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6. The Coliseum

1. Getting into the Coliseum

Run into the passage and around the bend to the left. At the end turn right. Kill the two rats that lurk in the chamber at the end of the passage. Climb onto the rock on the left side at the entrance. From there climb up onto the next platform.
Find: Turn around and take a running jump to the roof of the entrance, where you find a Small Medipack. Then return to the previous platform.
Turn towards the other end and take a running jump towards the next platform. From there jump towards the lighter edge of the exit's roof. Pull up and run to the right. You need to shoot another rat up here. Jump down on the other side, making sure you land on the higher platforms.
Find: Before jumping into the water, run to the other side. Climb up to the second platform and collect the Shotgun Ammo. Then return to the water.
Dive down into the tunnel. Below you need to pick a direction. There is nothing of interest in the corner where the single stone lies on the right so dive in the direction of the broken pillar on the other side. You might encounter a fish that guides you. At the end of this passage, head left and through the rubble. On the right is an opening in the brick wall. Dive through and straight up in the chamber behind. Climb out of the water.

2. The Catacombs of the Coliseum

You are now inside the coliseum, where the living food for the lions was kept from the looks of it. Kill the two attacking bats, as well as two rats.
Find: Then climb onto the small crate right of the water hole. From there jump to the lighter ledge on the wall. Shimmy right and continue to jump to the next ridge. Climb around the corner. There jump right, to the next ledge. This one is high enough to jump onto the top of the cage on the right from here. Collect the Large Medipack in the corner of the cage roof. Drop back down.
Then again climb onto the smaller crate and jump towards the ledge at the wall again. This time turn left and jump onto the narrow ledge of the water chute. Shimmy around to the left twice till you can jump to the next ridge. From there jump onto the pole. Climb to the upper end and continue onto the cage. From here running jump over the boards. On the other side you will find several more crates. As there is nothing to find, run up the passage leading to the arena.

3. Gorilla Attack

Two gorillas await Lara in the center of the arena. Shoot them. Then go exploring.
Find: Opposite the entrance, a bit to the right lies Shotgun Ammo.
Then head back to the entrance. Right of it is a pile of rubble that will enable you to reach the stands. Two bats will attack here.
Find: Explore the stands. On the right end, lying on the outer brim, just before you reach the other balcony, you can find Shotgun Ammo.
Run back towards the spot where you came up. As climbing the steps is pretty exhausting, run up the aisle right of the set of seats and then run along the upper two to reach the column. At its back you can spot a crack in its surface. Jump up to grab hold. Shimmy around to the left. At the end jump up to the upper crevice and shimmy further left. From the end jump backwards onto the platform behind you. Turn around. When you look around, you can spot a medipack on a platform down to the left, however you cannot get there from here. So take a jump up to the right. Pull up and collect the Small Medipack here. Slide down on the other side. Jump towards the big brown platform facing the arena. If you have difficulties getting up, you can climb on the platform in the far corner, slide down its ramp and jump there. Turn right and jump towards the balcony of the entrance. Inside is a locked gate. At the front in the middle is a lever. Use it to open the right gate below.

4. Balcony Key

Return to the arena. There you will be attacked by two more gorillas, accompanied by two lions. If you find that fighting them is too exhausting, you might want to shoot them from a safe spot. When they are finished, run through the opened gate. Below is another chamber where the "attractions" of the show were kept. Lying on a cage in the left corner you can spot an item - a key. However Lara won't climb on the cage just like that. Run to the right. In the corner on the right lies Shotgun Ammo. Then run across the wooden boards on the other side into the next part of the chamber. On top of the open cage at the end on the right lies a crate. Use the grapple to pull it down. If Lara will not attach the grapple to the crate, climb the lower cage and try it from there. The next task it going to be a bit more difficult. You need to push the crate over the wooden boards. This is going to take some effort. Push it up on the right side - about one block length from the end - as there is a slight depression at the top end, once you crossed the edge, the box won't slide down anymore. Now move this crate towards the cage with the key on top. Mount the crate and jump onto the cage. Pick up the Balcony Key.

5. Getting to the other Balcony

Run back up into the arena. Two more lions await you. After finishing them, climb back onto the balcony. The path should be familiar to you. If not, look it up in Gorilla Attack, after the second find. Back on the balcony, run to the locked door at the back and unlock it using the found key. Run into the opened passage and climb up the ladder on the left.

6. On the Roof

Face the arena and run over to the left end. Jump across to the platform there. Pull up. Ahead is a grapple spot. But before we get there, there is a medipack to collect.
Find: Hang from the ledge at the end and let go to drop onto the platform below. Collect the Small Medipack and then jump back to the balcony. - You can pass the checkpoint by the lever if you like, this way you won't need to return for this item in case you die. - Climb the ladder once more. Return to the roof and jump to the next platform again.
Now jump ahead and throw out the grapple quickly. Swing to the next platform, ignoring the lower grapple spot for now. Climb up and go to the other side.
Find: Hang from the ledge on the other side and shimmy along to the right end where you can pull up in the corner. There you can collect the Dual 50 Caliber Pistols. Shimmy back to the main part of the platform.
Then stand on the previous edge, facing the column on the left. (2nd Image) Jump over to its middle and grab the crack. Shimmy over to the right end. From there jump backwards to the crevice of the next structure. Shimmy to the right end and there jump up. Pull onto the platform. Collect the Small Medipack.
Secret (Artifact): Turn back. Attached to the bottom of the platform you came from, you see the second grapple spot again. Jump down and throw your grapple towards it. This time you might need to throw it out a bit later than usual. Turn around till you see the alcove below the platform you just left. Slide down a bit and then swing towards the opening. Jump in and collect the Artifact. Then hang from the front ledge and shimmy right. Jump up and pull onto the platform.
Slide down and jump to the next platform. Hang from the crack of the column on the right. Climb to its left end and there jump up to the upper ledge. Shimmy left and there jump backwards onto the pillar. From there jump to the roof of the other balcony. Jump down on the platform below on the other side. You could also explore the other part of the stands here, however I only met two bats. Jump into the interior of the balcony.

6. Level End

Collect the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo from the ground. Then run down the stairs. At the bottom, run to the left. Run down the spiral staircase. On your way, you will meet two bats. Run to the end of the passage.
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