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3. Niflheim

Task: Find a way into the main room. Detach both gangways from the spiky platform hanging on a chain. Pull up the "trap" and release it to get rid of the Kraken. Open the door he has blocked. (gaming time approx: 15 minutes) Finds & Enemies: 9/26 Secrets, 2 Medipacks, 1 "Enemy" (Kraken)
Run up the stairs and to the right. There you can climb up over the rocks.
Secret 1: From above jump to the rock platform on the right. (If you did not reach it the first time you can get up by using the block behind the platform.) Turn left to the alcove in the wall and jump over. Here you find some vases which you can smash. In one of them you find the next treasure.
Lower yourself to the ground and follow the passage up the next set of stairs. At the top crawl through the gap under the rocks on the right. Behind it hang from the ledge and let go. On the left wall you will find a passage in the rock face. Roll through and follow the dark corridor crouching. At the end drop down into the next chamber. Now run to the boulder left and climb up. From here jump to the opposite ledge and pull up. Here you can collect a health item. Next pull up at the foot of the stairs.
Secret 2: On the jutting ledge on the right you will find another vase with a treasure.
Run up the stairs. You will reach a corridor with niches on the sides, that opens up into a huge chamber. In the first niche to the left you can find another medipack.
Secret 3: In the niche to the right, on the right side, you find another vase with a treasure.
Follow the corridor. In a cut scene you will be shown the resting place of the Kraken.

The Kraken's Lair

The opening on the left, as well as the path ahead, lead to the upper level of the Kraken room. The path on the right leads to a pit. (There are many different ways to overcome this room and the Kraken. Two of them will confront you with an interactive sequence and a third one will force you to evade its tentacles. You should avoid to combine theses paths with each other if you are not keen on an adrenaline kick! You can even avoid all three of them altogether by following the path I will explain here or by following an irregular short cut. I will put in hints about other possibilities in the text. On the whole it will be your task to overcome two chambers with cog wheel mechanism, one on the right and one on the left.) I will send to explore the area on the right first. (You could choose a different path to avoid the Kraken but this would be a bit bumpy and would probably cost you a little health. You would have to visit the right chamber - the one you would get to first on the regular way - later on because you are then starting on the left.

If you'd go left from the start, debris would block the way. So you'd need to turn to the right to get out into the open, then you'd run left to the edge and lower yourself down. Lara would probably lose some health. You'd then have to climb down the rocks to the stairs and run up and climb into the passage. If you'd take a detour to the left you could pick up a secret which I will cover after finishing the job with the Kraken, if you follow the walkthrough. You'd then have to run into the passage ahead and turn right at the end, ending you in the "Left Chamber With Cog Wheel Mechanism".)

Path to the Right Chamber

Run to the right towards the pit and there jump to the crevice on the left. (There is another ledge on the right wall. You can not reach this one from below. You could also climb down into the pit to take a different route. For example one possibility is to go out and to the right. This path is the same as the one explained in the shortcut, except you have to jump past one of the Kraken's tentacles.) Jump along the second, third and fourth ledge to reach the other side. Drop to the floor. Run around the corner to the next pit. Here a slope leads down. Slide down. (On the left wall you can see three more ledges that would get you to the other side, but that way is more troublesome because you have to get past the Kraken. But if you prefer a more difficult path:

Jump to the ledge in the left. Jump on to the second and shimmy right, then jump to the third and onto firm ground. Go outside. To the right there is a horizontal bar you can use to bridge the gap between the two walkways. This bar and the walkway behind are our next target. Jump to the small pillar hanging from the ceiling and climb up to jump on to the second pillar. To prevent Lara from missing the jump take your time to face her exactly with her back to the next pillar. From there jump on to the third column. Turn your back towards the pillar with the ledge entangled by the Kraken's arm. Slide down a bit and jump there. Shimmy right and pull up. Now you have to move quickly to the right and from there jump towards the horizontal bar, before the arm gets you. Swing to the walkway. Enter the chamber and climb down. Continue the walkthrough at "Right Chamber with Cog Wheel Mechanism".)
You come to another passage. Another passage is leading away on the right.
Secret 4: But first run into the passage ahead. At the end you find a niche on the left behind one of the Kraken's arms, entwined around a column. There are vases on the left. In one of them lies the next treasure. Run back.
Now head into the side passage and follow it to the left.

Right Chamber with Cog Wheel Mechanism

You enter a chamber with enormous cog wheels. One of the Kraken's arms is winded around them. Look at the pillar with the metal ring. Use the grapple to destroy this pillar. The Kraken gets hit by the debris and retracts its arm, releasing the cog wheels. (If you took one of the other possible ways, don't forget to collect secret 4 before you continue to the upper level.) Now turn to the right side. There climb onto the rock platform by the entrance. Climb up onto the next level and there to the left. Slide down the slope and jump towards the horizontal bar. Swing over to the crevice on the wall opposite. Shimmy left, along it and around the corner, where you can pull up onto the next level. Here flip the lever. The plank outside is retracted and the circular platform with the spiky underside is partially released. (A second plank remains in place for now.) Run out onto the plank and there to the right, behind the statue to reach the statue's hand. (If you did not follow the walkthrough here but have already retracted both planks, you can take the following path to the lever: Jump onto the ledge at the wall. Jump up to the upper ledge on the right side and again to reach the top ledge. Shimmy left around the corner. There drop down the two ledges and shimmy to the left end. Jump back towards the broad ledge with the lever.) Jump from the statue's hand onto the circle platform with the spikes. (If you look around, you will see to the right above the head of the Kraken a lever on the wall, and a metallic ring slightly the right of it, which could get you down safely. Below you find the Kraken awaiting you, holding the door closed with its tentacles, and a lever nearby which could open the door.) Run across the plank to the other cog wheel chamber.

Left Chamber with Cog Wheel Mechanism

You come to another chamber with cog wheels. Again the Kraken has its tentacles wrapped around them. Run to the end. On the left you can spot a cogwheel with a ring for the grapple. Attach the grapple and pull out the wheel, till it aligns with the other wheels. Then go to the lever and flip it. The Kraken removes its arm and the second plank is retracted. (You could now climb down to obtain another treasure, but I will include that later.) Run back out, onto the plank and there to the left, behind the statues head. (If you have retracted only one plank so far, step onto the hand and jump over to the circular platform. Run across the other plank to the "Right Chamber with Cog Wheel Mechanism".)

Pulling Up the Trap

From the arm of the statue jump towards the crevice in the wall. Shimmy right around the corner and at the end jump backwards onto the broad ledge with the lever. Now that the circular platform has been released, you can flip it to pull it up. (In the cut scene you are shown a weak spot in the chains.) Advance towards the first chain and shoot at the weak spot from close range. (Lara can shoot the chain automatically. In case it won't work, use manual aim instead. Aim at the open ring or the one below if the first would not break.) Then go over to the other chain and repeat the procedure there. The platform with the spikes falls down, killing the Kraken in the process.
Secret 5: Now step into the niche on the left (or right) side, where the chain was. Jump from wall to wall upwards, beginning with the outer wall to reach the platform above the lever. (You don't have to press any direction key after touching the wall for the first time. Simply pressing Jump repeatedly, till you reach the goal, will suffice.) In the right corner you will find a vase hiding a treasure. After collecting it, hang from the ledge at the front and safety-drop down to return to the lever.
Now that the Kraken is finished, it's time to get down. Either use the ring by attaching the grapple to it and lower yourself with the rope or simply jump into the water. (Attach the grapple to the ring and jump over the edge. (If you are daring, you can also jump over the edge first and throw the grapple while in mid-air.) Lower yourself along the rope by pressing interaction and down.)
Secret 6: In the water below you can find a treasure lying on the ground, near the stairs on the left side (looking towards the entrance, the gate the kraken blocked behind you).
Secret 7: Swim toward the left stairs nearby the previous treasure and run up and to the right. Here climb around on the right to reach the next set of stairs. Instead of going up the stairs, continue straight ahead and there climb up the rocks on the left. Here you will find vases, one of them containing the next treasure.
Secret 8: Now swim across to the other side. On the stairs, still underwater,you can pick up another treasure.
Secret 9: Run up the stairs to the left. Climb further up to the stairs leading up to the right. Climb upwards and run into the passage to the left. At the end you will find a couple of vases with one of them hiding a treasure. Get back outside and return to the water.
Now swim towards the stairs where the Kraken sat. Right of it you can find a lever. Use it to open the next gate. Step through.

Pits (Climbable Wall and Balance Beam)

Run through the opened gate and up the stairs to reach the first pit. In the left wall you can find little stone ledges you can use to climb. Climb upwards and over to the right. (At first you will only find little round stones and few larger ledges. You will be climbing upwards at first and down again on the other side. After the first descent you will encounter several larger ledges below. After them you need to climb upwards for a bit again. You don't have to jump at all, if you like to play it safe, but you can shorten your journey if you do. ) Once you reached the end, let go of the wall. Run up the stairs and to the right. You come to another pit. Here you have to cross a balance beam. (Be daring, try something new: While walking across, press the roll button to perform a cartwheel on the beam. This might sound crazy at first, but it is really quite easy to do, is a lot of fun and shortens the trip. Just try it. On some longer beams you can perform this move several times. Between cartwheels regain your balance. When Lara falls down, she will often grab the beam and you can simply pull up like on any other ledge or bar.) On the other side perform a dive-roll to get through underneath the rocks. Run to the right and up the next set of stairs. Run into the chamber at the end.
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