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South Pacific - 1. Coastal Village

Remark: This level has a lot of solutions. I have tried to include everyone I could find in here. Gaming Time: 1 hour Finds: 4 secrets (3 have to be found), 1 weapon (Harpoon)


Dive immediately to the right. Pick up the Smugglers Key from the ground. If you want to take the shortcut you won't need the key.) Then dive over to the cliff on the right. There you will find a little platform. (See first picture below.) Climb out. Climb onto the next block. Pick up the small medipack. Jump back into the water. Dive around the cliff to the left.
Secret 1: Swim over to the little island. (See second picture above.) Climb up on the lowest spot at the side facing the beach. Pick up the small medipack. Take a running jump over to the sloped block at the wall. Grab the ledge and shimmy right. Pull up. Turn right and jump onto the next platform. Make a running jump towards the next one. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the MP5 Ammo. Jump back into the water.
Swim over to the shore and get out of the water. Run over to the palm tree.
This is where the ways part, depending on your finding the smugglers key or not.
LW Long Way: This will lead you through a cave, there you can find the harpoon gun and a secret. If you follow this path you won't miss any goodies.
SC Short Cut: This is a shortcut you can take if you didn't find the key or just want to finish this level quickly without collecting all the secrets, but do not worry, you will get one bonus-secret in this level so you can still get into the bonus level without it.

SC 1: Shortcut

Behind the palm tree at the right of the hut is a chute where you can slide down. Run through the little pool. Climb up the wall on the right side. (This is where you will also end up if you have chosen to shortcut after Secret 2.)

LW 1: The Hut

Climb into the hut on the left. Use the key at the lock on the back wall. Carefully drop down through the opened trapdoor. (Lara will still lose some energy.) Collect the crystal. Jump down. Be careful when down in the passage, there is a black part on the right side. A trap will come shooting out of the wall. Crawl underneath it. Follow the path towards the lake. Kill the villager sitting up on the bridge shooting poisonous arrows at you. Then kill the two crocodiles in the lake. Jump into the water. Collect the harpoon arrows in the middle on the right and back on the left as well as the harpoon gun underneath the entrance. Climb back onto the platform.

LW 1: Cave

Make a running jump onto the platform ahead. Make a standing jump onto the next platform. Pull up onto the pillar. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey climb to the other side. Turn right. Jump onto the walkway there. Follow it to the end. Climb onto the block on the left. Climb further up.

Follow the path and at the end make a standing jump onto the ledge of the alcove. Crawl in. Collect the MP5-Ammo. Crawl out of the gap backwards. Climb down the wall. Let go at the lowest spot. Run back up and climb the two blocks again.

Turn around and make a running jump towards the next platform. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey climb till your above the bridge. Let go. Cross the bridge and at the end turn left. From the edge make a standing jump onto the slope. Press jump at the end of it. Follow the next platform to the end. Turn left and kill the villager shooting arrows at you.

LW 1: Way Up

Make a running jump onto the ladder above the spikes. Grab hold and climb up. Climb into the gap. Pick up the large medipack. Hang from the ledge. Shimmy left. Collect the crystal and the small medipack that has been left by the villager. Turn towards the outer edge. Look down to see another platform. Make a standing jump slightly to the side so that Lara will land in the alcove not bumping her head. Hang from the ledge and shimmy left. Pull up at the end. Turn left. From the edge make a standing jump towards the walkway. Grab the ledge and pull up. Follow the way out onto the bridge.
Secret 2: At the beginning of the bridge turn right. Jump over to the block and grab the ledge. (If you make a standing jump Lara will grab hold at the wall, which is climbable. If you make a running jump she reaches the ledge.) Pull up. Turn slightly to the left and jump towards the ledge of the next block. Pull up. Continue onto the block at the wall. Pick up the grenades. Get back onto the bridge.

(Alternatively you can slide down here. In this case pick up the walkthrough at SC 2. But you will miss a medipack and a crystal. Unless of course you collect them - have a look at the next paragraph - and return to this spot.)

LW 1: Chamber with Windows

Cross the bridge. Enter the passage on the other side. Take a step to the left, then turn around and kill the villager quickly. Crawl under the saw blade in the left passage into the room. (Don't run towards the medipack yet or you will trigger a trap.) Go around to the right. Press the button you'll find there. Now collect the large medipack and jump over to the platform in the current. (If the spikes come out you have forgotten to press the button.) Climb up on the other side. You'll find poisoned dart trap. So crawl towards the crystal. Collect it quickly.

(Here you can shortcut by just sliding down into the village. Pick up the walkthrough below at SC2.
Or you can again take the long way and play a little section where you have to collect three serpent stones. Pick up the walkthrough at LW2

SC 2: Shortcut

Run ahead and kill the villager. Step onto the platform in front of the swamp on the left. Make a running jump towards the block in the swamp and grab the ledge. Pull up. (Take care, there are poisonous dart traps.) Turn right and make a running jump towards the large medipack in the alcove in the rocks. Collect it and return to the block in the swamp. Then jump onto the other side. (Pick up the walkthrough at the third paragraph of LW2. You have to fulfil the tasks of the first one afterwards to get the first serpent stone!)

Your objective in the next few paragraphs is to collect three Serpent Stones that are hidden in treetops and alcoves around the waterfall.

LW 2: 1st Serpent Stone (Waterfall)

Jump into the water. The current will take you down two waterfalls and drop you on a platform. Turn around. Jump into one of the openings behind the water. Collect the serpents stone #1 and return to the previous platform.

LW 2: 2nd Serpent Stone (Treetops)

Turn to the right side of the waterfall. Make a running jump to the green platform. (Picture.) Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Follow the rocky path around. At the end climb down onto the lower platform. Collect the crystal there. Climb back up. Now climb higher up. You'll come to a couple of trees. Shoot the villager.

Run towards the swamp. Make a running jump over to the block. Careful Lara won't jump from the edge if you don't press the jump button when you reach it! Turn left and make a running jump towards the large medipack in the alcove in the rocks. Collect it and jump back onto the block in the swamp. Return to the area with the trees.

Climb onto the rocks behind the first tree on the left. Run up the ramp and climb onto the tree branch to the left. From there climb higher up at the wall in front. Turn around.

Jump over to the branch on the left. From there jump onto the next green triangle platform on the left. Make another jump to the block behind the corner, where you can see the shotgun shells. Grab the ledge, pull yourself up and collect them. Jump back and return to the platform in the wall.

Now jump onto the branch right of the tree trunk. Follow it to the stone platform at the end. From there make a running jump onto the next branch. Collect the serpents stone #2 on the left. (If you look forward you can overlook the area with the waterfall. And you can spot another serpent stone on a green platform high up on the left side of the waterfall and a small medipack left of it.)
Secret 3: Climb into the alcove in the wall. It's hidden behind some greenery. Pick up the desert eagle ammo. Return to the branch.
Jump over to the brown platform and then slide down the rock to the bottom. You end up back between the trees.

LW 2: 3rd Serpent Stone (Pillar)

Lower yourself onto the little path again and follow it back to the waterfall. Make a standing jump back onto the block in the waterfall. And then make a running jump over to the ladder. Grab hold and climb up. Shimmy into the passage on the right. Follow the path around and climb up the next ladder. (You are still underneath the third serpents stone.) Climb onto the pillar to collect the small medipack. Then run to the left, in the corner you'll find a climbable block. Climb onto it. Turn left and shoot the villager on the next platform. Then jump over to that platform. (In the passage you will find three serpent heads. Each of them serves as lock for one door.) Turn around. You can see a higher platform in the wall. Make a running jump to get there. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Turn right. Aim for the brown platform and make another running jump to get there. Jump over to the green platform and collect the serpents stone #3. Jump back to the brown rock and slide down one of its sites. Return to the block in the corner. Climb onto it and jump over to the passage. Enter it. Now use all three serpent stones to open the doors. Slide down and follow the passage.

The Village

You'll come to the village. Turn left. Shoot the next villager. Follow the path around to the left. There you'll find a small medipack. Now run between the huts and drop down to the lower level. Shoot the next villager coming from the left. (On the right you can see a slide this is where the paths meet. There you would have come down from the chamber above the waterfall.) Enter the hut on the right and collect the rocket in one corner. Get back out. The hut on the left is empty. Get into the passage behind it and shoot another villager.

At The Swamp

Follow the passage. At the tree you will encounter the next villager. Shoot him as well. Step forward till you reach the swamp. Climb onto the block on the left. From there shoot the villager on the platform to the left. Jump over to that platform and turn the wheel. (This will activate a drawbridge, which will close a gap between two paths.) Jump back to the previous block and back onto the ground. There you'll meet another villager. Follow the passage back to the huts.

The Drawbridge

Shoot the next villager running around there. Now run behind the hut on the left. At the water you'll meet another villager. Shoot him as well. Now enter that hut. There's a fire burning inside. Collect the small medipack at the far end. Get back out. On the left side of the other hut you can see a crystal. Collect it. Now run around that hut. You'll come to the opening. As you can see the hut contains a large medipack. But you will drown in the mud if you fall in. Run further around the hut. At the end you will find a passage on the right. This is where the drawbridge is. Before you enter the passage jump up to the roof of the tunnel. Climb up and collect the shotgun ammo. Get back down and run over the bridge. Run between the two huts and shoot the two villagers you encounter there.
Secret 4: Behind the right hut you will find a chamber in the rocks. Collect the shotgun ammo. You will be attacked by another villager. After killing him collect the MP5 Ammo as well. Get back outside.
Now run over to the left hut and enter it. Collect the flares inside. Back outside turn left and climb onto the higher level.

Lowering A Grate

Circle the right hut once and shoot the villager. Get into the passage in the middle and enter the left hut. Use the wheel there. This will lower a trapdoor at a tree outside. Turn around and shoot the villager. (You might want to climb onto the block.) Step outside and get back down to the lower level. Climb up the ladder to the treehouse. When you're up step towards the window. The gate will open when approached. Climb into the window. Turn left and make a running jump over to the red grate there. Enter the passage and turn right. Shoot the villager. Climb into the window and make a running jump over to the roof of the hut. Jump over to the second hut. Collect the harpoon ammo on the left side. Avoid the pit. Now climb onto the roof of the hut. There you'll find a climbable ceiling. Jump up and press the action button. Monkey climb along. At the end drop down onto the hut's roof. Run over to the next roof. Jump over to the hut. Enter and press the button to lower a grate above the firetraps. Shoot the villager attacking you. Slide down to the ground.

Door in the Pool

Climb back into the treehouse. Again jump over to the grate. Get back into the passage. On the left where the firetraps are you can see a lowered grate. Save your game. Stay a few steps away from the fire and make a sidesault onto the grate. Jump down to the other side. Press the button. Turn around and shoot another villager. Run down the long corridor. You'll come to a saw blade. Stay out of reach and then follow it quickly. Use the wheel at the end of the passage. Jump into the open passage. You'll slide down and end up back at the water.

Tree House

There a door has opened. Jump into the water and dive into the passage. In the passage you'll encounter a crocodile. Avoid it and get quickly out of the water on the other side. Climb up the ladder. Run over the bridge and into the next passage. Take a running jump over to the treehouse.
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