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13. Catacombs of the Talion

gaming time: 40 Minutes
Secrets: 3

1st Switch

Walk down carefully and don't get hit by the icicles. (You might want to take the ditch on the right.) Run into the next chamber.
Secret 1: Turn left and jump up to the ledge. Shimmy to the right. Pull yourself up. Collect the flares and the Silver Dragon. Shimmy back.
Drop down at the ladder. Shoot the yeti. Run down the stairs. Use the lever on the right. (This will open a gate in the chamber above. You can see some leopards entering.) Now return up the stairs and climb the ladder. Get onto the stone-platform on the right.

Big Chamber With Lake

Shoot the leopards from here. Position yourself in front of the opening opposite. Turn around and slide down backwards. Grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and make a sault to get into the opening. Shoot the leopard. Avoid the icicles above the stairs. Again you can take the ditch on the right. Get out through the door on the right. Run down the stairs. As soon as you reach the end, two killers will come after you. Shoot them and collect the Uzi-ammo, the large Medi Pack and the automatic-ammo they lose. From the top of the last part of the stairs jump to the half-snow-covered platform on the left and from there onto the ramp. Run up till you trigger the boulders. Make a sault to the side to get out of the way. Shoot the two leopards on the ground-level. (You might want to climb onto the high platform on the left, close to the spikes and shoot them from there. Here you could also climb higher up, to get to the next trigger, but we won't do that now.) Behind the pool on the right is a little passage. Follow it and collect another small Medi Pack. (If you look out through the bars you can already glance at the ice palace.) Return to the room with the pool.

1st Tibetan Mask

Also on the right side you can climb onto some stone-blocks. From there you can make a running jump to the snow-covered ledge. Follow it. Run over the collapsing floor towards the ladder and grab it. Climb up till the walls get brighter. Stop there and jump backwards. Lara will land on a platform behind her. Turn around and jump up onto the higher platform. Use the lever on the wall. Slide down on the other side and jump up to get onto the platform under the cage. Collect the Tibetan Mask. Climb back down. The pool has been drained and a trapdoor has opened. Jump into the empty pool and climb down. Jump over the spike-trap. Run towards the bars on the left.

Avalanches/2nd Tibetan Mask

Use the mask. Quickly run up the hill and jump up to the higher level on the right to avoid the avalanche. You'll meet four leopards. Quickly climb onto the block on the right and shoot them from up there. Afterwards go to the left side of the ramp. Climb onto the first block. From there make a standing jump to grab the ledge of the opening. Climb in and drop down on the other side. Run towards the frozen lake. Here you'll meet up to six leopards. Run into the cave on the right. There climb the blocks on the left. Jump into the little pool behind. Collect the Tibetan Mask on the platform underwater. Get out of the pool and climb back out of the chamber. From there shoot two killer. Collect the automatic-ammo and a Medi Pack. Climb back towards the cave where the avalanche came down.


Cross the ramp and run into the left corner. Climb up the ladder and shimmy to the right. Collect some grenades. Climb back down. Use the mask on the left wall. Enter the building. Light a flare. Turn left. Jump twice to get to a platform with a lever. Use it. (This turns the light on, seals the gaps in the floor, opens four gates and releases four yetis.) Turn around quickly. Get your guns out and shoot the yetis coming up. Go down to where they came from and finish the rest of them. Go into the two cages and take a look. In the left you'll find some grenades and a large Medi Pack. In the right one you'll find another Medi Pack and some Uzi-ammo. Take the stairs back up. Go towards the crate and pull it into the first entrance. Enter through one of the others. Use the lever you'll find in the middle. Leave the chamber through the exit on the right. Collect the grenades you'll find there. Return outside. Shoot the three killers waiting for you. They lose a small Medi Pack, some Uzi-ammo, some Shotgun-ammo and some automatic-ammo.

The Lake

Again climb into the opening on the other side of the ramp. Follow the path up to the opened door. Run over the first wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge turn left to get onto a walkway and avoid the boulders. After they went past continue over the next bridge. On the first iced platform make a running jump to the right and grab the ladder. Climb up. Run into the next chamber. Jump through the opening into the lake. Climb out of the water and shoot the three fishes. Dive into the next cave. You might want to take the walkway on the right side, but mind the icicles.
Secret 2: Go to the platform which is covered with snow. Above it is a ladder. Climb up. Stop climbing before you reach the top. Make a backflip to get onto a platform behind you. Collect the Jade Dragon and climb back down.
Go into the next cave. Climb onto the block in front of the gate at the end. From there make a running jump towards the ladder. Climb up. Before you reach the top make a backflip to land on the platform behind. Use the lever. Then safety-drop to the ground. Draw weapons and walk through the open door. Shoot the leopard. Now use the lever at the block in the middle. Go out towards the firepot. And on the left side let yourself slide down backwards. Return towards the ramp where the snowballs came down.

Chamber above the Avalanches

Follow the ramp till you reach a pit. Make a running jump and grab the ledge to get over it. Trigger the avalanche in front of you. Make a backflip and one to the right to get out of the way. Turn to the left and do the same with the boulders there. Shoot the three leopards in the pit. Drop down. You might have to finish the leopards you couldn't shoot from above. Collect the Medi Pack and some ammo. Use the lever. Shoot another leopard. Leave through the open door and return into the chamber above. The boulders have cleared a passage on the right. Get in.

a. Timed Riddle - Long Way

Step onto the marked pad on the left side and quickly jump through the opening door.
Secret 3: Climb the wall on the left. Shimmy left. Collect the Golden Dragon. Climb back down.
Walk through the spikes carefully. Advance to the door on the right. It will open automatically. Jump out from the ledge. (You have to land in front of the snowballs.) Make a standing jump to get onto the pad behind the snowballs. Make a roll and jump back. Jump again, when you reach the wall standing out on the left, to get into the opening. Quickly run through the open door behind. Jump and grab the ladder. Climb down. Follow the passage.

or b. Short Way - without Secret3

(unless you collect it before) Step onto the marked pad on the right then onto the one on the left. Jump into the open entrance. Run through the spikes and jump through the open door on the right. Grab the ladder and climb down. Run into the passage.
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