemies (Trinity Soldiers)

Explore the Tomb's Passages

Gift of Alms: Immediately to your right you can find a small barrel-like container (a gift of alms) you can search. Inside are Coins (+1). You also get +25 XP.
Document (1/4): Now head towards the middle of the chamber. Here turn around to the left and run into the corner. There you will find a document, The Bishop: Word from Rome from the set "The Prophet's Trail". Reading it will improve your Greek (+15 XP) and your experience +15 XP.
Mural (5/5): On the left wall of the chamber is another mural, Death of the Prophet from the set "The Journey" which will improve your Greek (+25 XP).
Now head into the passage. When you reach the barricade, a swinging spear trap comes loose, but does not hit you. Lara gains +10 XP. Take note of the pressure pad on the ground you stepped upon. These can usually be avoided, but Lara would not jump at this particular spot. You may want to keep that in mind for later. However triggering and disabling traps gains you XP. Draw your guns (LT) and aim at the wooden connection (a structural weakpoint) of the trap. Shoot it (RT) to clear the path. Step through. Follow the passage and you reach a part with collapsing floor. You will be sent down, into the water. If you look up, you can see a dangling wooden platform attached to the roof. Shoot the wooden connection to send the board down into the water. Now wade over to the left where there is water coming through the cracks in the wall. Use the axe to widen the opening and let more water in. The water level rises. (If you've forgot to shoot down the wooden platform, swim to the back of the chamber and climb out onto the block there, to shoot it now.) Swim to the wooden board and use it to climb up into the passage above. Lara gets +100 XP. Follow the passage and slide down the chute. After a few steps in this new passage, Lara's foot is caught in a Foot Trap and another Swinging Spear Trap threatens her. Shoot the spear trap and gain +10 XP. Now the water level is rising, so use the axe to pry the foot loose. (Press X repeatedly.) Dive ahead to escape the tunnel. (Press B repeatedly.) Surface at the end and get +50 XP for your troubles. Up, up, up the stairs we go. You will reach the tomb's inner sanctum and get another +50 XP.

Navigate to the Top of the Main Tomb Chamber

Challenge "Hang 'em High" (1/7): Before you do anything, look up to the left. In the left opening, between column and wall dangles an Incense Burner #1. Shoot it down - you need to hit the weak spot, the same wooden connector as on the trap - to begin the Hang 'em High Challenge. You will get +25 XP. You need to find 6 more.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (2/7): Turn in the other direction (towards the right wall) and take a few steps forward. Look up to the columns. Right next to the second one is another Incense Burner #2 you have to shoot. You will get another +25 XP.
Now that's done get down towards the water and find the damaged wall on the right hand side. Use the axe to pry a larger hole and raise the water level. Swim over to the other side (left) and climb out onto the platform there (approximately in the middle). Climb up the ledges here. At the top traverse right and pull up onto the ledge. Jump towards the dangling wooden platform. Lara's weight will lower it and the attached mechanism will raise the wooden door up to Lara's left. More water streams through and the water level rises yet again. She gets another +100 XP, just as the platform breaks and sends Lara back into the water.
You can now take the time to collect some goodies and collectibles, or you can choose to skip them .
Gift of Alms: Turn around and swim back into the direction where you entered the area. Here you turn right, towards the spot where you found the first incense burner. With the elevated water level you can now reach this level. Climb out and find the small container in the right corner containing Coin (+1) and awarding you +25 XP.
Relic (2/2): Now swim over to the other side and towards the left part of the partially ruined colonnade. Here you can climb out of the water. Between the second and the last column on the left you will find a skeleton with a little box next to it, containing the relic Wooden Cross from the "Tokens of Faith" set. You will gain +25 XP.
Coin Cache (2/3): Now swim towards the golden dome (east) and climb out of the water left of it. Head up the stairs to the left. Here you will stumble across a Coin Cache containing Coins (+7) and awarding you +25 XP. Remember, you have them on your map, when you've decoded the monolith - when you haven't, you can't collect them - plus the controller vibrates when you are close.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (3/7): Now look up to the large illuminated arch with the three streams of water below it. You can spot the next Incense Burner #3 dangling from this arch. You'll gain +25 XP when shooting it down.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (4/7): Turn around 180 degrees to face the golden dome. Another Incense Burner #4 can be spotted on the last level below the dome. It's worth another +25 XP.
Document (2/4): From the coin cache get on top of the wall left of the stairs (or rather right, now that you are looking down). There you will find a document, The Knight: Death of the Prophet from the set "The Prophet's Trail". Reading it will improve your Greek +15 XP and your experience +15 XP.
Gift of Alms: Now head over to the building. Underneath the column passage you will find a small gift of alms with Coins (+1). You will also get +25 XP.
Coin Cache (3/3): At the back of the building (currently to your left) head up the stairs. On the pile of rubble, slightly to the right you can find the next Coin Cache with 7 coins, and gain +25 XP.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (5/7): Before you leave this spot, turn to face down the stairs and look up to the archway on the left. Here you will find the next Incense Burner #5, waiting to be shot down. You will gain +25 XP.
Gift of Alms: Now run to the spot below the incense burner you just shot. Here you will find another gift of alms with Coins (+1) and +25 XP.
Coins: On the opposite side (on the right when looking down), at the edge of the stone slab, near the wall, you can find a pile of Coins (+2), which you can collect before continuing on the left.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (6/7): Now get down the stairs again and return to the building. Head over to the unexplored side of it, currently on your left, to where there is a pool of water. When standing in front, look up at the dangling Incense Burner #5 under the large middle arch and shoot it for +25 XP.
Map: Walk up the tipped column on the right side of the water and from there jump into the alcove of the rightmost arch, to where a skeleton sits. Collect the Archivist Map, which reveals all documents, relics and murals in the area on Lara's map, of which there are currently only two documents left.
Now it's time to continue with the story.

If you've ignored the goodies, you need to catch up with the thorough explorers: Swim right towards the dome and pull out of the water in front of it. Climb the ledges with the dead and at the top ledge, shimmy right and around the corner, till you can pull up, into the building.
Climb up onto the small pillar right underneath the entrance to the level below the dome. From there jump up to the entrance and climb in. Alternatively you can climb up on the side facing the large water pool, to enter the building, like I've mentioned above for those who want to skip the goodies. Run across the loose-looking floor tiles. Careful, underneath is a Spike Trap. Quickly jump off. Once fast travel becomes available and you use it to return to Syria, you will find the base camp Syrian Tomb in the corner here.
Document (3/4): Turn right and step into the alcove, where you can find another document, The Knight: On the Trail from the Set "The Prophet's Trail". Reading it will improve your Greek +15 XP and your experience +15 XP.
Now step towards the opening and jump onto the large pillar.
Challenge "Hang 'em High" (7/7): Turn to face left, and look up a bit, to where you can see the final Incense Burner #7. Shoot it down. You will get +150 XP and 2000 credits.
Jump on, to the next pillar and pull onto it. Jump to the next platform with the entrance. Inside you will first encounter a Spike Trap, but you can easily jump across the crumbling floor tiles. Behind the spike trap you can spot a strangely marked floor tile, this is a pressure pad that will trigger another swinging spear trap. You can simply jump across it, or if you like to get the XP, stand back a little and shoot at the pressure plate to trigger the trap. This might not always work. You will get +10 XP and can now safely dismantle the trap. Follow the passage to the end and up the stairs.
Document (4/4): On the right side you can find another document by a group of corpses. It is The Knight: At the Gates from the set "The Prophet's Trail". Reading it will improve your Greek +30 XP (because it is the last of the set) and your experience +15 XP.
You've now completed Syria 100%. There is no need to return to Syria via Fast Travel later.
Now shoot down the dangling wooden board (not the platform you'd be able to stand on) to drop it into the water, where it will now float. Then jump onto the wooden platform and quickly get over to the other side, before the water rushing in pushes you off.
Coins: Right in front of you is another pile of Coins (+2).
Turn right and find the damaged wall where you use the axe to raise the water level. Now jump onto the wooden platform again and wait for it to sink down. The large wooden gate opens and water rushes in. Lara is pushed off the platform. Quickly swim with the stream, as the floating board is also transported along and can for a short time be used as a stepping stone. Use it to jump to the white ledge on the right side. Climb up the ledges and traverse to the right. Jump to the next pillar and pull up onto it. From here jump onto the wooden beam at the top of the dangling platform that raises the gate. You gain +100 XP and Lara is carried over the fence, back into the area with the dome where the water level is now significantly higher. She will grab a ledge. Climb up and you once again get +100 XP.
Cut Scene: Here Lara finds the stone coffin of the Prophet but upon opening it she discovers it's empty. At that moment Trinity forces arrive and Lara hides away inside the coffin.

Escape the Tomb Alive

After the cutscene you are rewarded +50 XP. Then use your gun to quickly kill the two Trinity Soldiers. Headshots are most rewarding in this case, they'll get you 20XP each. Run towards where the two baddies were and jump across the gap. Follow the passage and don't mind the solider ahead, he is killed by falling debris. Since the path is blocked, turn left. If you like, you can shoot the Solider escaping up a rope, but it is risky, as you should concentrate on running. Jump towards the horizontal bar and swing to the other side. Quickly grab the ledge before you slip. Pull up and continue running towards the right. The floor collapses and Lara slides down. Run to the right and jump across the gap. Head up the sloped column and scramble up the wall to reach the next one. It will tip over while Lara is hanging from its ledge. Pull up and continue running across the platforms. Climb onto the next pillar. From here jump towards the entrance and pull up. Continue running. At the end jump when you reach the hole that has just been torn into the floor.
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