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17. The Dragon's Lair

Gaming Time: 15 minutes


Collect the Uzi-Ammo on the right and the medipack on the left. (PSX: Use the grenade launcher to shoot the stone knight in the doorway.) Get past the stone knight through the door. Shoot the knight which came alive in the chamber behind. (PSX: Also shoot the one on the left and the one on the right.) Use the lever ahead. The knight behind Lara will come to life. Kill him. Turn around and use the lever on the left door frame as well. Now the other two knights will come to life. Get them out of the way.

Killers with Knifes

Draw your guns and run through the open door. Shoot the 6 knife-throwing killers in the chamber one at a time. (Most of the time you'll meet them in pairs of two.) Collect the goodies and the Mystic Plaque. Use the Mystic Plaque to open the Gate to the Dragons Lair.

The Dragon

Enter the dragons lair. As you approach the altar the dragon will come to life. Start shooting and get out of the dragons way.

He'll try to set Lara on fire and to crush her. So stay away from it's head and it's paws.

The best weapon against the dragon would be the Grenade Launcher or the Uzi.
The Uzis are very fast, but you have to hit the dragon a lot.
The Grenade Launcher Is very effective, a couple of hits will do. But it's very slow.

Close to the altar are a couple of waterholes. Under water you'll find some more Uzi-Ammo and some Medipacks.

When the dragon drops to the ground you have to be quick. Run towards the red spot on it's belly and pull out the dagger. (The dragon is only stunned and will be on it's feet again in half a minute. If he drops with his back lying towards you give it up. It takes to long to get round him. Prepare for a continuation of the battle.)

After Lara has pulled out the dagger the ceiling will come down. Quickly run out of the main gate and follow the path out.
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