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12. Barkhang Monastery

General Hint: If any killers appear leave them to the monks if possible. You should not shoot the monks. Avoid shooting if monks are near, if you hit one of them they'll all attack you throughout the level. You will be able to finish the game but it's more difficult. Gaming Time: 1 hour 10 minutes Finds: 3 Secrets

Getting into the Monastery

Follow the path. Beware! In the courtyard are two monks and two killers fighting. Wait for them to finish. (If Lara is still in the passage she can peer around the corner and take a look what they are doing. It's likely that one of the monks or one of the killers survives. Remember: Leave him alone!) Leave the passage if the fight is over. And shoot remaining killers. Don't shoot monks. Collect the Ammo and small medipacks. Before you reach the monastery turn to the left. Climb the ladder on the left. Shoot the raven. Turn around. Jump into the little lower alcove right of the ladder. From there make a standing jump to get into the other alcove. Pull yourself up. Jump down onto the stone wall. Follow it. From the end jump onto the platform in the rocks on the right. Shoot the two crows. Go toward the ledge, turn around and make a sault to the left. (You should be looking towards the red wall of the monastery before making the sault.) Lara will slide down. Grab the ledge. (If you drop down you have to climb through the rocks back into the courtyard.) Let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy to the left. Pull yourself up at the end. Step onto the balcony. Shoot one of the two windows and get into the monastery.

1st key (Main Hall)

Run into the passage. There's a monk coming out of the left passage. Run into that passage and run into the room on the left. Another monk is coming out of that room. (They might start to fight with some killers behind Lara's back.) Climb up the ladder. Follow the path to the right. Turn left to get onto the platform. Pick up the main hall key.

Way to the First Prayer Wheel

Return to the walkway on the side. Turn left. Run through the gate at the end of the walkway. You end up in a chamber with another passage. Before you enter the passage you should run past it once to activate a boulder. Now it's safe and you can enter the passage. Follow it till you meet another passage. Step out of the first passage and jump back in again to avoid a second boulder. Now pick up the flares. Then run up the passage. Jump into the pool. Don't let it pull you towards the middle. Dive towards the opposite wall and while trying to stay at the wall, dive to the left. Dive into the tunnel there. (There's a window on the left where you can take a look around.) Follow the path. Jump into the deep hole. Dive through the passage till you can stand up. Light a flare. Advance carefully till you reach the closing doors. Wait in front of them and speed through it when they open. Do the same at the second and third door. Turn right twice and climb up the ladder at the end.

1st Prayer Wheel

Run towards the door straight on, weapons drawn. Don't enter the room, instead wait outside. (If you go inside you might accidentally shoot the monk. You can hear him scream when the badguys killed him.) Wait for the killers to come out or go in and shoot them there. One loses a small medipack. Go inside. Light a flare. Lara has to jump over the rows of unlit burners. Pick up the Prayer Wheel (1) on the platform in the left corner.

Way Back From The 1st Prayer Wheel

Now the burners are on fire, so you have to be careful on your way back down. From the ledge of the platform you can jump over the first row of burners. From there walk a few steps. (Lara won't stop at the ledge!) Do a standing jump to get over the last row of burners. Return outside. Run into the right corner. Go into the alcove and push the crate out to the left twice. Then turn around and pull the next crate out of the doorway. Run into the passage behind and turn right. Climb the ladder on the left. (You're at the lower end of the passage where the second boulder came down.) Run up and turn back into the passage on the left. Run back over the walkway and climb down the ladder.

The 2nd Key (Strong Room)

Possibly the monks have killed a few badguys here, otherwise you have to do so. Pick up the Uzi Ammo and a small medipack. Run out of the room and turn right. Turn left to get into the next room. Collect the medipack and the Uzi Ammo there. Go towards the window to attract another killer. Now turn around and head out of the room, leave the killer to the monks. Return into the passage and head towards the big door. Use the key to open it. Avoid the killers there, the monks will take care of them. Turn right to get into the first passage. Run into the next passage in the right corner. Jump over the first blade. Head into the room on the left. Collect the Strong Room Key. Go back out again. (If you jump over the other two blades you get into a room where you can look at the neighbouring rooms.) Jump back over the single blade. Return into the main chamber.

3rd Key (Roof)

Turn left to get back into the passage. And at the end left again to get back into the room there. If the monks didn't shoot the killer do that now. Collect the grenades on the balcony. Get back in and use the key on the wooden gate. Collect the roof tops key in the chamber behind. Now return into the hallway. This time turn right to get into a room with a rolling blade. Turn left and walk along the wall. At the end turn to face right, wait till the last blade is moving to the right then quickly run over to the other side. Open the door with the key. Take the stairs up to the roof.

On The Roof

Turn right into the passage between the lambs. Behind the one on the right is a chamber with a lever. Use it. Make a sault to the right, to be quicker and run outside again. Jump over the extinguished burners. (They are timed! But if you reach the other side in time they'll be put out again.) Run into the courtyard on the left. Quickly climb the ladder on the right to avoid some killers. The monks will fight them. Collect the M16 Ammo up here. (The other side is to deep to jump down.) Climb the ladder back down. Collect the medipack and the Uzi Ammo the killers have lost.

The Two Gem Stones/2nd prayer Wheel

Now use the lever in the courtyard. Drop through one of the opened trapdoors. Shoot the show-cases and collect the two gemstones. Use the lever in one of the corners and climb the ladder. Return to the passage. Turn left. Use one of the gemstones in the gap between the two lambs there. The star-door opposite will open. Go inside. Pull the crate out twice. Then walk around the star and pick up the Prayer Wheel (2) in the chamber. Return outside and get back through the passage with the extinguished burners. Take the stairs back down and get past the rolling blades. Turn right to get back into the main chamber.

Statue In The Main Hall

This time take the second passage on the right. (Ignore the killers.) Climb up the ladder. Follow the path. At the end make a running jump to reach a ledge of the statue. Pull yourself up. Climb up to the palm on the right. (Don't get to close to the fire and don't stay there to long.) Make a running jump to get onto the head of the statue. Pull yourself up and make a running jump towards the other palm. Go towards the ledge. Make a standing jump to reach the alcove. Climb in and use the gemstone. Again from the ledge, make a standing jump to get back onto the palm. Slide down at the front of the statue carefully.

Secret 1:
Climb around the back of the statue. There's a little chamber at the back of it. Climb in and pick up the Golden Dragon.

Swimminpool/3rd Prayer Wheel

Secret 2:
On the right side of the statue is a third, wider passage. Run into it. In the first chamber on the right you can collect harpoon ammo and automatic ammo hidden under the crates - I'll get to that later! In the first chamber on the left side is a swimming pool. Jump in and dive into the niche on the right, close to the ladder. Collect the Silver Dragon. Return to the statue in the main chamber. This is the only opportunity to get the secret. If the water's out of the pool there's no chance to get it back in again and also no chance to get to the secret.

Under the statue a trapdoor has opened. If you get into the passage in front of the statue, there's an opening in the middle. Jump through the open trapdoor. Follow the path. Pull yourself up at the end. Use the lever in the chamber. Get through the opened gate. Climb into the gap between the wall and the crate on the left. Push the crate out once. It will stop the water from flowing into the pool. Slide through the opening in the wall into the empty pool. Run towards the crate opposite. Climb up. Push the crate aside and collect the Prayer Wheel (3) behind.

4th Key (Trapdoor)

Climb the ladder back up again. Follow the path to the left. Left again. In the coming passage is a firetrap and behind it two swinging spiked bags. Concentrate on one of them. Approach the firetrap, it will go out, so you have to wait for the bag to give way and then jump into the hole underneath. Follow the passage. Before you climb out at the other side, wait for the rolling blade to pass by. Climb out when it disappears to the left. Now quickly get past the next set of firetraps and swinging bags and jump into the passage underneath. Go through the passage. If you climb out to the right you avoid the rolling blade for now.

Secret 3:
Follow the blade on its way to the left. Get into the first alcove on the left. If the blade got past run into the next alcove on the right. Now wait for the blade to go back down the long passage till you can run into the last alcove. There you'll meet two pairs of fast-closing doors. Wait for them to open and quickly get past. Collect the Jade Dragon again. Follow the passage down again, getting out of the way of the blade and exit to the left.

Run into the next chamber. Collect the trapdoor key. (This one's for the trapdoor in the main chamber.) Follow the path. Lara will end up in the empty pool again. Climb up the ladder. Run out into the hallway and turn right.


In the main chamber collect all the goodies lost by the killers. (You might meet some more killers, if the monks didn't finish them.) Go towards the lock at the trapdoor on the left. Use the key. Drop through the trapdoor into the passage underneath. Follow it outside. Use the big lever on the left. Then take the narrow passage out of the courtyard. Follow the path up till you reach the area with the stone columns. Go around them on the left side and enter the alcove on the left. Climb up the ladder and leave it to the left. Climb out onto the walkway. Follow it to the right. Shoot the crow.

Hut/4th Prayer Wheel

Turn to the walkway on the right. Shoot the killer on the other side of the bridge. Walk over and collect the M16 Ammo. Run towards the hut on the right. You have to shoot two more crows. (Try not to hit the monk by accident!!!) After finishing the ravens, climb onto the stone block on the right of the hut. Run up the ramp on the back-end. Turn around and jump towards the higher platform. Pull yourself up. Turn left and make a running jump to grab one of the lower ledges on the roof of the hut. Drop through the trapdoor into the hut. Collect the Prayer-Wheel(4). Use the lever. Another killer will appear outside, if you wait long enough he will enter the hut. Collect the shotgun ammo he loses. Now return towards the bridge, then climb back down the ladder and run back down towards the monastery. Near the monastery you could meet two more killers. Shoot them.

Wide Passage Next To Statue

Get back inside through the big gate. Run into the wide passage on the right of the statue. Turn right at the first corner. Push and pull the crates to find some automatic ammo under the lower crate in the middle and some harpoon ammo under the upper left crate. Run into the next room. Don't drop through the trapdoor. If you do so, grab the ladder. Follow the passage to the right. Go left, up towards the window. Turn around quickly and shoot the 4 killers. (This will cost a lot of energy and ammo. But you'll get a large and a small medipack and some shotgun ammo. You can avoid them by quickly climbing out of the window, and letting in the monks from outside.) Shoot the window. Turn around and grab the ledge to drop safely onto the ground. Use the lever in the courtyard.

5th Prayer-Wheel

Climb up the ladder. At the first platform shimmy to the left to leave it. Climb the next ladder. Again shimmy left to get onto the platform. Climb the third and the fourth ladder. The next platform is on the right. Climb onto the crate. Collect the Prayer-Wheel(5). Carefully climb the ladders down again. (Jump onto the ladders from the opposite platforms.)

Prayer-Wheel Chamber

Back in the courtyard return into the monastery. Run up the stairs and into the passage on the right. Twice again turn right. Get back over the opened trapdoor and through the chamber with the crates and barrels. Turn left in the passage to get back into the main chamber. Go into the room on the left of the statue. Use the 5 Prayer-Wheels at the empty spots. The door opens. Use the seraph and exit through the door down on the right.
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