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1. Mountain Caves

Task: Find the entrance to Vilcabamba. Explore the caves and find a way to open the big gate at the end. Finds 1 Relic (Killer Whale Bottle), 3 Artifacts, 5 Supplies (3 large Medipacks, 2 small Medipacks) Enemies: 14 Opponents (8 Bats, 5 Wolves, 1 Bear) Story: Lara sets off in the snowy mountains of Peru. Her guide has climbed up a ladder which collapsed under his weight. He barely managed to reach the top but Lara cannot follow this way. She needs to find another path. Time Trial: You have 6 minutes to complete the Time Trial for this level.

1. Icy Cliffs

When you look around you will find that on the right are some ice covered platforms where you can get higher up, however they cannot be reached from underneath. So simply run ahead first, behind the pillar of what once has been a suspension bridge, till you reach the wall at the back. Jump up to the stone ridge there and shimmy to the right and around the corner. You need to jump across a gap to reach the second part of the ridge. Shimmy further along, around the next corner, till you can jump towards the icy platform behind you. Pull up, onto it. Turn left and jump towards the next ice platform there. Face the wall on the left and run up towards the crevice. Jump up and jump again to pull onto the icy platform. Run to the left. At the end jump and grapple across the gap. You come to the top of the broken suspension bridge. Run up the stairs on the right. You reach the closed gate guarded by your guide.

2. Mountain Caves

A conversation with the guide reveals, that he is unable to open the gate, but he points towards a path on the left side. Run up the icy ramps on the left and jump across the gap to the next platform. Face right and use your grapple to swing across, to the walkway above, on the right side of the gate. Turn back to the left and jump over to the crevice up there. Shimmy left and jump to the upper ridge. From there jump over to the left, to the platform with the grappling point attached underneath. Here you will find a button on the wall. Press it to open the gate below.

3. First Steps in the Caves

Run ahead, along the passage. You will inevitably step onto a large trigger activating dart emitters in the next part of the caves. However luckily someone placed two levers nearby that deactivate them again. You can skip the part and simply move in crouched position and/or dive roll along the trap filled passage to the other side, then turn the bend and continue with section 4. Before reaching the first trap, turn left and face the wall. Jump up to the ledge there and up to the higher one. Shimmy around to the left and jump up once. Jump up again to pull down the first lever. Let go to grab the ledge again. Then turn backwards and jump to the ledge there. Shimmy around the corner to the left and pull down the other lever as well. At the end of the passage follow the bend around to the right.

4. Jumps and Crevices

Run up the stairs in the corner on the right side. Turn left. Jump over the gap in the wooden bridge. Run to the end and turn left again. Jump across the next gap and pull onto the next walkway. If you follow the following shortcut, you will miss a secret: On the left is a ledge on the wall. Jump up to it and shimmy around the corner on the left. At the end jump across to the left to reach the platform there. Pull up. Run into the cave mouth and skip to section 5.
Secret (Artifact): Turn right and jump to the narrow ledge there. Pull up and run to its end. Jump to the next ledge and run along. From its end jump over to the right, to the next narrow ledge. This jump is a bit farther. Run through the narrow tunnel. At the end you can jump to the right once more. Slide down the slope - otherwise the jump is too far - and jump to reach an alcove with an artifact. Pick it up. Then jump over to the ledge of the column on the other side. Shimmy left and around the corner to drop into an opening. If you had skipped the secret, you'd have come from below.
Run into the cave mouth.

5. Bat Encounter

Draw your guns and kill the three bats lurking in the right opening. Now you are facing the choice of either going left or right.
Find: Run into the left cave first. On the right hand side you will find an elevated snow platform. Use it to jump towards the wall in the dark corner. Pull up and climb up to the left. Collect the Large Medipack. Then get back down and return to the spot where the paths split.
This time go through the right opening. Run along to the end. There you'll be attacked by three more bats. Advance to the edge. You could slide down here, but you'd miss the next artifact.
Secret (Artifact): Take out your grapple and swing across the abyss to the other side. It might become necessary to climb the rope while hanging from it, as the other side is located higher up than the ledge you came from. Turn slightly left and swing to the crevice there. Shimmy to the left end and jump up to the one above. Shimmy further left and at the end face backwards and jump to the crevice of the pillar behind you. On its right end fall down to the gap below. There climb around the corner to the right. From its right end, jump to the ledge behind your back. Pull up and collect the artifact. Then hang from the ledge again and from its left end drop down to the lower crevice. Let go to fall to the ground of the cave.
In the cave below you will be attacked by two bats. Shoot them and then run into the dark passage further to the left. Climb down to the tunnel leading to a door. Run down the steps. On the right wall is a lever. Use it to open the next door. Step through. Run down the stairs and follow the path.

6. Cavern with Wooden Bridges (1)

You reach a chamber with two wooden suspension bridges. The chamber below looks deserted when you first enter. Run along the walkway to the right and at the end follow it left. Climb up and turn left again to reach the first bridge. By now two wolves have appeared below. You should try and shoot them from up here. Next run across the bridge. When you step onto the middle part, the rope is torn and Lara falls down. Shoot remaining wolves while jumping around madly to escape their attacks. Once they are gone explore the rest of the cave. In one of the far corners you can spot a niche higher up, housing another artifact, however you cannot reach it from here.
Find: In the alcove just opposite - behind the second bridge and left - you will find a Small Medipack.
Return to the broken bridge. On the side you had not reached yet, you can use the dangling wooden boards as a ladder to climb to the top in two jumps.

7. Cavern with Wooden Bridges (2)

On the right your path is blocked by a wall, but there are ridges on the wall. Jump up to the first and then further up to the second. Pull up onto the landing of the higher one of the two bridges.
Find: Before you continue, turn around. In an alcove opposite lies an item. To reach it, you have some climbing to do. Hang from the upper ledge, on the right end. Face backwards and jump to reach the gap at the pillar there. Climb around to the right and there jump up to the higher one. Jump backwards to the next pillar. Lara will barely reach the ledge. Quickly grab hold. Shimmy around to the right and from its end, jump towards the alcove. Pull into it and grab the Small Medipack. Get back up on the other side.
Step towards the next bridge. It it safe to run across this one. On the other side turn left and in the right corner climb up towards the next room. You enter a chamber with stone columns and a huge pit in the middle. Turn right to approach the gap.

8. Bear Pit

In the pit below is a bear, so it seems like a good idea to avoid it. However it also holds a secret. But first things first, as there is also something in the wall opening on the left.
Find: Jump towards the rope dangling from the ceiling. While on the rope, turn left and climb down the rope to lengthen it. Then swing to the opening in the left wall. It takes a lot of momentum to get there. Collect the Large Medipack. Now drop down into the pit. If this happens before you get the goody, you can continue with collecting the artifact, or you can climb up the ridges in the wall.
Kill the bear.
Secret (Artifact): Then, instead of climbing the ridges in the wall, follow the passage to a lever on the right wall. Use it to open a gate. This will lead you to the artifact in the higher alcove in the cave with the bridges. After collecting it, drop down and you are back in the cave with the bridges - the door you came through has closed behind you. Follow the path described at the end of Cavern with Wooden Bridges (1) again.
Back at the pit, use the liana to swing across to the other side.
Find: Before running down the stairs, run behind the pillars on the left. Behind the last one lies a Large Medipack.
Run down the ramp, along the passage, up the stairs and at the end turn right. Run towards the edge and jump to reach the horizontal bar attached to the left wall. Swing to the other side. Run to the right corner and climb up. Climb up again and run up the stairs. At the top, turn left. You end up in a long trench.

9. The Trench & Stone Gate

When you advance into the trench, you will find that the walls of the trench are lined with dart shooters. But you have to make it across. Jump, crouch and dive roll to reach the other side. In front of the massive stone gate you find a trigger pad on the floor. Step on it. The big gate here remains locked, two bolts hold it shut. You need to find a way to open it up.
The Right Bolt
Run to the left side and climb up the gaps to reach the upper level. Turn left, a wolf will come running towards you. You could also release the left bolt first, but I will follow the wolf-trail for now. Run into the passageway at the end. Run to the far wall and head left. Use the three horizontal bars to swing across to the other side. There rid yourself of the two wolves. Head into the passage at the end and in the far corner turn to the right wall. Jump up to the crevice on the wall. Jump again to reach the higher ledge. Behind you is a horizontal bar. Jump backwards to reach it. This bar swings around to the right ending up in another position, enabling Lara to reach the alcove there. Swing and jump towards the crevice of the counterweight there. When Lara reaches it, her weight pulls it down, releasing the right of the two bolts securing the gate. Remain there till the counterweight has reached its lowest position. However it will slowly move upwards again, until you step on the pad below. Now go to the edge, hang from the ledge and drop down, each step at a time to reach the gate. Step onto the trigger platform in front to remove the first bolt permanently. Still one remaining.
The Left Bolt
Once more run to the left side and climb up again. Jump up to the crevice in the wall ahead. Jump up to the one above on the right. There shimmy around the corner. From its end jump over to the counterweight of one of the door's bolts. Lara's weight pulls it down, releasing the left bolt of the door. Remain there till the counterweight has reached its lowest position. Climb back down and step on the trigger pad again to release the final bar blocking the door. The gate opens. Note the horizontal bar that sticks out above the gate it moves slightly forward.

10. Level End

You are almost good to go. However there is still one relic to pick up, and you can only pick it up, once you opened the gate to Vilcabamba.
Secret (Relic): Climb up on the left side again and take the whole way back to the right side of the gate. Back there climb the ridges again. This time keep to the left side, as we have another destination this time. Again jump towards the horizontal bar, but once you reach it, immediately jump again - before it swings around again - to reach the ridge on the right wall just above the gate. Shimmy to its left end. When the gate below is open, there is a horizontal bar sticking out, which you can reach with a jump. Before continuing, climb closer to the gate. Then swing to the bottom ridge left of the gate. Jump up one ridge. Then jump backwards to the next bar. Swing to the next gap and jump up once to reach the top. Here collect the Killer Whale Bottle. Then you can simply lower yourself just ahead to get back to where the counterweight is. Climb back down to the main gate.
Now it's time to finish. Run up the stairs and the finish screen comes up.
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