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2. Temple Ruins

Gaming Time: 1 to 3 hours Finds: 1 weapon (Shotgun), 4 secrets


On the right, you will find a passage in the tree. Collect the small medipack there. Shoot the cobra hiding in the next bush. (Get close enough to get its attention. Now jump back a bit and shoot it. If it bites Lara, she is poisoned and will constantly lose energy until she takes a medipack.) On the right wall, you will find another cobra.

Passages - Alternative 1

Use the lever on the right wall and drop through the opening on the left. Crawl into the gap. Collect the small medipack on the left. Now follow the passage on the right. In the next chamber, you will find another cobra on the left.

Or: Passages - Alternative 2

Go towards the shore on the left. Jump into the water. Dive into the passage on the right. Turn right to get into the tunnel. Climb out of the water. Crawl into the passage. At the end stand up and collect the small medipack. Turn into the passage on the left. Shoot the cobra in the next chamber.

Aggressive Monkeys

Follow the passage. In the next chamber, shoot the two monkeys coming down the stairs. Climb up.

On the rocks on the left, you will find some MP5- and some Shotgun Ammo.

Go towards the tree in the middle. From its right side make a running jump over to the platform in the river. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Collect the small medipack. (If you can't make that jump, you can skip the medipack and swim to the other shore immediately.)


In the river, some piranhas will greet you. Swim quickly to the other side. Dive to the right side of the other shore. Climb out quickly to escape from the piranhas. Use the lever you'll find in the right corner. Turn around and run along the rocks. Jump into the opening between the platforms and dive into the passage on the right. Follow it. Climb out at the other end and shoot the two monkeys.


Behind the last rock, you'll find some stairs leading up. Follow them. (Alternatively: Climb onto the last rock. From there pull yourself onto the wall.) At the top turn right and run onto the wall. Collect the Uzi-Ammo in the alcove.

On the wall

Leave the alcove and run along to the left. Jump over to the platform on the right. Make another jump to land on the next wall. Shoot the two monkeys. Follow the wall to the left.

From the end of the wall, make a running jump to the next wall on the left. Collect the Uzi-Ammo there. Drop back down into the yard and make your way up again.

Enter the passage on the right. Shoot the monkey. Turn left and leave the passage. Collect the crystal.


Turn left and jump over to the branch.

Run to the end of the branch. Take a running jump over to the branch on the right.

Desert Eagle Ammo:
Make a running jump to a branch on your left. Make a standing jump to get onto the branch behind the trunk. Collect the Desert Eagle-Ammo. Jump back to the previous branch and back to the first.

From the highest point, make a running jump to the branch on the right. Don't grab! Collect the Flares on the right. Turn around and run along the branch. At the highest point turn left. Make a running jump back. Again, don't grab the ledge.

Turn left and make a running jump back to the first branch.

Turn left. (Right, if you didn't collect the goodies.) Make a running jump to the stone platform. Grab the ledge and pull up. Jump behind the waterfall.

Way to the Ruins

Turn right and jump around the tree trunk to land on the outer branch. Collect the small medipack. Jump onto the slope of the waterfall. Slide down and grab the ledge. Shimmy right. Climb up into the gap and collect the shotgun ammo. Continue crawling to the right. Stand up at the end. Turn around and shoot the monkey. Jump onto the next platform and further to the one after that.

Into the Ruins

Crawl into the gap staying on the left side. On the right, you'll encounter another cobra. Shoot it and slide down the slope. In the passage, you'll find another cobra. Follow the passage. You'll come to another slope. (Save!) Take a look at the ceiling to note the boulder on the left. It will be triggered if you slide down the hill. Slide down on the right side to avoid it.


Drop down into the next room. Next to the Shiva, you'll find some shotgun ammo. (Or if you haven't collected it yet you'll find the shotgun!) Pull out the stone block right of the statue. Behind it, you'll find some shotgun ammo. Crawl through the gap into the next chamber. Kill the Shiva statue coming to life. (This will take a bit longer using the pistols but it's a waste to use anything else. The statues are too slow to be of any danger. If the statue takes cover behind its swords you have to get a bit closer so it opens its arms again. Jump back while shooting at it. If you get close to the wall, run past it, make a roll and jump back again while shooting at it. You can climb onto the platform with the crystal and the two switches to take a break.) Now climb onto the platform with the two switches and collect the crystal. Then use the two levers.

Chambers on the Left/Diving

Drop back down. Run through the open door on the left. Climb over the block. Shoot the two monkeys in the chamber with the empty pool. Enter the next chamber. Jump into the water and swim over to the opposite shore. Climb out in the middle. Mind the fire spitting statues. Use the lever. Jump back into the pool. Dive into the open passage. Take care, in the middle is a dart emitter.

Chambers on the Left/Climbing and Jumping

In the next chamber, some bits will fall from the ceiling. Swim to the platform on the right. Collect the Medipack. Now swim to the platform on the left. Climb up the ladder. At the top, make a backsault to land on the platform. Turn left and make a running jump to the platform left of the ladder. Don't grab the ledge! Turn left and make a standing jump to the next block. Turn and jump towards the ladder. Climb up and onto the platform above. (Save!)

More Climbing and Jumping

Turn a bit to the right and make a running jump to the platform at the wall. Turn right again. There you can see a huge platform with a cobra. Make a running jump to a spot left of the cobra. Don't grab the ledge. Get the guns out and shoot the beast. Jump to the next platform on the right. Now again jump a bit to the right and into the entrance of the cave. Jump back and grab the ledge to avoid a boulder.

Moving the Crates

Crawl to pass under the dart emitters and blades. Stand up at the edge. Collect the small medipack on the left. Jump over the trench. (You might want to make a running jump.) Collect the crystal. In the right corner, you'll find a movable crate. Push it once. Now push the crate on the right four times to get it out of the passage. On the left wall you have three more movable crates. Return to the passage and push the outer ones. Now step into one of the created gaps and push the middle block sideways to reveal the lever that was hidden behind it. Use the lever. (This will fill the little pool, where you shot two monkeys earlier on, with water.)

Back to the Pool - Alternative 1 (dangerous and stupid)

Now leave the chamber on the other side. Run down the hill on the left. Two boulders will follow you down. Jump at the end and grab the ledge. Pull up. Jump into the water pit. You'll end up in the passage with the poisoned dart emitters. Return to the pool where the fire spitting statues are.

Or: Back to the Pool - Alternative 2 (with Secret)

Leave the passage where you entered. Jump back to the other side of the trench. Hang from the ledge. Shimmy right or left. Let go and slide into the spikes. Crawl into the gap. Follow the passage. Secret 1 Crawl through the next gap. Shoot the cobra in the next room. Collect the crystal, the Desert-Eagle-Ammo and the Uzi-Ammo. Jump through the window and back into the water. Dive back into the other pool.

The little Pool

Climb out and run into the next chamber. Jump into the water. Use the underwater lever. Dive into the passage. Pick up the Ganesha Key. Climb out of the water and run through the passage back into the main chamber.

Opening the Right Chamber

Drop into the pit on the opposite side. Pull the lever to open the door in the chamber above.
Secret (2): Push the block right of the lever once. Run into the passage on the left. Start crawling before you step into the next passage leading to the right to avoid the dart emitters. Crawl along the passage and to the right as soon as it gets wider. Here you can stand up again. SAVE!

In the hole, you can collect a small medipack, but you will trigger a boulder, which will drop into that hole. Jump in so that you are exactly above the medipack. Pick it up and quickly jump out.

Crawl under the dart emitters to get into the right part. Stand up in the back of the first chamber. Go onto the step on the left. Crawl towards the flares and pick them up. Crawl back and stand up.

Run into the chamber at the back. Collect the small medipack on the right. In the alcove on the left, you'll find some shotgun ammo.

Crawl back out.
Leave the chamber and climb out of the hole.

The Right Chamber/Mud

Now enter the opened passage. Drop into the mud. Wade along to the left. Climb out at the end. Jump up the slope. Turn around and make a running jump to the ledge of the passage. Pull up. Draw your guns and shoot the monkey.

Passage with Blades and Spikes

At the end, you'll find a locked door on the left. Use the lever next to it to open the door. Run into the passage and don't stop. Jump over the blades and quickly run up the stairs to avoid the spike walls.

Big Chamber with Waterhole Tower

Shoot the two monkeys in the next chamber. Run to the opposite side and use the lever there. From the entrance on the right is a movable block in a column. (It's where one of the monkeys was.) Pull it out and push it towards the tower in the middle.

Secret (3): If you want to collect the third secret, it is necessary to get this one here first. Now pull it to the left twice. (Position 2) Climb up and onto the platform of the tower. Follow it around. Before you come to the last square turn to face outwards. Look up to see where the opening in the ceiling is. Make a standing jump from the edge and grab the ladder. Climb up. Collect the shotgun- and the MP5-Ammo. Now use the lever. (Otherwise you won't be able to collect the next secret!) Climb back down and drop from the lowest ledge. Again, run towards the crate. Pull it back to the right twice.
Climb onto the block. (Position 1) From there climb higher up and drop through the open gate into the water.

Underwater Lever

Use the underwater lever. Dive up to take a deep breath then dive into the open passage. Use the levers on both sides in the chamber at the back. (Make a roll after you've used the first one and dive straight to the second.) After using the second dive back into the passage and up into the new air hole.

Invisible Floating Blocks

Jump into the next pool and use the levers on both sides.
Secret (4): This secret is only available, if you pulled the lever at the previous secret. Use the lever on the front wall. Dive into the passage opposite. Pick up the large medipack, the flares and the grenades on the left. Then dive back out.
Climb out on the side of the entrance. You can now see four invisible blocks lit by the torches.

Way to the Lever

Make a standing jump towards the first platform on the right. Pull up. From its edge, make a standing jump onto the second platform. And from its edge onto the pedestal with the lever. Use it.

Chamber with Artefact and Spike Wall

Quickly jump down to the left. (Don't drop into the water, as it would take to long.) Run into the opened chamber. Turn right. On the left side, you'll find a lever. (Using the lever will open the gate in the left part of the chamber and trigger the spike wall on the right.) Use the lever. Then quickly sprint to the left. Collect the Ganesha Key in the left corner. The entrance door will open again. Make a roll and sprint out.

Mud and Passages

Back outside collect the crystal. The pool has filled with mud. Wade through it on the left side. Climb out on the other side. Climb up the hill on the right. Enter the passage on your right. Collect the flares on the left side in the next passage. Step to the right to trigger a boulder, then return to the previous passage. Wait for the boulder to roll past then run up to the right. There you'll find two doors, which will open when approached.

a: Turn Left (I recommend to go the other way)

Run through the left gate. Jump over the blade. Quickly crawl into the gap on the right. A boulder is coming down behind you. Crawl through the passage and into the next.

Or b: Turn Right (recommended)

Go through the gate on the right. Follow the passage and shoot the monkey. Use the lever. Then go through the open door.

Way back to the Main Chamber

Follow the path up. Shoot two more monkeys. Collect the crystal. Enter the wide passage. Hang backwards from the ledge and climb down into the hole. Let go from the lowest ledge.

Big Gate in the Main Chamber

Use the two Ganesha Keys on the big gate. Step into the chamber behind and jump over the pit. Quickly climb up the ladder and climb out at the top before the spike ceiling reaches you.

Two Levers High Up

Shoot the two monkeys. Now collect the crystal. Turn right. In the right corner is a movable block. Pull it out to the side. Climb up and turn right. Make a running jump towards the ledge of the balcony. Climb up and use the lever. Turn left and make a running jump towards the next balcony. Use the lever there as well. Return to the ground. Run past the open gate to trigger some boulders. Now step through and drop into the pit. (The gate closes behind you.)

Shiva-Statues with golden Sabers

Turn right or left and run past the fire emitters to get into the next chamber. One of the two Shiva statues comes to life upon your arrival. Kill it. (Remember: It will try to close its arms to block your weapons fire. You have to approach to get it out of its defensive position. But avoid the stabbing sabers.) The Shiva statue loses a golden saber. Collect it. To wake the second statue you have to climb onto the platform with the Shiva with four sabers. Then kill the second statue and collect its golden saber as well.

Opposite the platform with the 4-saber-Shiva is another platform. Climb up and collect the shotgun ammo.

Climb back down and collect the small medipack at the little pool.

Now climb onto the platform with the 4-saber-statue. Place the two sabers you have collected in its hands. This will open the door on the opposite side.

Artefact 1 of 3/Platform in the Middle

Step through the opened door. Collect the Uzi-Ammo in the pit. Go around the corner to the left and crawl into the gap. Turn around and climb out on the other side. Follow the stairs. Run towards the platform in the middle of the chamber. This will wake the next statue. Kill it. Again, run towards the platform in the middle and collect the Ganesha Key.

Climb onto the block at the back wall and collect the flares.

Artefact 2 of 3/Spike Ceiling

Run towards the door next to the pit on the left. Light a flare. (Now you have to be quick.) Step inside. Use the lever at the back wall. Continue to the right and use the lever there as well. Turn right again and drop into the pit. Collect the next Ganesha Key there. Step through the open door and climb back out.

Artefact 3 of 3/Current

Run through the archway on the back of the right wall. Collect the crystal. (On the right wall are three keyholes where you can place the artefacts. As we've got only two so far, we have to collect one more.) Jump into the water hole. The current will take you away. Quickly dive towards the left or right wall. The current will pull you towards a spike wall or to one side of it, if you were quick enough. Use the lever you'll find there. Dive back towards the wall where you entered, fighting the current. Now dive over to the other side and let the current take you towards the other side of the spike wall. Use the lever there as well. This will turn the current off. Dive back towards the entrance and pick up the last Ganesha Key. Dive back towards the surface and climb out.


Use the three Ganesha Keys on the keyholes. Run up the stairs and step through the open door into the passage.
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