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16. Floating Islands

general hint:

In the PSX Version you can kill the stone knights before they come to life. You just have to shoot at them, Lara won't aim at them so stand in front and shoot into their direction. You might want to take the grenade launcher. This won't work on the PC Version, however you can shoot them while in stone and it will take less to kill them when they have come to life.

The Cage

Carefully go down to the left. Collect the small medipack. (PSX: A few steps further. Hang from the ledge and let yourself down onto the stone block. Climb further down and eliminate the knight in the corner. Climb up the way you came down.) Follow the green platform to the end. Take two steps back. Make a standing jump. Lara will slide down. Press the jump button to land on the next slope and press jump and action to grab the ledge of the cage's entrance. (If you don't make it you'll end up where the Knight is. He'll come to life. Kill him.) Pull yourself up. Use the lever inside. Turn around and leave through the passage on the left. Jump out of the cage. From the slope jump onto the next slope leading to the big platform. Quickly kill the 1-2 Knights which awakened. (PSX: You might want to kill the other ones as well before they come to life.)

1st Mystic Plaque

Pull up into the building through the opened trapdoor. Collect the medipack, the flares, the Uzi Ammo and the Mystic Plaque. Return outside. Now kill the knights which come to life. (PSX: Unless you've done that before.)

Secret 1:
Climb towards the tree on the left. Alternatively to the one on the right. From there jump to the roof of the building and pull yourself up. Collect the Jade Dragon. Get back down.

Run towards the green spot on the right side. At the end is a half green platform. Hang from the ledge there. Make sure you're above the lower ledge, then let go and grab the lower one. Pull yourself up. Go to the left and use the lever there. Turn around and go to the lowered gate. Make a running jump to get to the alcove.

Island Jumping

From the end make a running jump onto the green ramp. Climb up to the left. Make a running jump to get to the ledge of the second island. Follow it to the end. Make a running jump to get to the single platform on the left. Pull yourself up. Turn right and make a jump to the ledge of the next island. Climb up the green blocks. Turn right and make a running jump to the last island.

2nd Mystic Plaque

Run up to the right. On the roof of the cage turn to the right. Two flying knights will be arriving from there. Shoot them while they are still in the air. Now turn left and go to the ledge. From there make a running jump to the left onto the ramp. (This is the ramp Lara took earlier on, from the other side and in the other direction.) Lara has to slide down backwards. Hold on to the ledge at the end. Then let go to end up on the platform below. Make a running jump to get onto the platform ahead. Collect the Mystic Plaque. Now make a running jump onto the next island. Don't grab the ledge or Lara will drop into the void. From there jump back onto the big platform with the building where you found the first Mystic Plaque. There again hang from the ledge and let go to grab the lower one. Jump back into the alcove.

Island Jumping Again

Again make a running jump from the end onto the green ramp. Climb up to the left. Make a running jump to get to the ledge of the second island. Follow it to the end. Make a running jump to get to the single platform on the left. Pull yourself up. Turn right and make a jump to the ledge of the next island. Climb up the green blocks. Turn right and make a running jump to the last island.

Behind the big gate

This time turn left and make a running jump to the massive platform with the big gate. Pull yourself up. Collect the Uzi Ammo on both sides of the gate and then use the two Mystic Plaques to open the door. Enter. Collect the Automatic-Ammo on the right. Run towards the bridge and kill the awakened Knight.

Secret 2:
Right from the bridge, close to the tree is an opening in the wall. Jump in and follow the passage behind. Collect the Silver Dragon and take the same way out again.

Now go to the green rocks on the left. Jump onto the ramp with the boulder. Get past the boulder by backflipping over. Slide down after the first ledge quickly jump back to grab the second ledge, to avoid the second boulder as well. If all boulders are gone climb down onto the platform.

Way to the Slide

Shoot the flying knight. Collect the small medipack in the right corner. Between the green pillars climb up into the building. Climb onto the green pillar and further up onto the roof. Climb into the passage ahead. On the other side slide back down into the courtyard. Climb back onto the ramp. Slide down where the boulder was. At the end jump onto the next walkway. Where the ground is starting to get green again turn to the right. Make a running jump to the green platform, grab the ledge and pull yourself up. You'll find a slide.

The Slide

Take the slide down. Let go above the bridge. Enter the chamber on the right. A wall on the left will open up if approached. Behind it you'll find three knights and a lever. The knight in the middle will come to life. Kill him. (PSX: Shoot the other two as well.) Use the lever. Now kill the other two knights as well. Turn around and enter the small chamber.

Back to the Slide

Use the short slide there. Hold the action button down to get Lara to grab the wall. Climb up. Climb the next ladder as well. At the top shimmy into the green passage on the right. At the end of the passage hang from the ledge. Shimmy to the left. At the end let go and enter the chamber on the left. Again climb onto the green pillar and onto the roof. Return to the courtyard. Get up onto the ramp where the boulder was and slide down again. Jump over the gap. Turn right and jump back onto the platform with the slide.

Slide 2/Lava Chamber

Again take the slide down. This time take it to the end. Lara will end up in a passage. Turn around and make a running jump out to the right and onto the floor. Shoot the flying knight on the left. At the wall closest to the stone crate you can climb up and make a backsault to land higher up. (You might want to climb up using the crate instead.) Use the lever on the column there. Get back down.

The Lever in the Lava

In the lava filled trench in the middle is a platform. Let yourself drop onto it. Use the lever in the alcove. Turn around and exit. Turn left. Make a standing jump to grab the ledge. (You can't do that on the right!) Climb up. Leave the trench to the right. Now climb up onto the higher level again. (With the crate or with a backflip.)

Water under the Lava

Climb onto the wall up there. Collect the M16-Ammo. From the middle of the wall make a swandive into the gap in the lava. (Press "walk" along with "jump" and "forward"! Alternatively make a running jump and press action, while in the air.) Collect the Shotgun-Ammo in the pool. Dive towards the lever and use it. Turn around and dive into the tunnel on the left. Follow it. Swim to the surface before you reach the blades. Turn around and climb into the alcove. Use the lever there. Now walk through the passage with the deactivated blades. At the end climb into the passage. Turn right. Jump back onto the ground outside. Shoot another flying knight.

Higher Passage

Push the stone crate towards the lava filled trench. And then push it to the side where you exited the passage. There has to be a space between the crate and the column. But not between the crate and the trench. Climb onto the crate and make a running jump to get into the higher passage. At the end make a running jump to reach the gap at the opposite wall in the chamber. Shimmy right and pull yourself up. Use the lever. Turn around and make a running jump to the alcove on the right. Run through the opened gate on the right.

The Green Hole

(PSX: Shoot the two stone knights.) Slide backwards into the hole in the middle of the room. (Hold on to the ledge shortly to slow the fall.) Use the lever. Turn around quickly and climb onto the wall ahead. From there shoot all the knife-throwing idiots. (PSX: If they are all gone shoot all the stone knights from within the cage. PC: You might want to pre-damage the knights. 2 on the right, 1 on the left and 1 ahead) Now leave the cage and wake the knights. Climb back onto the wall and kill them all. Now collect all the lost ammo. Use the lever on the right to open the gate upstairs. Then the one on the left to open the one down here as well. Exit through this one. Shoot the next knife-thrower. Collect a medipack and some ammo. Follow the stairs up. Use the lever on the right to open the gate at the end of the stairs. Behind it you'll find two more knights waiting.

Lava and Spike Traps

Turn right to get into a room with some lava and spike traps. Climb up the wall. Stop before you reach the ceiling. Hold down the action button. Press the jump button. Let go of both and quickly press the roll button. Immediately press the action button again to grab the next wall. Climb up till you reach the red marking. There again turn in mid-air to get onto the next wall. Climb up to the top. Hold down the jump button. Press to the left. Lara will slowly jump to the left. Let go if you've reached the flat area. Shoot the last knife-thrower. Pull out the crate. Pull it once and push it once, to avoid the shooting blades.

Secret 3:
Jump onto the rocks on the left. From the long platform jump into the alcove opposite. Turn around and jump into the tunnel. Follow it. Collect the Golden Dragon. Jump onto the slope opposite from the entrance of the tunnel. Make a backflip to get back onto the rocks. Climb back up again.

Climb onto the crate and take the slide down.

gaming time:1 hour 15 minutes
Secrets: 3

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