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Croft Manor

Task: Explore Lara's Mansion and collect all artifacts.


At the start of the Croft Manor Lara returns home. On a table she finds a note by Winston. After the shocking news from the letter, we first will go and collect the diary.

Turn left and run towards the stairs. Turn left, up the stairs and left again. Run along the corridor until you reach the last door. Enter. On the right you will find an open book. You will discover some more throughout the mansion, some will give you valuable hints, others - like this one - won't. But most of them contain interesting background information an various topics. After you've read the book, continue down the corridor to the left. Half way through is another book. Go on until you reach the door to Laras room on the right. Enter.

Laras Room

Turn left and pull the two dagger switches opening the wall safe. Pick up the Journal. Turn right and you will find another book. (It's "The Trails of Gilead, Vol. III". Notice the hint about the GEARS.) Continue along the wall to the bedroom. There are more book here: On the bed, behind the head of the bed, and to its right side. Now leave the bed, cross the room and enter the wardrobe. If you have collected new outfits you can try them on by facing the board at the far end and pressing interaction.

It's time to leave. Return, through the bedroom door, to the corridor, follow it, open the door, turn left and go down the corridor, until you reach the door by the stairs. Enter.

To the right is another book, as well as in the middle of the corridor. Enter the Library.

The Library

After the door closes the security system kicks in and seals the door. But that doesn't matter now. Turn left and push the small red book back into the cupboard. A door on the right will open where you will find The Maze Map. Turn around. There is a book on the table. Continue up the stairs, at the end turn right. There is a secret in a showcase in the wall, a Silver Elephant. But the showcase's glass prevents us from picking it up. So continue on the balcony till you reach the next room. Enter it. To the right there are three books. (The middle one is "The Trails of Gilead, Vol. II"; notice the hint about the arrow.) Now push the small books on the right wall back into the shelves. The shelf opens and you find your weapons. On top of the pile of books lying on the table behind you there is another book. Now leave this room.
Secret (Artifact): Return to the secret in the showcase. Shoot at it to break the glass. Pick up the Artifact. Then turn around and return to the entrance room you have just left.
Turn to face the picture on the wall. Jump towards it grapping the frame. The picture moves down and reveals a button. Jump backwards to the balcony and quickly shoot the button, before the picture slides up again. A door at the foot of the stairs will open. Drop down the ledge of the balcony and turn towards the door. On the table to your right is another book. Enter the door and continue down the stairs into the secret passage.

The Secret Passageway

At the foot of the stairs turn left. There are boxes blocking the way. You can either jump over them or shoot at them to clear the path. But in the shelf on the left is The Empty Bucket, don't miss to pick it up! Continue down the passage, turn right and up the stairs. On the right wall is a button that opens the door. Enter the showroom.

Laras Showroom

Along the walls you will find several showcases containing Laras finds - if you did't find the corresponding relicts yet, they will be empty. Turn right and run up the stairs. Turn right and follow the balcony until you find a second room. On the left there are three books. (The one on the far side, the left one about the sundial, contains a hand wirtten note: 7 2 11. Remeber it well!) Turn towards the wall with the showcases. Shoot the right one containing The Sundial Gnomon. Pick it up. On the table behind you is another book. Leave the room, go down the stairs and turn right. At the right side of the room is the main entrance. Push the red button to its left. It turns green and the door is unlocked.

Leave the room. Turn right and follow the corridor. On the left is a book, as well as on the end of it. Open the door. Turn right and follow the corridor, until you reach the next door. Open it and enter. On the right is a book.

The Great Hall

From the foot of the stairs cross the room. To the left and right on the tables there are further books. (The one on the right is "The Trials of Gilead, Vol. I"; notice the hint about the bow.) When you step onto the platform in the middle of the room you will see the plaque inside the fireplace opens up and reveals an arrow. As soon as you leave the platform it closes again. Continue through the gap between the boxes on the right. Pull out the small box with the red sticker and place it on top of the platform.

Now climb the box on the right wall. Climb up four times until you reach the top of the pile of boxes. Turn left and jump towards the picture frame. Shimmy left and at the end jump left to the boxes. Jump across the gap and pull up. Pick up The Sculpture Gear. Hang from the ledge and drop down. Turn around and cross the room. At the stairs turn right and then left again. Open the door. Run down the stairs, turn left and at the end open the door.

The Maze

Continue and then turn right. Turn left to reach the sun dial. Place the Sundial Gnomon inside it. Go to the door and read the plaquette on the right. ("Garden Hours: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM." Sounds familiar?) Turn around and grab the sundial. Turn its gnomon carefully to point at the XI, which pops up. Then turn it towards the II and finally to the VII. The door to the maze opens. Enter and follow the path.

You can see the grapple lying there but the gates are closed. You will have to take the long way through the maze. First you might want to get a hardcopy of the map so you don't need to go to the inventory all too often. (Note: In the following I will only say e.g. "turn first left" or "turn second tight" when there is a crossing or branching. All corners are considered as trivial, so just follow the path.)
Secret (Artifact): At the beginning turn left. Turn first left, first left, first left until you get to an opening. There is a Silver Elephant waiting for you there. Go back the way you came: right, right, right.
Back at the entrance go straight on (or turn right, if you did not collect the secret), then left and right at the statue.
Secret (Artifact): Turn right again and again, and then left. There is a Silver Elephant at the statue of Athena. Leave through opposite door and turn right. Then take the second right to get back to the main route.
Take then second exit (opposite of where you came from collecting the secret). Take the second right (at the T junction) and left. You will reach a clearing. Cross it. Turn right.
Secret (Artifact): Instead of turning right, go straight on. There is a Secret right in front. Turn a round and leave the way you came. Turn left now.
Turn left. You have reached the fountain and the statues. Pick up the grapple on the opposite side. You might want to use it at the plate in front of the fountain, however there are still pieces missing to that puzzle, so we won't do this now. Instead use it on the gate to open it: Aim at the lock of the gates. Throw the grapple and pull. The gates open.

Return to the great hall. Here cross the room and enter the last (right) door on the left wall. Follow the passage and at the end open the door.

The Pool House

Turn left and pull the container into the middle between the scaffolds. Walk further into the room and shoot the rope holding the platform in the middle down. Turn right. Climb up the boxes and turn right to face the horizontal bar. Jump towards it and grab it. Jump on to the ledge of the balcony. Shimmy right until Lara puts her feet against the wall. Jump backwards to the scaffolding at the wall. Shimmy once around the corner and jump backwards to the scaffold behind you. Turn left and jump to the handle. The lance will move down and become a swing bar.

After Lara dropped down, go back to the boxes at the opposite side and do it all over again until reach the scaffolding on the wall again. Now shimmy around both corners. Jump backwards to the bar and from there on to the ledge. Pull up. Move the container full of pipes to the right where the second statue should be standing, so that the pipe sticking out lines up with the marking on the floor. Now go over to the statue and turn it until its spear lines up with the marking on the floor. Go overt to the statue to the left and turn it, until it does the same. A button will appear. Shoot it and a gate down in the pool will open.

Now turn right and pass the boxes. Behind them there is a rope attached to the floor. Shoot it. Pick up the Large Medipack. Now turn around and go back the way you came. Jump back to the horizontal bar and further on to the scaffolding, and from there to the scaffold behind you. (If you miss the bar, use the boxes like before.) Jump to the pipe sticking out of the container on the floor. From there continue to the other scaffold. Turn right. Jump and grapple to get across the gap to the next platform. Turn right and push the box down. (Now you can get up more easily if you fall down.)

Turn around and jump left onto the balcony. Turn right and then face Atlas. Use the grapple to pull at the base of the statue. He drops the world and it rolls over to the trigger that opens the next pool gate. Turn right and climb over the boxes. Shoot the rope and pick up the Small Medipack. Now go back the way you came until you reach the scaffold where you dropped the box down.

Face the ledge. Aim at the more remote part of the loose platform and use the grapple. Pull it up. Release the grapple, wait for a second or two until the platform begins to drop again. Now jump over, run across, and jump again to grab the ledge of the planks in front of you. Shimmy right around the corner. Jump backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy right until your back is against the gap in the banister behind you. Jump backwards onto the balcony. Shoot the last rope.

The statue drops down and smashes a big hole into the floor. Drop down from the ledge and turn around. Run to the hole and drop down, until you reach to bottom of the pool. Pick up The Decorative Bow. Run into the opening in front of you.
Secret (Artifact): Follow the tunnel. Pick up the Silver Elephant.
The door at the end is closed and you can't reach the lever for now, so you have to turn around for now. Climb back up and leave the pool house. Back in the entrance hall, turn right and walk through the last remaining door we haven't been through yet. Follow the passage.

The Gym

You will come to a fountain. Cross the yard and enter the gym. Run to the ramp marked with 1. Jump to the turnstile and grab the bar. It turns and now you can jump on towards the ledge. Shimmy right and jump to the next ledge. Jump backwards to the next turnstile. Jump forward to the ledge. Shimmy right and jump to the ladder. Climb up and jump backwards to the alcove. Pick up the Small Medipack. Turn right and push the button. Four pillars rise from the ground.

Drop down from the right side of the ledge onto the ledge below. Drop to the floor.
Secret (Artifact): Run to ramp 2. Jump to the crevice in the column in front of you. Jump up. Shimmy around the right corner. Jump backwards onto the first pillar. Turn right a bit. From there jump ahead to the next one. Turn right further until the slope is to your right. Now jump to the ledge in the wall. Shimmy to the crevice in the column. Jump up. Shimmy right around both corners. Jump backwards into the alcove. Pull up and pick up the Secret. Drop down to ledge below. Let go.
Secret (Artifact): Run to ramp number 3. Jump to the crevice, and jump up. Shimmy right around the corner and jump up again. Jump backwards throwing the grapple. Run along the wall and jump to the crevice above the alcove. Shimmy left around the corner. Drop down to the ledge below. Shimmy right and jump into the alcove. Press the button. A bar turns.

Drop onto the slide. Run back to Ramp 3, jump up again until you are back at the top, with the back towards the grappeling point. Jump again and throw your grapple. Instead of continuing to the ledge, jump onto the slope to the right. (Press direction and jump; it might be neccessary to adjust the rope length first.) Jump from the slope onto the next one and from there to the bar we've just turned. Turn around and swing into the alcove. Pick up the Elephant. Get back to the ground.
Run to number 3. Jump to the crevice and up, shimmy right around the corner and jump up again. Jump backwards and shimmy right around both corners. Jump right. There is a horizontal bar behind you, but for now we ignore it. Drop down one ledge. Shimmy right around three corners. Then jump backwards and throw your grapple. Run along the wall and jump to the crevice to the right. Simmy around all three corners, until Lara puts her feet against the wall. Jump backwards to the horizontal bar. Jump into the alcove. Collect the Large Medipack and push the button. Another bar turns.

Jump to the right to the ladder, get down to the floor. Again, run to ramp 3 and follow the crevices to the right, until you have reached the crevice with the horizontal bar behind it. Jump backwards. Jump to the next bar. From there you can reach the blue pole. Jump forward and grab it. Turn left and jump to the next one. (Be sure to climb up as far as possible everytime you jump from one of these poles!) Turn right and jump to the pillar behind you. From there jump to the pillar on the left. Jump to the plateform hanging from the cieling. Pick up the Wrench.

To get down you could either follow the way we have come or just hang from the ledge and drop down, but you will loose some health when doing so.

The Trials of Gilead

Leave the gym, go back to the hall, go into the garden. Run along the corridor until its end. Turn right at the fence and immedialtely right again as soon as possible. Turn right until you find the vent on the pump. Use the wrench on it. Grab it and turn it clockwise to restore water supply to the house.

Leave the pump and go to the nearest (or any other) fountain. Use the Empty Bucket. You now have a Bucket of Water. Go back into great hall and stand in front of the fire. Extinguish it with the Bucket of Water. Pick up the Decorative Arrow.

Run back to the garden. Now turn right at the sundial and run to the fountain. Stand on the mosaic of an arrow. Use the Decorative Arrow on the statue. Stand on the mosaic of the bow. Use the Decorative Bow on the statue. Go to the lever. Use the grapple on the plate on the fountain and pull it out. Use the Sculpture Gear on the mechanism below. Now use the leaver. Go to the right statue and pick up the Music Box Cylinder. Go back to the great hall.
Secret (Artifact): All that is left to do before finishing is to find the last secret: Go upstairs to the left, take the first door. Run to the library and enter. Use the grapple on the chandelier and pull it down. A door to the right opens. Pick up the Elephant. Leave the library.
Go upstairs to the right and take the last door. Follow the passage. In the middle is another book, on the left. The door at the end is locked and a pice of the mechanism is missing. Use the Music Box Cylinder in the mechanism on its left to unlock it. Enter the room. There are two books on the table to your left. You can also play one or two notes on the harp and the piano, or you can replay music from the game on the stereo. The metal object on the stand by the statue on the right wall goes "ping" if you touch it.
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