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14. Ice Palace

gaming time: 50 minutes
Secrets: 3
Weapons: Grenade Launcher

Two Bells

Shoot the bell to open the door. Enter. Climb onto the crates behind the cage on the right. Collect the Medi Pack on the right. Climb back down. Draw the guns and step onto the little platform in the left corner. (If you look up you should see the bell high above. Run onto the platform from behind to get it to catapult Lara forwards. Don't jump onto the platform.) Shoot the bell. Put the guns away while dropping down and grab the ledge to slow the fall.

The Bigger Platform

Now step onto the bigger platform. (Looking towards the closed gate.) Press the action button while jumping to grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and turn to the left. Use the lever on the platform. Collect the Uzi Ammo. Drop through the other hole to get one level lower. Shoot the three yetis climbing up. Jump through the door of the cage and collect the large Medi Pack.
Secret 1 (Gold Dragon): Pull the block once and then out of the way to one side. Enter the passage behind. In the middle of the room is an invisible walkway leading to the secret. Step onto it and run towards the secret in a straight line. Climb onto the block. Collect the Gold Dragon and get back outside. If you drop down by accident 2 ladders will lead back up to the starting point.
In the corner at the back are some stairs where a yeti is coming down. Shoot him. Take the stairs up and use the lever. (This will lower a platform outside.) Run back down again and leave the cage. Get back down to ground level. Enter the chamber with another platform. (This is behind the big platform.) Turn left to step onto the platform. Lara will land on the lowered grating. Turn around and jump to shoot the next bell. Carefully slide down to ground level.

The Way Up

Run through the two opened gates. Get next to the platform and enter it to the right. Grab the ledge above. Pull yourself up and hold down the jump button. Press and hold the right-button. Lara will move towards the bell in the alcove. Shoot the bell. (Don't let go of the jump button!) Now press the left directional button to get to the other side and onto a platform there. Pull yourself into the alcove and climb the ladder. Go to the platform on the right. Turn around. Pull yourself into the next alcove. Make a running jump to get over the gap. Draw weapons and shoot the yeti. Collect the flares on a rock.

1st Mask

Climb into the hole the yeti came out. Enter the cave. Shoot the first tiger.
Secret 2 (Silver Dragon)): Jump into the alcove on the right and follow the path to a grating. Collect the Silver Dragon and get back out again.
Climb the rocks on the left and collect a small Medi Pack in the passage. Get out again and enter the chamber at the back of the cave. Shoot the three tigers. Collect the mask from the block. Return to the entrance of the cave. Climb into the alcove on the left. (This is the one before the alcove where the secret was.) Follow the passage.

Chamber with Spiked Traps

Drop one level lower. Shoot the yeti. Collect the large Medi Pack at the end of the room. Go to the edge of the nearest gap in the floor. Let a flare drop down. (If you look down you can see some spiked traps.) Where the burners are there are no spiked traps on the floor. Drop down. Immediately draw weapons and shoot the yeti. Take a look around in the chamber. You'll find some automatic-ammo in one of the corners. Climb into the window. Collect the small Medi Pack on the balcony. Then use the mask. The door in the neighbouring alcove will open. Leave the room through this door. On the left is a snow covered block from where you can get into a neighbouring window where you'll find some flares. (In case you drop down somewhere this is also where you can climb up again.) Cross the bridge. Turn left. Jump onto the next ledge. From there turn left. Use the lever to empty out the big burner. Let yourself slide down.

Pool under the Melted Surface

Shoot two more tigers. In the cave where you found the mask earlier on you can collect some more ammo. Return to the main chamber and jump into the pool. (Beware of the two tigers patrolling around the lake.) Collect the Gong Hammer. (You might want to climb out to shoot a fish.) Dive into the next cave. Beware of the two fishes. On the ceiling on the left are some icicles and outside are a couple of yetis waiting. Use the harpoon gun on the fishes. Then leave the water and finish the yetis. (Retreat into the water if necessary. If you want you can try to let the icicles drop onto some of the yetis.)

Little Chamber on the Left

Carefully climb into the little alcove on the left. Trigger the icicles. Shoot the yeti in the chamber behind. Climb behind the ice wall and collect the grenades or the Grenade Launcher if you still need it. Leave the chamber.

Avalanches on the Right

In the right corner you'll find a small Medi Pack. After collecting it climb the blocks. As soon as Lara enters the first block a yeti will appear. Shoot him and then climb up. Carefully walk to the right to trigger an avalanche outside. After triggering the second one take a look down the slope. (Lara has to get into the right corner and over the block there.) Now run down the slope. Another avalanche will follow you down. Continue running and jump into the gap. Follow the passage. Go towards the ledge. Turn around and hang from the ledge. Shimmy left. Pull yourself up at the end and make a backflip to land on the platform behind. From the edge make a standing jump and grab the ice wall. Climb up and into the opening in the middle.

Ice Palace

On the other side turn around and hang from the ledge. (Take a look at your energy. Lara will need some to survive the fall.) Let go. Lara will land in front of a big gong. Use the gong hammer. (In case you drop down before striking the gong, you can climb up the ice palace on the left side and around the back.) Slide down. (If you don't want to collect the secret you can climb down on the left side - facing the gong - of the ice palace.)
Secret 3 (Jade Dragon)): In the far left corner is a ladder on the wall. Jump to grab it. Climb down. Light a flare. Climb down to the left. Use the lever. Climb back up again. Leave the ladder with a backflip. Run towards the hut. Enter it and collect the Jade Dragon. Along with it will come some grenades if you've collected all 3 secrets. Get back out.
Go to the left side of the ice palace and jump from the little snow platform to the ice column. Climb up into the hole on the right. Collect the Talion.

a. The Guardian of the Talion Regular Way

Leave the Ice Palace on the other side. Outside a strange bird - the Guardian of the Talion - is waiting for you and he's angry. Use the Uzis or the grenade launcher to fight him. (Keep in mind that you want to use one of these weapons on the dragon. So watch your ammo. Against this opponent I prefer the Uzi.) Don't get to close to the crevasses. You don't want to drop down there. The level finishes when you've killed the bird.

b. The Guardian of the Talion Alternative Way

After returning outside quickly climb onto the ice palace and shoot the bird from above. Use the M16 to make it quick.
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