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2. The Path to Avalon

Task: Explore the rock formations. Find two wheels and attach them to the portal. Open the portal with the right combination. Leave the water and find a way to the door by climbing. Open it by using the pressure plates. (gaming time approx: 20 minutes) Finds & Enemies: 10/26 Secrets, 1 Medipack, 2 Portable Stone Blocks, Enemies (Sharks, Jellyfish) Enemy Info: Avoid the jellyfish. They don't move but hurt Lara if she comes in contact with their tentacles.

Exploration of the Rock Formations

Jump into the water and dive straight down. To perform a swan dive press jump quickly followed by roll. To move Lara under water or on the surface use the directional buttons. To dive down use the roll button. To dive up or resurface use the jump button. If you press sprint while diving, Lara changes her swimming style; be aware that this attracts the sharks. In this level Lara uses her scuba-gear, so you can stay under water for as long as you like. On your way down you encounter sharks. If you want to fend off the sharks you can use your pistols which also work under water in this game the harpoon, or grenades. If you dive down determinedly, however, the sharks might not pay much attention to you. A step-by-step instruction of the next part of the game is not very practical, as one can easily get lost within the ruins. If you want to explore them on your own, note the following: There are miscellaneous ruins in which you can find up to six secrets, and there are two entrances that lead you one to a small wheel and the other to another wheels and a portal. For better orientation I'll assume you dove down in a straight line and that the highest structure is directly ahead. The rocks to the right are mostly covered in greenery, while on the left side the vegetation is somewhat more scarcely. At the front of the structure on the right there is an entrance we will examine for secret 4. After a short round through the ruins we will come back here. If you are not looking for secrets, you can dive straight ahead and continue with the paragraph "First Rotating Wheel".
Secret 1: Swim around the rocks to the right. Behind it you will find, at the brink of the rock formations, a structure looking like an archway Dive towards it. When you dive below the arch you can go down to the left, through the water plants. In the chamber coming up there are jellyfish. At the right side there is a treasure lying on the ground. Pick it up and dive out again.
Secret 2: Continue your dive counter-clockwise along the brink of the rock formation. After you have passed some uninteresting rocks you will come to another arc-like structure a bit lower. Dive under the right pillar lying across your path and to the left through the water plant. Here you will find another chamber with jellyfish. On the right there is a heap of sand and the next treasure. Dive out again.
Continue your round counter-clockwise at the edge of the formation. You will return to approximately the same spot where you've started your treasure hunt.

First Rotating Wheel

When you approach the highest structure, you can find more entrances.
Secret 3: Before you enter one of the entrances you can find another secret. From the main entrance dive clockwise around the highest structure until you reach the pointy rock an the plateau. Here dive upwards. At about 3/5 height you can find a treasure behind a red water plant. Return to the spot at the main entrance.
Secret 4: To the left there is a small pointy temple entrance. Dive into it through the plant. Again there are jellyfish. Dive down and to the right. There continue through an archway. If you dive into the chamber to the right you will find a small round table. It could hold an item, but this one is empty. Dive through the upper opening on the left into a cave. There is another treasure lying on the floor to the right. After picking it up leave this area again. Dive up through the opening and immediately down to the right to get out again.
Ignore the main entrance of the highest structure for the time being and instead dive to the small entrance opposite. Again there will be some jellyfish. Dive in and down towards the three jellyfish. There go right. Continue through the door.
Secret 5: Immediately swim through the rocks into the left area. There you will find the next treasure lying on the ground on the right side, between some rocks. Pick it up and then swim back to the previous area.
In the right part you will find just like in the camber of secret 4 a small round table. This one, however, is not empty. There is an object resting on it. It is a small wheel. Pick it up. After that dive out through the passageway and leave this chamber.

Second Rotating Wheel and Portal

Dive now holding the wheel in your hands to the highest structure directly opposite. On the rear side there is a back entrance where you can find another treasure, but we will inspect that later on from the inside. On the inside there are jellyfish again. Dive down and towards the gate which consists of three round disks with three segments each. You can see, that the upper disc already has a turning wheel attached to it. Insert the second wheel into one of the other disks, then swim to the round table located nearby and pick up the third wheel. Stick it into the last empty notch. To open the gate you have to align the eye symbol within the upper disk. In the original position there are two in the left disk and one on the right. First, rotate the upper disc once, so the eye goes up into the upper sector. Now rotate the left disc once and the second eye will end up in the upper disc. Now all you have to do is rotate the right disc twice and the gate will open.
Secret 6: Before you continue through the gate there is another secret to be picked up. You can also do this much later, at the end of the level. You could also have reached this secret from the outside by choosing the side entrance instead of the main entrance. Inside the chamber dive up and through the opening in the rock. On the stone ledge to the right there lies the next treasure. Dive back down.
Now dive through the open portal.

Behind the Portal

Inside the passage further jellyfish lead the way. At the end swim right. Here you have to go past the jellyfish again and then to the left.
Secret 7: At the following corner you can find the next treasure lying on the ground, slightly to the left directly behind the rocks.
The passage bends right again. At the end of the passage you will have an encounter with the arm of a Kraken. The arm will retract and you can dive through the hole left in the wall. Dive into the chamber behind it and surface. Swim to the platform where you can pull yourself out. Climb up to the next level.
Secret 8: Some light will help you to locate the jar with the next treasure in the right corner.
Climb left onto the stone block and further up. Lower yourself down on the other side and run through the doorway to the water. Dive in.
Secret 9: Dive down to then left. There you will find a treasure in the right corner on the ground. Surface.
Now swim to the sloped stone pillar rising from the water and run up. There climb onto the pedestal on the left where you will find a medipack. Jump up towards the ledge on the wall.
Alternative Alternatively you can let yourself down from the pedestal again. Then run up the slope on the right side to reach a pedestal there. Pull up. Turn right towards the ledge and jump up towards it. Shimmy right until you reached the end. At the pillar you can jump up to the higher ledge. To reach the secret, turn around and jump to the ledge there. Pull up.
Jump up again to the second ledge. Pull up onto it. Press jump one more time, just as if you wanted to reach another ledge above you. Go to the right end. Standing on the ledge jump to the ridge in the pillar at the edge. Shimmy around to the right. There jump up to the next ledge. Now jump backwards to the first horizontal bar. Jump on to the second and the third. If you want to practice some acrobatics, pull up instead on the first bar: While hanging on the bar push jump, or just stop swinging at the highest point. While standing on the bar jump forwards and Lara reaches the third bar. Swing to the platform in the corner.
Secret 10: Smash the vases to reveal the next treasure.
Now jump towards the upper ledge in the next pillar. There shimmy around the corner to the right twice. Jump backwards to the horizontal bar and swing to the crevice in the next wall. Traverse around the right corner once. There let go three times to reach ground level.

Two Pressure Pads, One Door

Run to the end of the room. There you will find two pressure plates and a lever. On the ground you can locate two small stone blocks. These can be picked up (interaction) and carried to another location. Carry them to the left pressure plate and place them on top by pressing "Roll". The pad will be pressed down by the weight of both stones. Now go over to the right. There you can attach the grapple to the ring at the statue above the pressure tile. Pull it to loosen the upper part and make it fall onto the pressure pad. Please stand back a little, otherwise you might get hit on the head. If the piece won't come down, pull several times. Now go to the lever to flip it. When the pressure plates are held down by the weight of the rocks on top, the fire will ignite and stay burning. The gate opens. Run towards it.
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