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2. City of Vilcabamba

Task: Explore the City of Vilcabamba and find a way to the temple. Behind the temple lies the lost Valley. Finds: 1 Artifact, 3 x Small Medipacks, 3 x Shotgun Ammo

1. Entrance to the City

Run up the stairs and you will encounter the second bear in this adventure. Shoot it, then head further up, into the next passage. Follow the corridor to the edge of a pit. There jump towards the vertical column. Slide down to the bottom of the pit. Right at the start, behind the rock, you can find a Small Medipack. After collecting it, run to the other side. On the right wall are two lighter-colour ridges. Jump up to the first and shimmy left. Jump over to the second and from there jump up to the one above. Jump backwards to the second vertical column. Climb it. From the top jump towards the walkway. Run through the open city gates.

2. Giant Cave

When you follow the path, you come out in an enormous cave. Run down the stone stairs on the left. The next set of stairs leads down to the right. In the cavern at the end of these stairs you will be greeted by two wolves lurking on the left. Shoot them. Then follow the stairs where they came from down to the village yard.

3. Village Square

Down in the village yard is a water hole in the middle. Also take note of the vertical pole just behind the first hut on the left, this will be of importance later. From the next hut another bear will emerge. Kill it. Then explore the village. The second hut on the left is open but empty. The third one has a wooden double-gate which is locked from the inside. Between the third and the fourth hut is a locked gate leading to the temple, for which you will need a key. As the fourth hut is also locked, there is only one way to go. Through the well. Jump into the water and dive down. While diving you should repeatedly press Interaction to dive faster. Dive into the hexagon tunnel. It leads to the right and then right again. You reach a little chamber. Above you is a locked hatch. You open it with the underwater lever on the wall ahead. Pull it and then dive up and through the opened hatch. Climb out into the chamber.

4. Within the Huts (1)

You are now inside the fourth hut. Examine the interior. Use the lever on the wall to open the entrance door. This might come in handy in case you fail in the next jumps.

5. Within the Huts (2)

Run up the wooden stairs to come to a window high above. Jump across to the other side, into the window of the other hut. Pull inside.
Find: Run over the wooden board and jump at the end to reach the alcove in the wall. Collect the Small Medipack. If you miss the jump, you can get up here, using the movable crate in the passageway below. Drop back down.
Shoot at the lock of the gate to open it, but don't exit through it. Instead push the crate through the narrow passage and out on the other side.
Find: Push the crate to the right wall. Mount it and climb up to the higher level. Run to the left and across the wooden boards. At the end you can pick up a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. After collecting the items, climb back down.
Now examine the back of the chamber. On the floor you will find Shotgun Ammo. Further around to the left, in an alcove you can pick up the Village Key. Other than that the hut is empty. Return to the first chamber. Before you use the key on the locked door in the village square, there is a secret to collect.
Secret (Artifact): Pull the crate out of the hut and towards the vertical pole located between the first and the second hut. Push it as close as you can to the pole, then climb onto it. From the top of the crate jump to the pole and immediately climb up. At the top jump towards the stone wall and pull up. Draw your weapons and shoot the two bats. Then jump towards the horizontal bar and swing to the next platform. Turn left. Jump and throw the grapple to swing across to the other side. Aim to the left end, otherwise Lara might bump against the ceiling of the cavern. Grab hold of the ledge there. Shimmy to the left end and from there jump towards the next horizontal bar. Continue to the second and then jump towards the platform with the little lake and the artifact. You will be attacked by two bats. Shoot them and then drop back down carefully.
Use the village key on the lock on the right wall, the next door opens.

6. In front of the Temple

Step through. You will be attacked by two wolves. Shoot them. Then run around the ornate pillar where another wolf attacks. Now run towards the stone stairs in front of the temple and up. Here you can pick one of the two entrances.

7. The Right Chamber

After passing the checkpoint in front of the temple, enter through the right passage. A set of steps on the right leads you to a pool. Run up the stairs to the right and then along the walkway bending along the wall to the left. From the end jump to the gap in the wall ahead. Jump up to the crack above. Shimmy left and jump up to the next, longer ledge. From its left end jump to the ornate ledge on the other wall. Shimmy left to reach the entrance. Pull up and step through. Run up the ramp to the right. Run around the corners to the right and further up, till you come out on a higher level in the water chamber. Kill the two bats. Then jump across the gap to the other side. Step into the window. Jump across to the handle. This swings around, activating the left door mechanism. Climb down of the roof from above the other entrance. There is an additional ledge on the door that will help you getting down.

8. The Left Chamber

Try passing the checkpoint in front of the temple again, just in case. Run through the left entrance. Run up the stairs to the left. When you enter the chamber with the pool, run along the left side, up the stairs and along the walkway to the right. At the end jump across the gap, to reach the higher platform attached to the wall. Pull up. On the wall ahead, a bit to the right is a gap at the wall. Run and jump over to the crevice. Shimmy sideways to the right. At the end jump right and grab the next part of the crevice. Shimmy further right. At the end turn backwards and jump to the entrance. Bug Report: Two gamers claimed that Lara wouldn't grab. For some the simple solution is to hold jump a little longer, thus making Lara jump further. For others this still would not work, they should turn off full-screen effects in the graphics setting! Pull up and enter. Run up the ramp to the left and follow it out into the water chamber on a higher level. Here you need to kill three bats. Then jump across the gap to the other side. Pull up and run to the edge. Jump towards the next handle ahead. It will also swing around and open the door below. Climb back down.

9. Long Corridor

Run through the opened door and follow the corridor all the way into a chamber with a pit.

10. Level End

Jump towards the slope on the opposite side.
Find: Slide to the ground. Shoot the single wolf. Then collect the Shotgun Ammo. Next pull out the crate from the wall. Push and pull it in front of the slope. Climb onto it and from it jump onto the slope.
Quickly jump while sliding to reach the horizontal bar. Swing towards the next platform. Pull up and cross it. From there jump towards the top of the column. Keep your balance and quickly jump to the other side. If Lara threatens to lose balance while on top of the column, you need to quickly press Interaction. Run further along, towards the next pit. Get down. Run over to the other end. On the right wall is a crevice. Jump onto it from the rocks underneath. Shimmy right till the horizontal bar is behind you. Jump towards the bar and swing to the crevice on the other side. Jump up to the higher crevice and shimmy around the corner on the left. Don't pull up - there is a dart emitter - instead shimmy to the middle and jump backwards onto the top of the pole. Then jump onto the next walkway. Follow the passage to its end.
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