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4. The Norse Connection

Task: Find a way into the chamber with Thor's Gauntlet. Use the two pressure plates to get there. Then make your way back. (gaming time approx.: 10-15 minutes) Finds & Enemies: 7/26 Secrets, 1 Relic, 1 Medipack, 2 portable stone blocks

Thor's Gauntlet

After the cutscene we will focus on opening the door. In this room you will find two pressure plates, each opening one of the door's latches. Get into the right corner, ignoring the left chamber for now. Here you will find a thin column you can climb upon. At the top jump into the opening in the wall and drop down into the chamber on the other side. Here you will find two small stone blocks and a pressure plate. You have to get the stone blocks into the other room. But the door here will only remain open while you are on the pressure plate. Start by collecting the Medipack on the right. Then pick up the first portable stone block and stand on the pressure plate. The door opens. Look in the direction of the door and press the button you usually use for throwing a grenade, to make Lara throw the stone block through the opened door. Repeat this with the second portable stone block. Now you have to leave the chamber again. Stand on the pressure plate to hold it open, then quickly sprint towards the door and perform a dive roll through it. Next place both of the stone blocks on one of the pressure plates. Stand on the other pressure plate yourself and both latches slide aside. Then turn to use the grapple on the door, without leaving the pressure pad. Pull the rope to open the door. Now you can step off the pressure plate. Step through the opened door to grab Thor's Gauntlet. Watch the cutscene.

Chasing the Mercenaries

Explore the chamber again.
Secret 1: Turn to face the large Thor statue and run over to it. On the left side you can find more vases. The middle one contains a Treasure.
Leave the chamber again to chase the mercenaries. The regular passage has been blocked after the detonation. Instead get into the right chamber. On the left is now a rock you can use to reach the opening up in the wall to climb out.
Secret 2: But first collect the Treasure hidden away in a vase to the left of it.
Now climb up into the opening. Above, follow the passage and to the right. Here you have to turn left through the arch.
Secret 3: But before getting through, find the well hidden vase in the corner to collect the Treasure inside.
Through the archway you will reach a chamber with a couple of narrow columns.
Secret 4: Run to the far left corner, where there is another vase with a Treasure inside.
Now return to the entrance. From there look into the room and climb onto the first column on the right. Jump along to the second one. Climb up and jump towards the higher platform at the back. Turn to face the edge and to to the left. Jump onto the top of the pillar and from there towards the column attached to the roof. From here continue onto the next platform. There is a shortcut for this whole climbing section that might not always work. Run towards the column in the far right corner and climb it. At the top slide around to move Lara higher up. If you manage to get upwards, you can jump backwards to the next platform and thus skip the whole climbing and jumping part. (Tested on the PC.) Turn right and jump to the next damaged column attached to the roof. From here continue onto the top of the next column, towards the third and on into the save passage.

Above the Kraken Room

Run into the passage. At the end you need to roll through the crawlspace in the wall on the left. Exit on the right.
Secret 5: Outside, immediately on the left you will find another vase with a treasure.
Now follow the passage to the right and exit to the left to return to the large room with the Kraken. Run over to the right and approach the edge on the left. Get down to the lower platform and from there jump straight ahead and use the grapple with the ring on the ceiling to swing to the other side.
Secret 6: Directly ahead, to the right of the rocks, is another vase with a treasure.
Now run over to the left. There you will find a Medipack close to the edge. Next climb onto the flat part of the rock formation and grab hold of the ledge of the next rock. Traverse to the left and jump up to the next ledge. Pull up. Run towards the edge closest to the bar. Jump towards the bar and pull up onto it. From there jump towards the ledge on the other side. If you try simply swinging over to that platform, you might not make it. Slide down the slope to the right.
Secret 7: Hang from the ledge and front and shimmy to the right. When you can't traverse any further, jump over to the right. Shimmy further to the right and jump past the broken part. Then pull up onto the ledge to find the next treasure in a vase.

(... to be continued...)
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