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Nevada - 2. High Security Compound

Task: Reclaim your weapons and escape from the compound. (Length: 85 minutes) Finds: 2 secrets, 3 weapons (Pistols, Desert Eagle, Grenade Launcher)

Escaping from the Cell

Lara is once again without weapons and once again locked in. This happens in almost every game. And that's not all, she's got no flares and just one small medipack. Turn around and climb on the windowsill. This will trigger an alert and a guard will come rushing into the room. Run past him to get out of the cell. Now hurry to push as many door buttons as you can, to release some other prisoners, which will help you with the guard. (Make sure you have enough distance between the guard and you, or you will lose too much energy. You can jump over the railing wait for the guy downstairs and then run quickly up.) Make sure that all cells are open in the end. (The more guys can help Lara later on.) Lara's cell will be the only one that stays locked. On the opposite site is a cell, which was open right from the start. Enter. You will find an opening in the wall with a movable crate.

Onto the Roof

Climb into the opening. Push the crate once. Crawl into the passage on the left. Follow it. Stand up at the end and push the crate there once. Turn to the right and push the crate there twice.
Secret (1): Return to the other crate and pull it out twice. Crawl back through the passage. Enter the passage, which is now cleared. Pick up the small medipack.
Climb out onto the roof. Make a running jump to get over the barbwire at the first pit. Walk through the next barbwire. (Alternatively, you can hang from the ledge on the left and shimmy to the right, pull up and follow the walkway to get to the end.) Use the lever at the end of the passage.

Guard with Key Card

Climb up onto the walkway on the left. Walk towards the ladder. Climb down and into the passage on the left. Follow the passage. Drop through the first trapdoor. (A guard is patrolling in the passage. If you are lucky, he might not notice you. If he does, you have to hurry, as he is shooting you.) Follow the guard carefully. Turn left to get into the passage behind the glass office. Enter the office and press the button. This will open the gate to the cells and the prisoners will enter this part. They will take care of the guard. Wait till this is done, then pick up the Key Card. Open the door left of the glass office with it.

Lavatory - The Movable Crate

Enter the passage and at the end turn left. Use the lever in that passage. Enter the opened chamber. There you'll find a lavatory. Use the lever here as well to open the next door. Go towards the crate down in the right corner. Pull it out once. Climb over it and push it once. Run around the pillar and pull it out to the side. Now get around the crate and pull it into the other passage. Climb over it and push it once. The crate should now be underneath an opening in the ceiling. Climb onto it and up into the room above. Jump over the pipe in front of you. Use the lever in the niche. This will flood the room below with water.

Deactivating the Stove

Jump back over the pipe. Jump into the water. Dive towards the other opening in the ceiling. Climb into the passage and follow it. Jump over the gap in the floor. (Underneath is the stove, which is on at the moment.) Run out to the left. Jump over the two trenches with barbwire. Jump down on the other side. Use the switch to open the door and the little lever in the lower chamber to deactivate the stove. Climb back up to the roof.


Jump back over the trenches. Drop through the opening onto the stove. Pick up the small medipack in the kitchen. Now use the switch to open the door. Step outside. Use the switch on the right. (This will open the door to the mess hall.) Now open the other door. A guard with a bat will come out of that room. Get him to follow you into the mess hall and towards the prisoners. (Alternatively, you can try running into the chamber he came out of and close the door using the switch on the right. This might cause a little bug killing the guard when he tries walking through the closed door. ;-)) After getting rid of the guard step into the chamber and use the switch at the back wall. This will open a grate in front of the fans in the kitchen. Return to the kitchen. (Step outside and turn right.)


Climb onto the stove. Climb into the ventilation shaft on the right. Step towards the fan. Get as close as you can. If you are past the fan on the left, sidestep further to the left. Collect the crystal. Slide down in the middle. Jump while sliding and grab the ledge opposite. Shimmy to the left. Let go. Lara will end op on another sloped block. Jump while sliding to land safely on the platform on the other side.

Key Card Type B

Crawl into the gap ahead. Follow the path. Climb the ladder at the end. Climb into the passage on the left. Follow it till the hatch opens. (In the passage above is another prisoner.) Turn around and walk towards the edge in front of the hatch. Make a standing jump forward. Grab the ledge. Pull up. Follow the passage and climb further up. Climb up on the grate. Collect the small medipack on the left. Wait for the guard above to go to the left, then quickly run up and to the right. (Now there are two possibilities, either he sees Lara, then you have to hurry down into the passage on the left to free the prisoners or she can get there unnoticed:) Jump into the little pit. Turn around and crouch. (Look at what the guard is doing.) When he turns around to get back into the long passage, get up and run into the other direction. Turn around the corner to the left. Climb down at the end of the passage. Use the lever in that next passage to release a prisoner. He will take care of the guard. Climb back up and collect the Key Card Type B he drops.

Machine Gun Turrets

Use the key card to open the door at the little pit. Enter the passage behind. Upstairs collect the large medipack and the Uzi-Ammo. Use the switch. (This will deactivate the lasers outside which would otherwise activate some machine gun turrets.) Get back outside. Step through the passage with the machine gun turrets on the right. Get through the next passage as well. Climb down the ladder. Stay inside the chamber and watch the guard outside. When he is looking into the other direction jump down into the passage on the left. (The guards will come down behind you.) Hurry towards the first door and open it. Two prisoners will be released, they will take care of the guard. Pick up the yellow security pass he loses.

Using the First Security Pass

Run out into the yard. In the right corner is a door where you can use the pass. The door will open. Follow the passage. Run down. Stop at the crossing. (Careful or the guard below will notice you.) Crawl into the passage on the right. Follow it and climb down at the end. Crawl along the passage. Stand up at the pillar at the end and push the switch. (This will open the door on the right but it will also activate some deadly laser traps in front.) Jump over the ladder and run into the passage. In Bay C turn right and jump onto the walkway below. (On the roof of the structure in the middle is a giant satellite dish.)

Control Room

Run up and turn right twice. Jump onto the lower platform. From there jump towards the passage on the right, grab it and pull up. Follow the passage. At the end, jump down into the control room. Use the switch on the right wall. (This will move the satellite dish and open a passage underneath.) Now use the switch in the other corner of the room to open the door. Get outside and climb up to the right. Jump back onto the walkway. Run up the path. At the top, climb up onto the tower.

Underneath the Satellite Dish

Jump into the hole. Fight against the current and swim towards the surface. (Be careful not to get caught in the pit in the middle.) Climb out onto the platform. Turn right and jump onto the slope on the side. Continue onto the lower platform in the next corner. From there make a standing jump onto the pillar. Continue onto the lower platform in the next corner. And then jump towards the alcove with the green crawlspace. Crawl in. Use the lever at the end of the passage. Return into the pool. Fight the current again and dive through the open door. Collect the small medipack and dive up.

Security Pass

Climb out of the water. Crawl through the passage. From in there observe the guard in the passage outside. (Make sure he doesn't notice you.) Wait for him to go to the left then crawl quickly out of the passage. Turn right and then left. If the guard has seen you, press the button in the left alcove to close the door behind you. (Otherwise leave it open, or you will have trouble getting Secret 2.) Climb up the first ladder. (We are now back at the complex with the satellite dish, on the lowest level.) Climb up the ladder opposite. Follow the passage. At the end you will find another passage guarded by another armed guy. Quickly step into that passage and turn right. Climb into the alcove on the right. Collect the yellow security pass. Return the way you came and climb down the ladder. Return into the passage opposite. Use the security pass at the back of the chamber. (This will close a door underwater and seal of the ventilator.)

More Diving

Now climb up the second ladder. Jump into the water. (Now you have to be quick, you have a long way ahead.) Dive into the pit. Collect the crystal. Follow the passage. Collect the flares after the right turn. Now quickly use the lever on the left to open the door. Pick up the small medipack on the floor behind. (If you haven't enough air in your lungs, return for it later.) Stay on the left wall and swim towards the surface. (There are three laser traps on the right side of the room.) Climb out onto the platform. Turn right and make a running jump to the pillar. Lara will land in a water hole behind it. Dive along the passage.


Climb out of the water to the left. Crawl along the passage. Climb onto the crate on the left and down into the chamber behind. Use the switch. Step into the opened chamber on the left. Pick up a large medipack, the Pistols and the Desert Eagle along with some Desert Eagle Ammo. Return outside. Careful there is now a laser trap active. If you touch it, a machine gun turret will start shooting at you. Stay on the right wall and climb back over the crates.
Secret (2): Return to the water hole. At the end, climb back onto the block. Make a running jump towards the platform. Jump back into the water, staying at the right wall. Dive back into the passage and into the other water chamber. (If you have closed the door behind you earlier on, you have to open it again: Climb onto the platform and jump along till you reach the crawlspace. Craw towards the lever and use it. Jump back into the water.) Dive into the passage on the side. At the end, climb out of the water. Crawl through the passage. Quickly shoot the guard. Return to the chamber and climb up the first ladder again. And again climb up the next ladder. Follow the passage up. Kill the guard there. Pick up the grenades and the Key Card Type B. Turn left and use the key card at the door at the end. Collect the grenade launcher. Return outside and run back towards the satellite dish. Drop through the hole in the middle to return to the pool. Again dive into the passage.

Blue Security Pass

Turn right and run up the passage. Turn right at the next corner. Kill 5 guards, one after another. (Use the Desert Eagle if possible!) After you have finished the last a dog will appear. Kill it as well. One of the guards has lost a blue security pass, pick it up. Climb the ladder on the left in the upper passage. Follow the path on the right. Use the security pass. The door will open. Kill the guy. Inside you will find 2 switches. The left switch will open a gate outside and a guard with his dog will come rushing in. You do not have to use this switch unless you want to more kills. Use the right switch to activate the conveyor-belt which will move some crates in the storage chamber.


Climb back down. (Kill the guard and his dog if you have used the left switch.) Run up into the yard. In the left chamber you can find a large medipack. Now run down into the storage hall. Climb onto the crate on the right wall. Jump onto the ladder and climb up. Turn right. Jump up and hold on to the ceiling. Shimmy to the opposite side. Let go when you are above the platform there. Pick up the small medipack. Again jump up to the ceiling. Shimmy back and then to the left. Drop onto the walkway there. Climb up into the opening. Kill the guard and collect the yellow security pass. Then pick up the crystal. Get back down. Use the security pass on the keyhole next to the gate.


Run out into the next yard. There is a lorry parked. Shoot the guard on the left. Step into the storage room behind the lorry. Kill another guard. Climb onto the stack of crates. In a gap you can find some Desert Eagle Ammo. After collecting them climb into the lorry.
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