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7. Midas's Palace

Midas's Palace

Run up the stairs to come to a centre chamber with a statue of King Midas. Do not climb on his hand! Everything he touches is turned to gold, even if it's Lara. You will be attacked by three gorillas. The little pool is of no interest at the moment. A gate is blocking the way down. Run towards the entrance and to the left. Climb onto the water basin there. From its top jump over to the crevice up on the right. Jump straight up again to the top ledge. There shimmy left and pull onto the upper level. Collect the Large Medipack lying right of the column. Then run to the other side of the column and flip the wall lever there. The gate below on the left opens.

Left Door (1)

Climb back down. Jumping in the pool is quickest. Step through the opened door and run up the stairs at the back. Follow them all the way up and out into a chamber with ramps and spikes on the left.

Left Door (2)

In preparation for a later pickup, turn left and pull out the pile of rocks from the wall above using the grapple. (Image) Then run across the room. Behind the second column on the right you can find some Shotgun Ammo. Then run through the other door. There are stairs leading up to the left. Behind the stairs is a narrow passage leading to a movable crate. Pull it out to reveal an alcove with a lever behind it. Pull it to open a gate at the top of the stairs. You may use the crate later again. Then run up the stairs. Just behind the opened gate, on the right, you can find a Small Medipack. Pick it up and then run further up the stairs.

Left Door (3) - Retracting Pillars and Spikes

At the top, pull the lever and the columns in the room below will rise.
  • Some of these columns will start to lower once you step on them. However if you start the climbing and jumping before they are fully extended, you get a good head start.
  • If you have not pulled the rubble from the right alcove, do so now.
  • Note the alcove at the back on the left? There is a secret. If you want to reach it the intended way (there is also a shortcut), you need to get back down without stepping on any of the pillars after flipping the lever and move the crate underneath the gap of the sloped pillar just in front. This will stop it from descending.
Jump onto the column ahead. (1) Turn left and jump to grab the upper ledge of the column with the spikes. (2) If you get here early, before the spikes are extended, you can shortcut by jumping on top of the column. Shimmy around the corner to the right twice. Jump backwards onto the slope. (3) From its end jump to reach the platform (4), which will begin its decent.
Secret (Relic): From here jump ahead and slightly to the left to grab the crevice in the wall. This works best when you were close to the wall before jumping. (5) It seems as if this is not the regular path and that you should go all the way to the column 11 and from there on to the slope. However reaching this slope - even if it does not descent due to the fact that you can lodge the crate underneath - is annoying, so why bother. This jump will do. (As might a jump towards the sloped column from here.) Quickly grab hold. Then shimmy right and pull up into the alcove. (x) Collect the Athenian Owl Figurine from behind the rubble. Then lower yourself back into the chamber. Run up the stairs, flip the lever again and climb back to the retracting platform you just came from.
This time turn right and jump to the lower crack in the column with the spikes. (5) Jump up once to hang from the top ledge. Shimmy around to the right twice. Then jump backwards to the next retracting column. (6) From here quickly jump onto the sloped pillar. (7) From here jump over to the platform at the wall. (8)
Secret (Artifact): Face right and jump over to the lower pillar. (9) From here you can jump into the alcove that has been previously blocked by rubble. (x) - I hope you followed my advice to pull it out earlier. - Pick up the Artifact. Then drop back down. Get back to the previous platform at the wall after flipping the lever again.
This time jump from the platform on the wall over to the next one further left. (9) Face left and jump to the next column. (10) Hold on to the top ledge. Shimmy around the corner to the left twice and to the left end. Jump backwards to the lower gap of the next column. (11) Jump up to the top ledge quickly. Pull up and jump into the wall opening. Pick the Lead Bar from the pedestal.

Left Door (4) - Way Back

You are now finished with this room so run back out towards the Midas statue. Back at the entrance to the Midas room you will be attacked by two gorillas.

Behind Midas

Now climb up on the left side of the Midas statue. Right at the base, besides his foot is a crack in the wall. Hang from it and shimmy left. Behind the corner, at the end you can jump left to the next ledge. Jump straight up from there to pull up onto the armrest of his chair. Climb up to the left. Run behind the back of the statue and flip the lever there to open the right door below. It is left from where you are at the moment. Then collect the Shotgun Ammo lying on the back of the chair before climbing back down.

Right Door (1)

Run into the newly opened passage and inside up the stairs. At the top, after a right bend, you come past a passage on the right. Ignore it for now but run ahead instead.

Right Door (2) - Lower Level

In the column ahead you can spot the next lead bar, however you cannot reach it. Run to the back of the chamber and there into the passage on the left. Follow the corridor and run down the stairs. At the bottom you will be greeted by a gorilla and a lion. Then examine the base of the column. It is supported by a wooden scaffold. Use your grapple to pull at the brass rings of the scaffold. When you have removed all three, the column will collapse and the Lead Bar will fall down and you can pick it up. Run back up the stairs. The room at the top has changed considerably. Run over to the right, past the rubble and into the entrance. This time, run up the stairs to the left till you reach the top.

Right Door - Upper Level (1)

Run up the stairs at the top you can find some Shotgun Ammo in the left corner. Then step out into the opening on the right. Four bats will attack you, coming from the other side. Shoot them. Then run over to the right and jump onto the stone block on the left. From there jump up to the one on the right. Hang from the ledge in the wall at the top.
Find: Jump over to the left ledge. Pull up and collect the Large Medipack. Hang from the ledge again.
Jump over to the crevice in the right wall. There shimmy to the right end. Jump ahead and throw out the grapple to run along the wall. If you are skilled, you may reach the ledge up on the right. Otherwise simply jump to the wall ledges ahead. If Lara grabs the one on the same wall as the grapple spot, jump over to the one on the wall to the right. (Blue arrow.) From there shimmy to the right end and jump to the next crevice. From the end of this, jump backwards to the rope. Turn left till you see the column on the wall. Swing there to reach its crevice. Whichever one you reach, you need to get up to the top one. From there jump backwards to the left to reach the upper walkway. (3rd image)

Right Door - Upper Level (2)

Turn around and look down to the left. You need to jump onto the slightly sloped column there. (First Image) Once you reach it, jump again to reach the smaller column or Lara will lang on an inconvenient spot. When you have reached the second one safely, turn around. Jump towards the crack in the first column and shimmy right. (Second Image) From the end jump backwards to the platform behind you. There run up to the crack in the next wall. Jump up and hold on to it. Shimmy to the right end and jump up again. From the right end, jump over to the gap in the other wall. Jump up again and pull onto the platform. Use the grapple to run along the wall.
Find: At the end jump over to the platform on the right. Remember: Jump when Lara is about to turn and press the direction. Jump towards the ledge of the alcove and collect the Small Medipack there. Jump back to the platform in front.
Jump towards the entrance in the wall underneath the grapple spot.

Right Door - Upper Level (3)

Run up the stairs. At the end you will run into two gorillas. Shoot them, then step out onto the balcony. You are now by the lever up on the first balcony on the left by the Midas statue. First collect the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo lying on the left, then activate the lever to open the door behind Midas. Get back down and climb up on the left side of Midas again. Step through the opened door.

Door Behind Midas - Fire Columns (1)

Follow the passage. Every time you see a light in a corner, you need to turn the other way, as the passage continues there. Turn right at the start, then turn left twice and right again. You come out to a water room at the end.

Door Behind Midas - Fire Columns (2)

Get down to the water on the either side and shoot the crocodile inside. On the right side of the stairs leading down, you can find an audio commentary crystal when you have unlocked and activated them. Then jump in and dive over to the circle platform on the right. At its back you will find an underwater lever. Use it to extend the column on this platform. Dive back towards where you came in and climb out of the water again. Step out onto the walkway in the middle. The trigger platform at the end will start the burners on the platforms all around. Jump towards the circle platform with the single burner in the middle ahead. This one is quite harmless as long as you stay on the outer rim. From there jump over to the outcrop of the platform with the column on the right. On this platform a ring of burners surrounds the column, but only two of them are ablaze at a time. They move around counter-clockwise, so you'd do best to pull up and follow them in a circle. At the back of the column, jump up to the left end of the gap. There jump straight up again to the ledge above. Jump up again to the third ledge and shimmy to its left end. From there jump backwards to the platform behind you. Pull up and run to the lever. Use it to raise a single burner out of the water in the middle of the room. If you whish, you can now collect the Relic in this level, or you could do this after collecting the Lead Bar. I will include it now.
Secret (Relic): Step back to the edge and turn right. On the wall there is a grapple spot. Run along the wall and at the end jump to the ledge. Lara will probably grab with one hand only, but that should not bother you as you need to get onto the ramp below anyway. Jump from the ramp's end to the crevice in the wall. Turn right and jump over to another crevice in the wall there. Jump up and shimmy to the right end. There jump backwards onto the ramp. Jump at the end to reach the horizontal bar. Swing to the second horizontal bar. If necessary, shimmy left before making the next jump. Swing onto the top of the pillar. Turn right and jump to the crevice in the wall there. Shimmy to the left end and from there jump onto the ramp. Jump again to reach the alcove. Flip the wall lever. A time run begins. Jump into the water and quickly swim (by repeatedly pressing interaction) to the right stairs. Climb up and run out onto the ramp in the middle. From there jump onto the single burner. Turn right and jump to the circular platform there. From there jump over to the left onto the next burner. Continue towards the pillar on the left and grab the lowest ledge. Quickly shimmy around to the left till you come to a spot where you can jump straight up three times to reach the top. From the top jump over to the other circular platform. Run over to the left and quickly pick the Griffin-Head Protome from the alcove.

Door Behind Midas - Fire Columns (3)

After collecting the relic, the comlum should be high enough to let you reach the balcony with the lead bar above.
If the height of the column should for any reason not suffice, or if you did not collect the relic, you need to use the lever in the alcove up on the left: Return to the entrance area and there run out onto the long walkway with the trigger that started the burners again and jump onto the single burner. From there jump back to the circle platform with the pillar in front and from there continue to the single burner you just raised. From there jump on to the column on the other side, which has burners at the side. From the lowest ledge shimmy left till the single square pillar is behind you and the second burner above you. Long-jump backwards to it and pull up.

If you miss this jump, it's probably because you don't hold the jump button long enough. You can also jump there from higher up, but as it gets you in contact with the burners of the column I won't go into it.

From this low pedestal, jump over to the ladder. Climb it to reach the lever. This lever does two things: the burners get stronger and the column on the left circle platform at the back - where you have collected the relic - is raised. This will enable you to reach the balcony on the other side. Step towards the edge. If you look to the column with the burners at the side, you will spot a grapple point on the left side. Attach your grapple and pull and the upper burners will be blocked. Then jump to the upper ledge of this column and jump up once to reach the top. From there jump towards the other circle platform with the column.
Run to the back of the column and there jump up to the lowest crevice. Jump up again to the second crevice. When the burner on the right goes out, shimmy past quickly, to the other side of it. There wait for the next burner to go out, then shimmy there and quickly jump up to the third crevice. Shimmy past another burner to the right end. There jump backwards to reach the balcony. Pick the Lead Bar from the pedestal at the back.

Exiting the Door Behind Midas - Fire Columns

Now, before you jump back into the water, collect the Large Medipack lying on the left. Swim back to the other side and exit the chamber again to return to Midas. On the way back you encounter two gorillas.

Turning Lead to Gold

Climb back down and run towards the hand of Midas. Do not climb onto it. While standing in front press Interaction and pick the Lead Bar from the Inventory. Lara places it in his hand and it will be turned to gold. Collect it again. Repeat this with all three lead bars. Then place them a the empty spots around the statue. Placement of each Gold Bar will open the gate below the water further.
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